What are Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match in PPC/Adwords?

What are Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match in PPC/Adwords?

Originally posted 2021-01-02 18:40:34.

I’ve been creating PPC campaigns for sometime now. There are a lot of people who come up to me and ask me please tell us a shortcut to develop a great campaign. I’ve been telling people that there is no such thing as a shortcut for creating and Optimize PPC Ads Campaign, making it a successful one as well.

Whatever you gotta do you have to learn every bit of it. Specially for designers, your basics are a must and you need to learn every bit of them. Don’t believe if someone says that they have got a trick up their sleeves to master PPC text ads. There’s no trick, practice and only practice will get you to the top in the marketing world.

You must be wondering why I’m talking about shortcuts today and what’s in it for me?

Well if you want to get a shortcut article then I can share one but there’s no point because it’ll be a small summary of what we are discussing everyday.

There’s no loss in it for me if I share a shortcut article with you but I won’t do that. Because once I came across one such article that shared shortcuts to beat competition on your particular keywords. But the reviews that it received in the comment section were awful. 

These were black hat techniques and many people’s accounts got banned. Imagine a person is spending a lot on their account creating various PPC text Ads and got banned due to one single mistake. It’s painful, that’s why I don’t want to become that person who would do such a thing with you.

So we’ll take the long yet effective route to master PPC text ads and marketing tactics. Be very clear about this thing, no shortcuts, full hard work along with smart work.

Now let’s discuss Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match in PPC Campaign, what they do and which one you should prefer in your campaigns.

We’ll start this topic with an example first:

If you’re searching for mobile phones then you’re exploring all the categories of mobile phones out there giving you a broad field. If you’re searching smartphones, then you’ll be searching a category of mobile phones that are multipurpose mobile computing devices. This gives you a phrase match where you’re particularly looking for this category.

But if you search for an iPhone then you’re looking for a specific device that is developed by Apple making it the exact match that you’re searching for.

What Are Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match in PPC Campaign?

Now that you’re a little familiar with these three terms let’s discuss about it in detail:

Broad Match

broad match in ppc

Now under Broad Match you’ll be targeting all the related keywords that fall under that search query. The broad match is best for the businesses that provide various services.

But let me tell you this, if you don’t use proper measures to implement a broad match it’ll end up using all your budget in an instant and you’ll be receiving calls and queries for completely different work. 

Broad match if you ask me is not meant for a particular niche because it provides you with everything related to your targeted keywords. So use it wisely and only if needed.

To use a broad match in your ads you just have to write a keyword without a specific character around it like:

Mobile phones.

Which is a broad match type keyword

Phrase Match

phrase match in ppc

Under Phrase Match you’ll be targeting only your desired search questions. As the name suggests in phrase match, you’ll have a phrase which will be a base of your search query around which you’ll get your results. 

The phrase related to it or exactly like it will be targeted and you’ll get a search query that you want in particular. Also it’s one of the best match types and I personally use it in my various campaigns.

To use Phrase Match, you just have to type keyword between double inverted commas like:

” Smartphones under “

Make it a phrase match type and you’ll be getting results like “smartphone under 10,000”, “smartphones under 5000” and much more like this.

Exact Match

exact match in ppc

It’s the most simple and straightforward match type that you can do. If you are scared that you’ll end up getting bad results or results out of your niche then this match type is perfect for you. You’ll get results that are exactly similar to your keywords and no other queries will pop-up with this type of match within your PPC ad campaign. 

Using Exact Matches is simple too. To make your keywords as an exact match type just write it like:


Making it exact match and whenever someone search iPhone your website will pop-up 

(Only possible if you’re beating Apple in their marketing strategy)

Now you’ll be wondering which is best or which one should we use? Broad, Phrase and Exact Match? Should I Use Broad or Exact Match?

Personally I use phrase + exact match type.

Well that’s shocking right two match types together but let me tell you it’s possible and we’ll discuss these other hybrid match types in the next article in detail.

It’s not the end yet I’ve got an interesting tool for you within which you can get these keywords types without creating the keywords yourself and the name of this tool is Adwords Wrapper. Below are few images that will show you how this tool works and it’s super easy as well. Just put in the keywords in the box clock on wrap and you’ll get your results as below.

What have I told you all? We’ll discuss everything but with the proper strategy. I won’t just put everything in one article for you to cram.

At the end of every article I’ll be asking you to do certain tasks, just do them and share your results with me and we’ll be doing the same in the next.

And today your task is to use all these matches to optimize PPC ads campaigns. Whichever match type you’ll be using, use it according to your niche. I’ve described all of these above, read them and then use them. Share your experience with me on our social media handles and I’ll respond with a critique for your ads after using these match types.

Also if you’re facing problems related to this topic do let me know by commenting down below or directly message us on Mount Woods Studio’s social media profiles. I’ll be more than happy to help.

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