What Is Branding? Things Which No One Told You

What Is Branding? Things Which No One Told You

Branding –  The term which has different meanings for different people. Many misunderstood this term branding and never got clarity on What Is Branding? What is the true meaning of branding? Why Is It Important?

Those who got clarity are leading the world with an impact that’s very hard to forget. When we transformed from IT company to Branding, we were also not clear about the definition. What is the true meaning of branding, What It can do and Why companies should spend time on their Branding.

So we started learning and gaining knowledge about Branding. Today I’m going to share everything about Branding that you should know. Literally I have made notes on this and I’m going to share my knowledge with you. So let’s get started by understanding the definition first.

Understanding What Is Branding?

Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding is about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another.

It is so important because it makes an impression on consumers, and separates organisations from others. Customers get to know what to expect from your company.

Branding helps a Brand to stand out from its competitors, send a message to consumers about their mission and vision. What are the values a company is holding, a promise it is making, the trust it wants to build with everyone.

Why Branding Is Important?

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As I’ve said above Branding is a very vast field and it’s very important to understand the true meaning in order to get the best results. Being a Branding agency ourselves, now we know what it can do, the magic it can create and build brands that inspire.

With the help of Branding, a brand can end up in customers mind and heart. Build a reputation that can create a legacy for more than 100 years. Make a promise that no matter what happens, we’ll be the best quality providers in the industry.

Branding is so important that it can make Brands a Result which everyone aims for

That’s the power of Branding

Let me give you an example:

Credit: Coka-Cola Official Website

Each Day 1.2 Billion people around the world have a Coca-Cola product. Turnor Duckworth revitalized the iconic brand presence and created a visual celebration of the simple pleasure of having a coke across everything from cups to trucks. Research revealed that there was a cultural longing for coke to be great again.

How To Measure Effectiveness of Branding?

Effectiveness of Branding can be measured in terms of engagement from customers from time to time.

It can be measured simple by:

1. Satisfaction

2. Delight

3. Engagement

a) Automatic Repurchase

b) Emotional Attachment

4. Empowerment

Why You Should Invest Your Time and Money In Branding?

With Branding, YOU will achieve the “ONLYNESS” which is way more important than any other thing.

The Bigger the market, the more you need to specialise

There are very few companies who achieve this and at Mount Woods Studio, we help them achieve their “ONLYNESS”. We make sure our clients are differentiated from others through our strategy and services.

When you invest your time and money in branding, it’s easier to win clients heart and mind. You just have to follow these 6 Principles in order to do so:

1. Reciprocity

2. Consistency

3. Social Proof

4. Authority

5. Linking

6. Scarcity

Let’s understand them one by one to get more clarity

1. Reciprocity

We take care of each other. I’ll take care of you and you take care of me.

This way you are conveying a message to your customers that you are with them every time they need you. Once you start doing this, customers will also take care of the company by being loyal to them.

2. Consistency

We need to be consistent to ourselves.

Consistency is the key to every major dream you want to achieve. Being consistent in providing the quality, delivering product/services on time, what you promised your customers they are being fulfilled. You always have to be consistent to build that trust which a consumer looks for in a brand.

3. Social Proof

When others validate what you say and do, we’re more likely to trust you.

4. Authority and Reputation To Build Trust

Authority and reputation is built with time. Blogs, Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Networking events, etc helps you in achieving these. Once you start sharing your knowledge about the industry, you present yourself as an expert. And experts always are seen as trusted people.

5. Linking

When you build reputation people like you.

6. Scarcity

a) We are not available

b) We are Limited

Scarcity means to be exclusive and highly focused on providing value to their clients. Most of the time, people say yes to everything which creates blunder mistakes to fulfil everyones wishes and needs. But if you are providing value, quality work and you have to be limited.

“Learn How To Embrace the 5 Principles i.e.”

2. Consistency

3. Social Proof

4. Authority

5. Linking

6. Scarcity

How Mount Woods Studio Helps In Achieve Company Goals?

The best brands stand for something:

A big Idea, a strategic position, a defined set of values, a voice that stands apart. 

We help expand your reach to the global level. We make sure your Brand becomes more powerful with time and people understand what you stand for.

Our Branding process has always given the confidence to drive simplicity, and communicate more emotion and meaning through “WIT”, and “BOLD DESIGN.”

Make an impact on people’s life and find a problem which needs a clever novel solution. Position your brand so that it holds the market to a longer period of time and make sure your are immediately recognizable.

Branding is very powerful and we do understand that. That’s why we are there to help and take your brand to the next level. So Let’s collaborate and discuss your next Project

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