Type Of Designer Explained

Type Of Designer Explained

Originally posted 2020-10-22 13:54:59.

Design has become a part of our life so gravely that it affects every aspect of our day to day life. The word design has become such a common term that it’s being associated with almost every field out there. Design is a challenging field and finding the right person to do it can be quite hard. It can be utterly time consuming but once you’ve found the right person they can do wonders for your product with their talent.

Each and every Designer has got a different design trait which helps in distinguishing them from others out there. This type of distinguishing is done by labelling the type of designer out there. Every Designer is put under their particular type defining their particular field and the type of design they do.

There are numerous types of designers out there and listing each and every one of them is impossible. So let’s discuss the Top 7 Type Of Designer that are prominent in the current scenario.

We are also going to discuss the roles of designers, what they do, what their career looks like, an average salary package they earn etc.

Top 7 Type Of Designer That Are In Huge Demand

Demand of designers in the market has increased significantly and it’s a very good industry to start your career. With the increase in demand, many people are opting for designing courses or became design strategist. There are many people who have shifted from other industries to design industry.

If you are a designer, I’m proud of you as you have chosen a path which is very creative and well paying. So I want to know which type of designer are you and what do you like the most in your design field?

So Let’s Get Started:

1. Graphic Designers

Graphic Designer
Source: The Daily Star . net

The first type of designer are graphic designers and these are the designers that are dominating the design field in the current scenario. Graphic designers are the people who help in conveying the ideas through the use of visual elements. They are creators, who through their designs, create visual elements that help educate and inspire their audience.

Every one starts their journey by learning the basic of designs so that they can get to know this field properly and become a better graphic designer. Graphic Designing field is very promising and challenging too.

If we talk about average salary of a graphic designer in Australia, they can earn up to AU$54,000 – AU$75,000.

2. Interactive/UX or UI Designers

Ux Designer

These are another type of designer that are pushing to get at the number one position of the designer leaderboard. These are known as interactive designers because they with the help of their designs create an amazing online experience for users.

They specialise in designing applications and websites. These designers help users with what they want and fulfil their requirements with their interactive and interesting designs.

According to Indeed Australia – The average salary for a User Experience Designer is $102,988 per year in Australia. Career in Ux/Ui is very prosperous, challenging and interesting.

3. Motion Designers

Motion Designer

These are the designers who basically create graphics with motion involved in it. Motion Designers tell a story with their design and help their audience in grasping the knowledge through amazing graphics in transit. These designers are provided with the responsibility of creating explainer videos, intro videos, product demo and much more.

Honestly I find these kinds of designers fascinating and full of creativity. There are only few people in this design field because of the detailing and hard work only few people opt for motion graphics.

According to me this is very interesting profile as lot of learnings are there and you go to work on many things. If you are a 2D Motion graphics designer, you can work on cartoon, corporate videos, work on Japanese cartoons based on Manga, etc.

Talking about the average salary of motion graphic designers, according to Glassdoor, you can earn up to AU$77,000 per year based on your skill set.

4. Animators


These are the heartthrobs of the design industry without their skills there wouldn’t be any fun movies to watch. They are the people responsible to make our childhood memorable, and give us some good and fun characters to watch and learn from. They are responsible for creating special effects in movies, animated films and creating games special effects as well.

This field is divided into Various Categories like 2D Animation, 3D Animations, Vfx, Rigging etc. So the exploration is very vast and you got to learn many things as well.

Recently I Saw the updated data on Glassdoor where an Animator makes an average salary of Au$88,000 per year.

5. Interior Designers

Interior Designer

These are the Designers that are responsible for making our house/Office look good. These Designers are in this list because for some time it was the most persuaded design field of one time and from then people’s perspective has changed a lot. This field is seen very reputable and highly paying with good career options.

There was some dire competition among people at one time for becoming the best interior designers. Don’t mistake them for people who paste wallpapers on your house walls and just move on. They are Designers who design floor plans, diagrams, layouts of a building houses etc. and responsible for functional spaces that are good to look at. They work on every major aspect of space available and utilise it to make it more functional.

While I was doing the research on interior design career, in Australia an interior designer can earn anywhere between $40,982 to $99,777 per year, depending on their position and experience.

6. Industrial and Product Designers

These are the Designers that took up the great responsibility for designing products and services for a company or directly for their audience. They are known as the backbone designers of a nation as they help in creating industrial design. They help in supporting the country’s economy. These are responsible for creating vehicle designs, household designs, machinery, medical devices and much more.

I never had an interaction with product designer who made cars, toothbrushes, or something which we used on daily basis. If you are the one, let me know may be we can have a conversation on our podcast about your career. What you do, what kind of problems you are solving etc. It will be fun and learning session for me as well as our audience too.

7. Instructional Designers

These are the most common type of designer and I think that you’re familiar with them too. Instructional designers are the people who create learning opportunities for the customers. These are quite extensive and necessary for every organisation.

These Designers are responsible for creating product tutorials, how to guides and classroom tutorials as well. They also curate workshops and learning sections for various institutions. Without them learning won’t be fun and we won’t be able to see those exciting online tutorials and smart classes.

So these are 7 interesting types of designers that are base to all designing streams.

So what type of designer are you out of these 7?

Alright, let’s do one thing and make it a little more interactive and everyone let us all know what type of designer are you in the comment section below. We will discuss this topic in order to interact with you people and learn more about each other. 

I know what you all must be thinking only 7 why not more?

Well if I start discussing them it’ll take forever and you’ll all get bored. We are here to learn and discuss things about design. How to make the world a better place through design so I’m trying to make topics more exciting. Making this topic long will make it more complicated.

If you think that I’ve missed something then you know the drill, start posting it in the comment section below. We’ll discuss it as well.

Also, think if I’ll do the whole thing then how would I discuss it all with you.

In the end all I’m gonna say that we’re here to share knowledge and grow together, so let’s build a strong design community with each other and share our knowledge with each other. 

Also don’t forget to forget to follow us on social media platforms and let’s take this discussion over to social media as well. 

Till then keep designing and keep aspiring to be good and do good. Do support Mount Woods Studio in building a design Academy where we are teaching the expertise we have learn’t over the years.

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