Why Is It Important To Use Landing Pages For PPC Ads Campaign?

Why Is It Important To Use Landing Pages For PPC Ads Campaign?

Originally posted 2021-01-25 14:09:15.

Today’s kind of special because the topic that we are going to discuss is one of the most important topic until now according to me. Yes everything is important in marketing but Today I’ll tell you how are landing pages for PPC is important for while Starting PPC ad campaigns? And unlike a website landing page is preferred more for setting up a campaign.

When I was designing my first PPC text ads I literally had no idea that a landing page can be used for campaigns and I honestly didn’t know how much it affects a PPC text ads campaign in the long run.

Quick tip: Before getting further you must realize that you’ve to always use a high quality landing page for every campaign

Yes I know I’m stressing a lot on this topic but as I’ve told in every article before I’m gonna make sure that all of you design folks don’t repeat the mistakes that I’ve done while I was getting started with marketing. And honestly it’s the dumbest most annoying mistake that I’ve made.

The reason I say this is because every successful PPC text ads or a whole campaign is based on the landing page’s Keywords density, negative keywords, appearance, readability, researched content, etc. These are the terms that we’ll be discussing further with a little more detail.

Have you ever realized when you have searched for a keyword like “Best Branding agency near me” and got so many results. No one goes to the next page we all know so you clicked on the very first link. 

Did you notice something different?

If not then check again. The page will totally look different, the url structure of the website will be different.

This is because mostly of those are landing pages for PPC which is specially designed for customers.

Importance of landing Pages For PPC Campaign

Importance of landing pages for PPC campaign is undeniable and why it is preferred firstly is due to ease of access. See Google ads provides a particular code called conversion tracking that we’ve discussed earlier on how to embed it within your website or landing page.

Honestly it’s a hassle for a non-technical person to put that code within a full fledged website, if there’s a single disruption within any piece of code of a website, a whole lot of problems come up. But similarly if you’re putting it within a landing page there’s no worry of such kind and if something goes wrong that you can simply restore it to the previous version.

Another reason for choosing a landing page is Keyword density. See Keywords are important for any PPC text ad campaign for ranking. While using landing pages for PPC, you can put a sufficient amount of Keywords within one page and maintain a handsome Keyword density in the process as well.

See putting Keywords within a website is a little harder you’ve to change the content according to the website and you can’t go overboard as too much text will also ruin your website.

On the other hand landing page is a separate page entirely that’s only for campaigns you can put your desired description in it related to your niche with rich Keywords that you’re targeting within your PPC campaign.

Landing pages for PPC is also good for showcasing your particular work that’s the best you’ve done so far. See within a website there are a lot of elements that catch the eyes of the visitors but on the landing page you can only focus on your work and make it appear more appealing to your audience.

Tracking of visitors that come through a PPC campaign is an important aspect of marketing because the future is based upon the historical graph that you’ve made through your previous campaigns.

Tracking a whole website and a single landing page are two different scenarios because there will be others visitors to your website that might be from other channels but a landing page will solely be dedicated for PPC text ads visitors. So landing pages for PPC are gravely important from a tracking point of view as well. 

Nowadays we all want stuff that is fully customizable according to our needs and what other web application is customizable other than a landing page. You can Design a landing page according to your own desires. There are a lot of platforms out there that offer pages for PPC campaigns as well. And one such website is Instapage. This website provides you with a large variety of options to choose from and create your very own landing page.


Now you understand why I was stressing on this topic.

See I learnt all this later on in my marketing journey and it’s ok to make mistakes because only then you avoid them in future and learn something new form it. But if you can avoid them and learn at the same time then it’s not bad at all. I never read any articles like these at the start that told me how important a landing page is for a PPC campaign. Later when I started working under our Founder & CEO Mr Ankit Dhadwal then I found out about this kind of stuff.

So I’m telling you read this article carefully and use it to your advantage.

Today’s task is for you

To create a simple landing page and design it for your campaign. Run it, compare the results with your old campaigns and share with us what changes you felt when you opted for this change.

In case you’re having a difficulty in creating a landing page or don’t know how to build a campaign around it then I’m more than happy to help you out in this particular matter. Just reach out to us on Mount Woods Studio’s social media profiles and I’ll personally design that for you and will also show you how I’ve done it so you can create such campaigns for yourself in the future as well.

See I’m trying to help you with all this complicated stuff but there are other masses out there that are still unaware of these things and there’s no one who can do this for them so come let’s build Mount Woods Studio Design Academy so great that every person will be benefited from this and avoid the mistakes that we’ve all made.

Mount Woods Studio Design Academy

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