Why Mount Woods Studio Transition To PPC And You Should Too

Why Mount Woods Studio Transition To PPC And You Should Too

Originally posted 2020-10-22 14:27:03.

What we do reflects our personality and to become an ideal person in life we need to work hard and smart. Sometimes along with hard work you need to do some smart work in order to get success.

Here at Mount Woods Studio our main goal is to fulfill our clients needs and help in transitioning our design community.

Now starting PPC ad campaigns is easy but making it a masterpiece that brings visitors to your website or generates leads and then opt for your services is what matters. When you design a PPC campaign, you’re putting yourself and your services out there.

In my case, I was designing campaigns for Mount Woods Studio directly without any history of designing campaigns for myself or for others. That’s why I’m sharing my experience with you so that you can avoid the mistakes that I’ve made in my starting days.

I don’t want you to make those same mistakes so go through the article carefully and don’t commit those mistakes again while starting PPC ads campaigns.

We were more focused on other aspects to bring traffic to our website but in the starting I was not sure that we needed to switch to PPC so that we can generate traffic as well as leads.

We were making backlinks, promoting our site on social media and many more things but due to the budget issue I was always scared to transition to PPC and was unaware of the benefits of PPC.

While setting campaigns I was more focused on saving money and ended up spending on worthless keywords that brought only visitors. We were not getting any leads from our campaigns. I was designing campaigns only for visitors where as our business needs leads too.

So then I started to watch videos on YouTube, also I would ask experts to guide me through various processes. I was reading various articles, Google’s guidelines and much more.

See what I’ve learnt is that don’t be scared with all the money and budget stuff. Yes it’s important but in learning you’ve to spend first to gain more.

No one will tell you the whole process, they will just guide you. I think little guidance can lead you to the proper direction. I jotted down points from all the PPC experts and here’s what I learned:

Don’t spend recklessly, always use a calculated amount of money when needed without any doubt in mind. And once you’re spending, don’t think that I’ve to save this much, don’t think of I’ve to learn this much from all this money.

Now our Founder & CEO Mr. Ankit Dhadwal believes in learning. Sir always told me to learn at first then worry about results. That’s what I did, I learnt and then started generating leads to Mount Woods Studio. Now it was time that we need to transition to PPC.

Note: We spent very low amount on PPC as we were in learning stage and once we got to know the Do’s and Don’ts, we increased our PPC budget. What you are going to learn from this is how to get started with PPC Ads Campaign, start with minimum or maximum budget etc.

At starting Mount Woods Studio was getting visitors only and our first campaign was named as lead search 1 despite the name we were generating only visits to our website none of those people were converting. All of those were clicks on ads, none of them signed up or called us. 

The mistake that I made this time around was that I skipped the very basics of designing a campaign . I forgot to use a landing page for the ads campaign. 

Quick Tip: No one will tell you this but you need to use a separate landing page for your ads so that you can track your leads and provide a different experience to your users.

A landing page is like a backbone of every PPC ads campaign and while we were in transition to PPC we knew that we needed to create a great landing page in order to reap the benefits of PPC. Because google allows you to  put up your keywords within the landing page to promote your ads up on Google SERPs.

So that was the mistake that I made in a few of my campaigns that I designed for Mount Woods. But in spite of the landing page I always used maximize conversions in my every campaign since we’ve transition to PPC. I was new and didn’t know that you must have at least two ad groups within a single campaign having 2-3 ads each.

Also in this campaign Lead Search – 1, I was using automatic bidding strategy so the google had more control over my bidding strategy than I did. So it was spending on clicks and keywords more than we required at that time. It was tiring and nerve racking to see that no leads were converted at that time as we’ve just transition to PPC from our old methods felt like we’re messing up.

PPC Ads Campaign - 1

But in spite of this fact we had a pretty strong foundation of clicks in our hands and we took it positively and started building our next campaign on it.

Lead Search – 2 was I guess the most successful campaign that I’ve designed up until now and because of this campaign we were able to boost the leads in the further campaigns. No I’m not saying that other campaigns are not good that we designed after it but this campaign was the one that put us on the right track.

I was using automatic bidding in this ad campaign as well. But the results were promising and through the results that we got within this campaign we were able to make several promising changes in our ads later.

PPC Ads Campaign - 2

After this we were using enhanced CPC with a manual bidding option setting up our own bid limits per day and spending only the amount we need to be spending. Which resulted in creation of our next campaign Lead Search – 3, third campaign since we transition to PPC campaigns, which uses manual yet enhanced CPC to generate leads and attract more visitors to our website to opt for our services.

Note: If you want to learn more about bidding and CPC then stay tuned as I’ll be covering those topics in the next few blog posts.

Lead Search – 3 is the only ad that is running up until now even with our latest ads because of the amount of leads it brought us, it was our first manual CPC ad and the results are promising until now. There are four ads within this campaign and we paused 2 of them and continued with only two ads that are providing us potential clients on every turn.

Along with lead search 3, we created three more ads with separate goals each. We created Sales-Search-Call-1  just to generate sales calls and our main aim in this ad campaign was to generate more sales calls. It was a straight up sales generation responsive text ad and here we learnt about negative keywords in more detail.

PPC Ads Campaign - 3

After this ad we created Lead Search – 4 which was named as LS4LD/PD_06/03/20 making it more professional looking and avoided all the previous mistakes that we made in all the campaigns until now. It contained two ad groups each with a responsive text ad which was a combination of all the previous campaigns. With this campaign we are starting a new way of designing campaigns that are a combination of all the previous campaigns that performed better.

PPC Ads Campaign - 4

Also we have started a Gmail ad test ppc campaign which was our first campaign of such kind and we named it GM/Ads_30/03/20. Gmail ads are fascinating and it has more potential than google search ads. The results that we got from this test ad were amazing. We got a huge number of clicks along with a handsome number of impressions.

PPC Ads Campaign - 5

We will definitely go with the gmail ads in the future as well. If you want an article on Gmail ads then comment down below with your views on these ads and I’ll write an article especially for you.

Also don’t forget you’re here to learn, so don’t compromise your learning at any point if you feel like you’re not getting something then don’t be shy to tell me and I’ll gladly help you with it. You can either comment below and if you want to contact me directly then you can message directly on the Mount Woods Studio’s social media handles. I personally take all the PPC queries, study them and then respond as soon as possible.

Also don’t forget to follow us along with getting in touch on social media. We are together in this and we’ll together create Mount Woods Design Academy to help all non design and designer folks out there. Come let us build a community so strong that It’ll be an example to everyone out there.

Our podcast sessions are live and are being uploaded on various platforms at regular intervals, so go ahead and tune in to them and support us there as well. Just Search Mount Woods Studio Podcast or click on the link to get the full access. You will definitely find us on every major platform.

If you want to be a part of these live sessions then do let us know and you’ll appear with us in one such live session.

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