Top 5 Key Difference Between Brand and Branding That You Don’t Know

Top 5 Key Difference Between Brand and Branding That You Don’t Know

Originally posted 2021-01-22 18:02:40.

Few months back I got a Client’s call where they said they needed our branding services along with website development, strategy to position their brand stronger in the market. 

We were happy to see they were aware of the basic difference between brand and branding. It gave a sense that with whom we are dealing with has a clue or an idea on what they want.

But sometimes this is not the case with others. Like we received a call from a client who got referred by our colleague. They were an AI startup company and were struggling with multiple things where their website was not so good, what they wanted to communicate was not clear, traffic was coming in but due to bad design, visitors were struggling to get in touch with them.

They were not clear what their brand stands for. When we suggested they should go for re-branding they were a bit confused. 

You must be thinking that an AI startup company was struggling so much. They are one of the biggest nerds who is thinking about the future and they were struggling. So the answer is: 


Not everyone has the capability to understand how things work. They were the masters in their field and coding was their bread and butter.

And trust me, we hear a lot when clients come in and they lack clarity in the difference between brand and branding.

So it’s a responsibility, being a branding agency we clear all the doubts of our clients and give all the knowledge that we have and enlighten them. 

Also, it’s kind of a problem that people don’t understand the difference between brand and branding. So I thought why not provide a solution through our blog and anyone can have clarity with both the terms. Also, how they are related to each other but still have their own unique Identity.

Let’s get started

Top 5 Key Difference Between Brand and Branding

1. A Brand is a result. A customer’s gut feeling about a product/service/company. A Brand is like a reputation which is telling a story. This is all possible because of branding.

Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customers loyalty. Branding is about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another.

For example: BMW has a legacy, a story to tell through which people are directly connected with them. No matter what happens there will be people who will buy BMW cars at any cost.

2. I always say this:

The best Brands stand for something: a big Idea, a Strategic Position, a defined set of Values, a Voice that Stands apart.

Branding helps you achieve all this by:

– Logo Design

– Typography

– Color Palette

– Website

– Marketing Collateral(Business Cards, Letterheads, etc.)

– Visuals(Videos, etc.)

– Messaging

3. Brand is an emotion and Branding helps convey those emotions.

Branding is the way to make a successful brand where it can impact everyone, including the employees of the organisation. How they feel, talk and interact with others outside their organisation.

A Brand which connects with people, for the people will never do anything wrong.

4. Brand is not branding

Some people say your logo design is branding, the way you present yourself is branding, your product is branding, website is branding and so on. A Brand is much way more than that but definitely not branding.

When your brand and your branding are brought together with strategy, purpose and creativity, that’s your marketing.

A brand is how you are going to achieve your vision

5. Brand is a marketplace value that helps you stand out amongst your competitors and competitors. 

Whereas branding is a means to uplift this value among the masses.

The higher the brand value the more importance your brand will get.

For many the brand and branding definition might be different but here I’m telling you what I’ve learnt so far. Any knowledge which can be added here is most welcome. 

I believe by sharing knowledge we can grow a lot. My clients needed clarity on the difference between brand & branding, and I was always there to make them understand. I think this should be followed everywhere and we should all try to help each other.

If you want to share your thoughts in this blog, please do let me know. I’ll be happily willing to add your knowledge and share with others.

Also, don’t forget to take this conversation over to your social media channels and help others as well. Just mention us by using #mountwoods or #mountwoodstudio, post your queries and questions over the social media and I’ll personally check all those & solve them.

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