Why Do Mount Woods Use Enhanced CPC Bidding On PPC Campaigns?

Why Do Mount Woods Use Enhanced CPC Bidding On PPC Campaigns?

Originally posted 2021-01-20 16:51:16.

What do we need to build a successful campaign? That’s the question I’ve been asked by many of the readers who are following our blog.

They keep asking me how we design PPC campaigns at Mount Woods Studio?

For them the only thing that I say is that use proper bidding strategy and the main thing is that don’t copy the exact campaign that we have here at Mount Woods Studio. 

See the tips that I’ve provided are for every campaign at basic level but if you try and copy whole campaigns that we design it’s not gonna work because these are tailored for our own needs. I’ll provide you tips if you just work with them and if you find something problematic then I’ll help you there just let me know.

Just like everything or any other tips I’ll today be discussing the Google Ads Bidding Strategies that we use at almost all the PPC campaigns of Mount Woods Studio. Because bidding is the part where your budget is utilized properly. If you’ve used wrong type of bidding for your Campaigns, then you’ll end up spending a lot of budget on useless conversion. You will get frustrated and eventually you’ll quit Google Ads.

PPC Bidding Strategy At Mount Woods Studio

So now the bidding strategy that we use here at Mount Woods Studio is Enhanced CPC bidding with manual daily budget setting. If you ask me Enhanced CPC bidding strategy has done wonders for us. Not only does it saves our budget but provides full control on all the Responsive Ads that have this bidding strategy embedded within.


See you can use any other strategy but believe me at the end of everything you’ll end up using Enhanced CPC bidding. No matter what because it’s the only smart bidding strategy that not only learns everything quickly, optimizes your conversions but also provides manual bidding as well.

You can choose a daily budget based on your requirements and it’ll spend only that much not more than that.

Also, another major thing there is Keyword bidding options. It’ll spend only your specified budget on each Keywords. No matter what Keywords you have, Enhanced CPC bidding spend only a specific amount on particular Keyword so that you won’t end up using all your budget on a single keyword. 

Also, remember one thing always choose Enhanced CPC bidding out of all the other Google Ads Bidding Strategies. If you’re new to google ads even for your test campaign because the results it provides are raw and exactly what you need.

So it’s best for observations as well.

If you want to understand the full potential and definition of the ECPC campaign that we use you can read our article on “Google Ads Bidding Strategies”.

Now you must be wondering

How we end up using the Enhanced CPC Bidding?

Well honestly because I’ve made plenty of mistakes while designing previous PPC campaigns for Mount Woods Studio. I was using automatic bidding for every campaign because my first Responsive Ads did well with using the automatic bidding because it was a test campaign and budget was low so there wasn’t much for google to spend on each Keyword.

Also, at that time we were testing so conversions of any kind were good for us. So as we progressed further I realized that I’ve been spending way too much on individual Keywords and ain’t getting much out of it as well. So what I did was that I designed individual campaigns and used a separate bidding strategy on every one of them and observed the results. 

That’s why I stress on test campaigns whenever I discuss bidding strategy.

If you’ve some bucks to spare on campaigns then you should definitely spend them on test campaigns and find yourself an idle bidding strategy as well. See you don’t have to stick with this strategy, yes it’s Ideal for newcomers but eventually you’ll have to explore yourself so that you can learn more about Google Ads Bidding Strategies clearly. And who might know you might become the next top PPC campaign designer of all time. 

Practice makes a man perfect. I always go by this motto in my life and you should follow this as well.

According to famous American comedian Nicole Byer

“What can cake teach you about life? That practice makes perfect, and if you try something once, it probably won’t be perfect, and you have to keep working on it if you want to be good at it.”


Consider a PPC campaign a cake and you’ll have to use new recipes every time in order for you to discover an ideal recipe in order for you to serve it to all.

See when you’ve mastered something then and only then you’ll show off and teach others about it. Practice designing campaigns, add respective keywords, and Negative keywords and use different types of strategy on it so that you can find your ideal bidding strategy. If nothing works then I’m here for you. Let me know if you got stuck somewhere and I’ll help you out as well.

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I’m trying to help you all avoid the mistakes that I’ve made in my career as a marketer so in order to help more designers who are striving to become marketers ,let’s come together. Let’s build Mount Woods Studio Design Academy so that they’ll all be benefited from it. It’s not possible without your help, so don’t forget to support us in this mission.

Mount Woods Studio Design Academy

Also go ahead and quickly tune in to Mount Woods Studio Podcast so that you can stay updated on what’s new with Mount Woods Studio or within the Design & Marketing industry. If you want to appear on one of our interactive sessions then don’t forget to contact us and we’ll provide you one on one with our Founder & CEO Mr. Ankit Dhadwal so that you can clear your doubts with him and put your point of view in front of him as well.

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