What Is GSA Blasting? How It Helps Boost Traffic To Your Website?

What Is GSA Blasting? How It Helps Boost Traffic To Your Website?

Originally posted 2021-02-10 12:02:54.

We all find different ways to stay ahead of others, some do it correctly and some try to outsmart others by using negative ways and end up receiving penalties for them.

You know it’s not bad to keep the mentality of getting ahead of your competitors. Because all the hard work that you’re doing is to be best at what you do and outshine others in this process. A healthy competition is good for both you and your competitors because it helps to evolve both you and your competitors for good.

Now why am I discussing competition in this topic you all must be wondering so let me tell you that this topic is based on a technique that is used to beat competition by a huge margin if done correctly. 

When you will finish this article, you will have succeeded ahead of your competitor if you’ve applied these crucial techniques to improve your business.

No matter whether you are a design freelancer, branding agency or MNC, this will definitely work. Even when our Founder Mr. Ankit Dhadwal told me about this technique, I was so shocked to know that it works so well if applied correctly. 

And I wanted to try it myself


Results that I got were amazing and today I’m going to share the tactics and strategies for you to think through and customize it according to your business needs.

So I should set some ground rules before getting into the core of this topic. First of all the technique that we’re discussing here must be mastered fully before performing it on your website.

Note: If you don’t learn it properly then you’ll be facing penalties as well, that’s why be careful of this technique and pay attention to this topic and don’t skip any part of it.

What Is GSA Blasting? Why We Use It?

GSA Blasting stands for “Google Search Appliance” which is the way of creating backlinks in a bulk i.e you create backlinks in a large amount without the use of old techniques such as blog commenting. 

GSA Blasting creates automatic backlinks giving the user an opportunity to create different tier backlinks ranging from tier 3 to 1. Mainly the creation of tier 3 & tier 2 backlinks are done in this technique because these act as strongholds for tier 1 backlinks. 

Also, as we’ve discussed above you must know how to create such backlinks because you might end up causing errors such as creation of spammed links or false links which might end up in causing a loss in your website authority. 

Another important thing is that using GSA Blasting we can create blog commenting backlinks, social media profile links, website comment links and much more. 

Also, keep another thing in mind that don’t use it on the website that is the main source of income because if you use it on other websites then you’ll understand the whole concept of GSA blasting and will learn how to create quality backlinks from it.

GSA blasting is also known as GSA search engine ranker because it helps in quick ranking within Google by the use of automated backlink builders. It’ll find a lot of websites to get links from thus increasing your website’s authority and thus boosting your rankings in search engines.

Now comes the bigger question:

How It Helps In Boosting Your Website Traffic?

Well in GSA blasting your website is submitted across various channels so what this does is that it makes your website available and provides you with the fresh link juice and drives the major amount of traffic to your website. 

As your website is soaring in rankings on SERPs your website is shown to the users thus giving your website that extra traffic from search engines. So in this way a GSA blasting derives traffic to your website providing you a great deal of opportunities.

But if you ask me don’t try to use this technique if you’re not aware of how exactly it works and how to create a GSA blast.

You should avoid it if not practised thoroughly. 

I’m stressing it throughout the topic for your own good because it’s for educational purposes as you need to be aware of every aspect of all SEO techniques as you’re becoming a full fledged marketer after being a magnificent designer. So try to avoid it and if you really want to do it then you can always reach out to me and we’ll together explore it on experimental sites to know everything about it.

You can easily do this by commenting in the section below or you can directly message me on Mount Wood Studio’s social media channels. I’ll personally look at all your queries and teach you the full process of GSA blasting to boost your website’s traffic and rankings.

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Come let’s create a top tier Design community together. 

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