Why Do We Need To Perform PPC Campaigns?

Why Do We Need To Perform PPC Campaigns?

Originally posted 2020-08-31 18:35:06.

Every blog that you’ve visited up until now must be focusing on points directly telling like we need PPC or Pay Per Click because it is used by everyone or points like it has proved it’s worth.But we are not here to cram up points, we are here to learn about WHY DO WE NEED TO PERFORM PPC Campaigns?

Main aim that I’m focusing here on this blog is to share my Marketing journey with you amazing designers and help you avoid initial mistakes that I’ve made during my learning phase that might curb your learning potential.

Articles that I’ve read in the past and visit on a daily basis only focus on writing about hot new topics or about shortcuts to earn more or even how to make money online etc etc.

But let me tell you I’m not here to do that and if you stick with me throughout this journey you’ll definitely become an amazing marketer along with being an amazing designer. I’ll make sure that you learn each and everything related to PPC and SEO from me. 

So please stay with me as the road to PPC Campaign is a bumpy road and I want to make sure your journey is a smooth one.

So let’s discuss Why PPC Campaign Is Important for you and your business with an example shall we.

Suppose you’re a designer that specialises on logo design and own a website or blog where you showcase your designs. Now you need to perform SEO techniques to rank your website higher on Google and we all agree that Google’s a king when it comes to showcasing your work to your audience. 

But we all agree that SEO is hard work and results are not always promising and designers themselves do a lot of work in their respective fields. Here, PPC helps you by doing all the hard work for you and you just have to learn how to organize those PPC campaigns nicely. 

You might have read some Neil-Patel saying I got 2,530,346 Visitors per month on my website or I generated multiple leads which were very high paying clients and I earned 6 to 7 figures of revenue.

So How do you think it was possible?

With Organic SEO?

Organic SEO take slot of time and to get 2,530,346 visitors per month, it is only possible with PPC Campaigns.

Neil Patel is exceptional which uses both Organic SEO and PPC, you do this too but first you have to learn how to do SEO properly

PPC campaigns helps you in ranking number 1 on google and generate revenue for your business but you have to learn all the aspects of PPC first to get started.

I know we are not here to discuss just this little about the topic of PPC and I’m not planning on finishing this topic here. 

Now that we have made clear why you all amazing designers need PPC campaigns mainly let’s get into further details now.

PPC campaigns for designers are amazing if you study them carefully. These campaigns are the only kind of paid mediums within which you have to pay only for the number of clicks. Which you’re already familiar with but why this is important you must be wondering right? 

Well PPC is a straightforward platform without any hidden complexities. Thus you only get what you’re paying and thus all your money is spent on what you want only. There are no hidden charges, no additional charges, making it easy for design folks to focus on your work and stop worrying about your expenses.

As a designer you all specialize in particular fields and you want to excel in that field and your PPC ads are supposed to be on that particular field right?

Well if you’re one such kind of thinker than PPC is a platform for you then. I’m saying this because PPC provides you with the option of targeting only a particular audience in a particular place you want. Making it highly customizable for you all. Thus providing designers with an option of full customization and targeting people that only want your designs.

Just like you need to be consistent in your studies to achieve something great in your life, PPC ad campaigns provide you with the same consistency.

According to famous YouTuber, entrepreneur and makeup artist Michelle Phan

It’s very easy to make a viral video, but longevity and consistency, that’s hard.

Consistency is what we all want and PPC provides that consistency for your Design business my fellow designers. PPC campaigns provide you with consistent traffic and regular leads to your amazing business, generate traffic and increase the number of users that will visit your website.

We all must admit that we want quick and fast results in this competitive scenario. And as we have discussed in the previous topic SEO can be hard to get quick results. So I can understand that as designers you want to put out your amazing designs as quickly as possible and make this world a bliss.

It’s simple:

PPC = More traffic, More Leads, More Users, More Targeted Audience

PPC campaigns provide you with quick results in less time depending on the strategies you are using.

Last and final thing that I found in my marketing journey is amazing and you’ll all be shocked to hear about it but before telling you this let’s consider an example to make things interesting.

If you’re a designer or a designing agency or designing studio then you must be familiar with One Plus’s Nord is the new phone which provided a unique virtual unveiling feature on Instagram.

In this virtual unveiling you can experience the full unveiling including all the contents of the box at your fingertips without buying the device actually.

So by this what One Plus is doing is that in this Lockdown phase, they are trying to giver user experience and on the other hand boosting their sales throughout the world. Which means if you market your product properly your popularity and sales will increase automatically.

I know this is hard to understand the terms of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) or Pay Per Click(PPC) but one you have started this amazing journey, the results will be fruitful and I can guarantee you. 

So if you’re good at PPC, your SEO will get better too. Yes you heard right PPC helps in improving your search engine optimisation too. How exactly you all must be wondering right?

Well in PPC we discover various keywords and pay for them as you do so in the same process you put those targeted keywords in your page or website that helps make it SEO friendly. 

In the end what I’m gonna say is that being a designer is amazing but you need to earn some marketing experience as well.

Because everyone’s an amazing designer and the competition is very tough so to make a difference you need some extra skills and obviously I’m here to help you with this process.

PPC is an interesting field and if you’re eager to learn then you can do wonders with your designs and make a change in tough times by reaching a lot of people and changing their thoughts through the power of design.

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Just Remember

I’m not doing these to make more money… I’m not doing this to become popular… I’m just trying to do this to help out more people

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