What Are Google Responsive Ads and How They Boost Your Campaign?

What Are Google Responsive Ads and How They Boost Your Campaign?

Originally posted 2020-11-30 16:22:21.

Each and everyone of you design folks must be aware of responsive design I presume. If not then I would suggest you to go back to our topics on Lead Generation or PPC to get better understanding.

Because it’s compulsory that we create responsive designs so that users might not have any difficulty while accessing it.

What Are Google Responsive Ads? Why It Is Important?

Now for those who don’t know what responsiveness is let me explain it to you with an example along with it.

A Google responsive design ads is the one which is accessible at any conditions. Meaning no matter which device you’re using, no matter what your resolution or screen size is, you won’t get to see any odd or half content on that device.

In simple words, an ads design that adapts along with the conditions is known as responsive design. And let me make you clear of the fact that Google Search Network prioritizes responsive websites designs more than any other because it provides Google opportunity to grow and flourish among its users. All in all Google makes sure that the users are being offered hassle free services.

Now you must be thinking that responsive PPC text ads must be similar to this and why am I making a big deal out of it. But I’m telling you to keep patience and stop jumping at conclusions just now. 

Yes, it’s similar to that of responsive design but if using it and understanding this would be that easy while designing ads then I won’t be discussing it with you all now.

You all must be aware of how a PPC text ads look like on a phone, on a tablet and on a pc or laptop. There’s a sample section along with the description writing section. And if you switch there you can see your ad on various platforms.

It will look something like this. We created an ad campaign where customers can contact us for our custom logo design service.

Google Responsive Ad-Mobile
Google Responsive Ad-Mobile
Google Responsive Ad-Desktop
Google Responsive Ad-Desktop

Now that’s a live example of responsiveness and you can even test that by shrinking the size of your browser and the content will align itself along with the ratio to which you’re expanding or shrinking the browser to.

How Google Responsive Ads Boost Your Campaign?

But there’s a trick that no one will tell you about using the non responsive ads to target only particular clients. I don’t suggest that you use this kind of technique in your ads because it’s mostly for people who are either experienced or are creating campaigns just for knowledge and fun. Also, if you do this there’s a high risk that your ads might get bad results from Google as you’re just Starting PPC ads campaigns creation.

I Would suggest you to read Getting Started With Google PPC Ads Campaign first and then proceed.

Now in this trick you turn off your responsive ads on your settings section of your particular campaign and you choose only one device that is used by most of your clients and thus your clients will get the ads on their phone searches and you’ll be targeting only those clients.

This trick seems fun but what it does on the other hands is limits you from exploring all the areas and thus will cost you more as your PPC ad progresses. So I suggest you use this trick once you’ve mastered the PPC ads as a whole.

Yes I’ve done it and it’s a gamble as it works sometimes and other times the ad scores go down as well. Making your Google ads account suffer a little.

What is a Quality Score?

An Ads Quality Score is the score which is an estimate of the quality of your PPC text ads, keywords and landing pages.

Higher Quality Ads = Lower Prices and Better ad Positions

So let’s keep our Google ads responsive and let the user’s see our ads on every platform. See we are already targeting a specific location by using Google Adwords Location targeting so responsiveness on a particular device will be a little extreme and it might ruin your ad score and Google ads account. I just wanted to share this to prove my point on how powerful a responsive ad is.

Also, I want you to understand the concept of responsive Ads because :

Any fool can know but the whole point is to understandAlbert Einstein

So read the whole article carefully and remember to understand it, implement it and then wait for the results so that you can mend the ads according to your requirements or your client’s requirements.

Now once you’ve read this article carefully and are ready to create your campaigns.

Do one thing: create a dummy campaign and spend just a little money on it just for test purposes. In this campaign you’ll use the non responsive ads and when you’ve exhausted your budget share your experiences with us all in the comment section below or you can upload your results on your social media and tag Mount Woods Studio in these screenshots. 

In this way you’ll be sharing your experiences with us all and we’ll be learning something from you as well.

Also, you know if you’ve any problem in designing such a campaign then I’ll guide you and you can learn from it as well. 

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