What Are Google Ads Bidding Strategies? Which Is Best For Adwords?

What Are Google Ads Bidding Strategies? Which Is Best For Adwords?

Originally posted 2021-01-16 13:16:12.

Money is the basics of all operations if you don’t utilize it properly you’ll end up using every bit of it. Money provides you a chance to get the things in life that you wish for and in order to keep fulfilling your desires you need a steady cash flow and techniques to maintain a regular flow as well. 

All in all you need strategies that will help you to spend your money steadily and more efficiently. Similarly while Starting PPC ad campaigns you’ll have to face certain Google Ads bidding strategies that we implement to get the better results out of our budget. 

In this topic we’ll be discussing these strategies and which bidding strategy is best for your campaign.

Now bidding in PPC text ads means the certain amount of money that you’ll be spending on a targeted keyword. The bidding strategy will try to get the best keywords within your decided budget so that you can beat competition and reach high on Google Search Network maintaining a better Google SERP rank.

Remember that if you want a successful business campaign you need a good and strong budget then only your bidding strategy will be able to Optimize PPC Ads Campaign.

Now let’s cover Top Bidding strategies for Google Adwords Helpful for starting PPC ad Campaigns that you must know.

Top Bidding strategies for Google Adwords Helpful for starting PPC ad Campaigns

Basically there are 3 basic categories that hold different Google Ads bidding strategies designed according to your personal needs:

1. Smart Bidding Strategies

Google ads bidding strategies include smart bidding that are designed so that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting while starting PPC ad campaigns. Under smart bidding strategies Google does all the strategic planning like spending how much on particular Keywords.
In this strategy the machine learning algorithms are used to optimize your strategies and maximize your conversion as well.

Under Smart bidding there are 5 strategies that Google Ads offer:

a) Target cost per action (CPA):

Target Cost per action or CPA Bidding strategy is for those who want to increase the concessions while you are targeting a specific audience. It’s mainly used for website signups, app download etc. A particular action that is download, subscribe etc., then this is the best bidding strategy for you. This is very specific and to start with CPA, you should know how to deal with PPC text ads first.

b) Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS):

ROAS Bidding strategy is for people who want to get an exact return of their value spent on the ads. In this the Google predicts the future of your PPC text ads and campaigns providing you with the recommendation and sets a max. CPC as well. This strategy is for the people who have a fixed amount of budget and don’t want to put pressure in the targeted budget. This kind of strategy is for you.

c) Maximize Conversions:

Maximize Conversions bidding strategy is that kind which is mostly used by a lot of marketers out there. This bidding strategy will let you have the maximum number of conversions that you can get under the targeted budget. The thing that makes it special is, it provides you auction time bidding strategies. You can even adjust your bids according to your search area, your customer search and time of search as well. So it’s for those who want an automated bidding strategy with full control as well.

d) Maximize Conversion Value:

This bidding strategy helps you to boost your conversions, but the main aim here is to provide quality conversions only that is what you’re targeting for. It’s not like that someone wants a logo maker and will be converted to your site. For example: If you want logo design then the conversion will be of logo design. So people targeting a particular niche are the ones who use this strategy.

e) Enhanced cost per click (ECPC):

Enhanced Cost Per Click or Enhanced CPC is my personal favourite and I personally use this bidding strategy for various PPC campaigns. Not just various but most of my PPC campaigns at Mount Woods Studio. The reason why we use this strategy is that it provides you with more optimization than most of the Google Ads bidding strategies out there. It provides maximum control over the bidding for the Keywords manually and still gets great returns. This bidding strategy is for search and display ads both.

2. Focusing on clicks with manual bidding

This Google Ads bidding strategy mainly consists of 2 strategies. The difference in this is that there are no machine learning algorithms involved; you have to set everything up personally. So you’ve to adjust your bids, select the medium, audience, etc. yourself.

Come let’s look at these manual biddings:

a) Maximize Clicks:

As you can see the name suggests that you’ll be setting the strategy to maximize the clicks. You’ve to set the daily limit for Google so that it can spend only that much on the auction on a daily limit. It’s for the people who want everything according to their needs.

b) Manual CPC bidding:

Manual CPC bidding is the strategy that intends to put up the bidding on the basis of your desire. You can adjust your bids at any time and you don’t even have to wait for the Google system to adjust. All the changes are implemented directly. This is for the people who want to allocate more budget to your PPC campaigns that help in adjustment and targeting

3. Visibility of PPC ads

This strategy is for the people who focus on the visibility of their PPC text ads meaning where and when your ads are being shown. It consists of three bidding strategies:

a) Target Impression Share:

It’s an automatically bidding strategy that helps you to set up bids so that your goal of getting a higher rank of your PPC text ads on Google’s SERPs. This strategy is used by the person who wants to get more impression on their ads and wants to showcase their work.

b) Cost per Thousand Impression (CPM):

CPM bidding strategy is used by the people who only want their money to be charged on their PPC ad campaigns only when their ads are getting higher impressions. CPM is mainly for display channels such as YouTube. 

c) Viewable VCPM:

VCPM Bidding strategy is mainly used by the people who want their presence to be known i.e. these might not let you get the traffic or impression but Google will promote your PPC ad over all. It lets you aim for the 1000 views on the highest amount that you can spend.

So now that you know all about the bidding strategy for google AdWords, let’s talk about the bidding strategy that you should be using in order for you to get a nice and successful PPC campaign.

See what I personally suggest is for you to do is that you use Enhanced Cost Per Click.

The reason I prefer this bidding strategy and suggest it to everyone because it uses machine learning with manual bidding as well. This means that you only need to set your bids so that Google might not spend all your revenue on useless Keywords.

You don’t have to do the heavy lifting and the biggest advantage of Enhanced CPC bidding strategy is that it’s feasible for both display and google search network as well.

So now that you’ve learned one more technique to scale your business, I would suggest you create a new campaign using this strategy and share your results with us all.

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