What Should Be Your Vision and Mission In Design Industry?

What Should Be Your Vision and Mission In Design Industry?

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From as long as I could remember, when I was first introduced to the design field I was mesmerised by the scope that it holds.

Looking back at that time, only a few people opted for this field and enrolled into the design schools to choose it as a professional career.

I remember that from our village(a few kms away from shimla) one of my cousin brother did it and he was the talk of every house for a lot of years.

People were saying that it’s a waste of time nothing good comes out of it.

So it was pretty hard at that time because there was a lot of criticism back then. Unlike right now it’s the latest and hottest profession that is being pursued by a lot of people right now.

The global market for design services reached a value of nearly $153.2 billion in 2018, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.6% since 2014, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% to nearly $249.5 billion by 2022. – The Business Research Company

So yeah it’s moving with a great pace and has got a bright scope ahead that what I believe and most of the design enthusiasts believe in it too.

I’m a Digital marketing Strategist and all my day spends working around strategies for my company Mount Woods Studio.

There are a lot of things for me to do which includes setting PPC campaigns, building backlinks and all. But one of the best things about working at Mount Woods Studio which i really like is I can focus on other areas too and design is what attracts me a lot. 

I think creative people are little but weird but that’s OK because i belong to the same league.

I also want to combine AI with Design. It is projected that the number of people using digital assistants will rise from 700M to 1.8 Billion by 2021.

I have done my research and you should do, to think about design as your career, the scope it is having and how it will change the entire world.

I’m an Engineer, so the research part will always stay with me forever and I’ve spent 6 months learning about AI, machine learning.

When I Entered into Mount Woods Studio, I was excited to learn the strategies which I did and now we aim to combine AI with Design, build a system that is robust, versatile and flexible. Giving more space for user experience with AI can lead to a better future.

Credit: Day1Tech

So If you are still thinking what is my aim and what I want to do in life,


Don’t worry I like exploring things and my journey has just started. I’m glad that Mount Woods Studio is there with me. They always say, explore as much as you can then only you will realise in which field you want to specialise.

Design has been long with us all and helped us in getting through these tough times.

Now let’s talk about what vision and mission I had to keep in mind when I was entering the design industry and you can follow the same.

What Vision and Mission You Should Have If Entering Design Industry?

Organisation Vision and Mission

Most of the time we fail to achieve something in life if we are not having a clear vision of what we are doing and have got a clear mission why we are doing it.

Just like a clear mission and vision in real life while going into a design field you need to have a clear vision that you want to learn and grow with the whole design community.

Don’t worry about the result and enter without expectation.

Your mission while joining is to help grow the community and yourself with it. This is the thought that I believe in and aim to achieve while I was entering this big community.

You know what Vision and Mission I had in mind while entering the design field?

First of all these terms, design and vision are known as Vision and Mission Statement of an organisation.

Now we’ll get into a little more professional approach into these statements.

Vision Statement

Vision for an organisation means what that organisation wishes to achieve and how it impacts the people within it. Basically here we are talking about the ideology of an organisation. This statement helps in decision making and governing of an organisation.

Mission Statement

Mission statement is what lists the core values, aims of an organisation. It is a brief description of what an organisation is working for with their hard work and manpower.

Now the question that arises is do we really need these kinds of statements because we have clear goals right and we enter in design to fulfil our passion?

We’ll say yes because these statements act as the common ground for all the fellow members within an organisation.

These statements unify the goals of each individual and create one goal and one statement for an organisation.

Also, the interesting part is that these organisations help in building a stronger more unified brand, that functions as a single unit not as multiple chunks for each department.

Impact Of Vision and Mission Statements

If done right, both Vision and mission statements are very powerful terms and send a clear message to the masses that you’re willing to do whatever for the greater good of the people, your fellow members and the whole design community.

See I told you all that there’s gonna be a little more professionalism in this article and that’s not a bad thing because whatever we do we need to show professionalism in it. 

Now let’s get back to our topic.

Every organisation has their own Vision and mission statement within the design industry. To make it more understandable let’s take an example of a company that’s known for their cutting edge designs and technology.


Tesla have been redefining the design and technology with their visionary thinking and world class workforce. Let’s check their Vision and Mission Statement.

Tesla’s Vision Statement

To create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

Tesla’s Mission Statement

To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Tesla’s both Statements are amazing as they have a clear idea what they want to do and why they are doing it.

From the above statement you can summarise that Vision Statement is “what” and “how” of an organisation and Mission Statement is “why”.

In more elaborate way What Tesla wants to do is that they want to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century and How they want to achieve it is by driving the world’s transition to electric vehicles.

Why the Tesla is doing it is because they want to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

This should have cleared your doubts about why you need a Vision and Mission while entering the design field. These statements help in setting up a clear goal for you and will define your way of thinking and defining your duties toward the community.

At the end let us make something clear it’s not compulsory that only big organisations have to define the Vision and Mission within a design industry.

A single person who’s setting up standards for him/herself can do it too. Because once you’ve got a clear picture of what you’re doing in life you become simply unstoppable and clear every obstacle in your life.

Well this is it on this topic and I’ve tried my level best to cover every topic in this section. If you think that I’ve missed something do let me know in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to share your vision and mission in regard to the Design Industry.

What are we?

We are designers and what we want to build is a design community that will prosper and educate fellow designers all together.

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