What is Design?

What is Design?

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Before explaining design, I must break the biggest misconception that goes around the non-design and design community i.e Design and Art are the same things.

It’s been 3 years that I’m in this design industry and read so many definitions about What is Design? People think that design is an art and I agree with this up to some extent but in reality that is not how it goes.

But still, when I ask people & even my fellow friends they get confused and often have misconceptions about what design actually is.

So i have to be precise while sharing my experience with you and what i have learnt over the years, the definition in order to make you people understand that both design and art are two different sides of a coin. That’s why we call people who create art are known as artists and persons creating designs are known as designers.

In every company, this definition can vary depending upon how they think, what is their perception and based on their experience.

Difference between Art and Design

For an Instance, according to me:

“Art is something that is created by the person who wishes to convey his/her emotions to the world”


“Design is something that is created by the designer for the emotions of its audience or for the people that it’s made for”


So now that we are clear of what Art and Design is, let’s get back to the bigger question that we are discussing here today.

What Exactly Is Design?

This is the biggest question that comes across various people who are aspiring to become designers or who recently got into this beautiful world of creativity.

Before starting let’s see what Wikipedia describe the definition of Design

A plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process

According to Paul Rand one of the world’s finest graphic designer:

Design Is Everything

According to me

Design is meaning of life

According to Steve Jobs:

Design Is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers

It is basically a plan that is created solely for the people so that they will be benefited from it and bring some new perspective to them. It varies in every field and might have a different meaning for every designer according to their respective fields.

But the base meaning for every designer is that “Create something that is new to the people and helps them relate to that particular design”.

For Example

A logo design is created to show the identity of a company. It helps a business to tell the tale of their work and establish a reliable connection between a customer and that business owner. So for a logo design expert, a design is something that helps in establishing a trustworthy relationship between people by creating something new. It should convey a message which directly touches their customer’s mind and heart.

The most important thing that we need to keep in mind is that copying something to create a design is not actually considered as design. Design is solely a designer’s creativity that is derived from other resources. We can look at other ‘s work for inspiration but copying it is not exactly design.

Take logo design, for example, the first step in logo designing is to look for inspiration from various resources and then create your own unique design. There are so many logo designs out there that use designs similar to popular companies in their field but that is the false promotion and is referred to as copied or false design rendering that company’s identity pointless.

When a design is created, its purpose is to trigger the feelings of the audience it’s made for. While purchasing something, customer emotion plays a great role and design is made for that particular emotion so that the user is satisfied and the purpose of the design is fulfilled. The purpose of creating something new is that it helps in bringing a new perspective to the life of a person and eases them in taking decisions that are important for them.

Design = Meaning

The most important part that design fulfils is it helps in bringing meaning to the person or audience it’s meant for. We all wish for a life that is meaningful and fulfils its purpose. The same goes for design; its purpose is to be meaningful and fulfil its desired work.

Design & Art

Design and Art are different but both fields can be helpful to create something great.

As for a fact, there are some tools that are common in both designing and art fields that help in putting a fine line between them. These tools act as common ground between these two fields.

Final Thoughts On Design

Design is the most essential part of any of the fields. Design is a foundation for building a house of one’s creativity and then showcase it to the whole world. No matter what field is, design helps bring the best.

Various fields that design helps in telling the story are:

a) Gaming

Gaming is the best field where design helps various gaming companies to put something extraordinary in front of their audience. The VR(virtual reality) games are an example of what  designs can do, giving its users the look and feel of the real world and enjoying places and things that are hard or no possible for them to achieve.

b) Architecture

Another great example of design marvels is the Architecture field, where great design helps in creating some marvellous structures. Few examples are Taj Mahal, Burj Khalifa, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.

c) Technology

Design helps in technological fields by designing various outstanding devices that are defining imaginations of various people. Various smartphones, medical devices and much more are in these categories.

These are few of the fields but ultimately every field requires design that’s what I’m trying to say. According to me without design the world is just a strange place.

No matter which designing fields we are in, we will continue to help the world by doing our part. We’ll keep on designing something that is motivating. Helping others to get through the tough times together.

Let me know in the comment section when you entered the designing field and what is your specialisation. What you like the most about design? According to you what is the true definition of design? I would love to connect with the designers, artists and corporate agencies from around the world.

Keep designing and Keep Inspiring.

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