What are Negative keywords and how they impact your PPC campaign

What are Negative keywords and how they impact your PPC campaign

Originally posted 2020-12-18 16:29:53.

We all humans have been told that all negative things are bad. We are taught to stay away from negative people who drag you down. Stay away from negative places that curbs your imagination.

But I believe some negative experience is also compulsory because once you get let down you’ll learn to rise up.

While I was gearing up to become a PPC expert I was studying a lot of stuff reading too many articles per day. Finding what experts do and how to become good at creating PPC text ads.

And then, I came across negative keywords. We’ve been told that negative means bad and me being the naïve person that I am, I ignored that topic completely. Actually that was not my fault because there was so little about the negative keywords that I felt like it’s got no importance.

After I was setting campaigns we were getting weird phone calls and searches on the campaign. I got confused looking frantically for a solution on how to fix the issue. Every single article told me to adjust my keywords but there wasn’t a single article that discussed the use of negative keywords.

My PPC text ads and the budget provided by Mount Woods Studio that was great for Starting PPC ad campaigns was going waste because of all that. In those campaigns that I was setting for our services, I was getting weird calls for job vacancies and auto parts which was confusing.

Because I was going for keywords like logo design, custom logo design etc. But there were search queries like free logo designs online, free logo design applications online, create logo for free, logo design tools online.

Now you must be wondering if PPC is this much incorrect then why use it? Well those were my mistakes which I never paid attention to, google have provided negative keywords for such incorrect queries.

What I discovered after extensive research and consulting with few of the people who are successful PPC experts, they first asked me that “have you added negative keywords like normal keywords?”
Have you researched negative keywords like other keywords?

These were the questions that I was asked but me who haven’t done anything said no and then they elaborated what are negative keywords and how to use them.

So today in this topic I’m gonna tell you what they told me and how I immediately implemented it while starting PPC ad campaigns.

Let’s start by defining negative keywords first. I’m gonna tell you as simple as possible, so that you can use them with proper procedure.

What are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords, as the name suggests are also keywords but the difference is that negative keywords that you’ll be setting are used to exclude random and non useful keywords from Google Search Network

See I’ve told you all this many times that Google is very smart and is focused along with providing you with results and how to generate revenue as well.

So in doing so it’ll take up a lot of results that are related to your keywords and put them up on your search queries.

What happened at Mount Woods Studio PPC campaigns that I initially designed was that I didn’t use negative keywords and the search terms became a mess. Google was triggering automobile company numbers from our logo design company number keyword.

That’s why we used keywords to exclude those results from our campaigns and then we started to get positive results from all our campaigns. Before putting Normal keywords within the campaign I’ll always suggest that you research negative keywords as well as your target keywords and then put both within your PPC campaign.

Quick Tip: Always use broad matches in all your PPC campaigns. Because in a broad match you’ll be covering all those useless keywords within it.

If you won’t do this or understand them properly, just remember for every click your money will be gone without giving you proper results.

1 Wrong Keyword =  $$$ Lots of money

Now that you know the importance of negative keywords, let’s see how to set them.

How To Set Negative Keywords in Google Adwords: A Step By Step Guide

While you’re in your campaign, in the keywords option on the top right, you’ll see a negative keywords option. Click on it and when you’re in the section you’ll see an plus icon. As shown in the picture above.

Click on the icon and then add your researched negative keywords. Always keep on adding more of these keywords from search terms that are redirecting non useful traffic or calls to you.

Now you must be wondering how can a set of negative keywords affect your business? But again I’m telling you don’t underestimate their importance. They can turn the tide of your business in a few minutes because they’re as powerful as your normal keywords.

One line that I read somewhere while researching, that impacted me on learning the importance of negative keywords was that

“For any business to grow you need a particular audience that wants only your products and services and negative keywords help design your business campaigns only for those potential customers”.

See what I’m trying to say here is that these will help you by making your PPC ad campaigns pinpoint the targeted audience and Google search network will show your PPC text ads only to people who really want your services. In this way you’ll get clients that are opting you for your amazing services.

Now that we are clear let’s do one thing, I would like you all to design some keywords that are related to your design business and also add some negative keywords within that Excel file.
Send us your results and I’ll personally check all your results, provide you some tips within your inbox for each individual.

Let’s clear this out with a little example:

Suppose you’ve keywords such as logo design, graphic design, character design, custom logo etc then you’ll have negative keywords like “free”, “top”, “vacancy”, “jobs”, “character improvement” etc where “” these represents that you’re using broad match fo all these keywords and try put more of these kind of keywords that are not related to your niche so that your PPC ad campaigns don’t attract people out of your niche.

Also if you’ve got any problem related to negative keywords do write to us on our social media profiles. I’ll be the one who will personally attend all your problems to Optimize PPC Ads Campaign.

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