Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Cannot Have Two Brand Archetypes?

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Cannot Have Two Brand Archetypes?

Originally posted 2021-12-02 17:41:00.

Brand Archetypes are very useful when it comes to distinguishing from other brands. It’s one of those steps which helps you build a brand stronger. Brand Archetype helps brands in a categorization system that uses psychology to make them more understandable to humans.

When we got hired by a client from Melbourne, Australia, they were confused with many things. So it was our responsibility to clear all the doubts so that we can move ahead with brand strategy and branding. There should always be clarity in the process and I like to educate my clients for things they don’t know.

This helps in building trust, and we understand each other better. Also, it’s always good to be on the same page.

I’ve written a full article on Brand Archetypes: Why They Are Important To Organisations which will help you understand Brand Archetypes better.

Today I’m going to discuss Why Your Brand Cannot Have Two Brand Archetypes?

I’ve given a brief answer in my previous post on brand archetypes but wanted to clear more things on this. Also, I really don’t want to write long lengthy articles.

I like providing value to our community and knowledge. Lengthy articles can be boring sometimes and people lose interest, which I don’t want.

There is also a debate on this:

Whether lengthy articles generate more traffic or small ones?

According to me, it depends on the requirements of the article. If we are writing a Full Guide on Landing Pages, then it can be lengthy one. I just love Backlinko’s Guide on the landing page and how informative it is or How To Generate Leads.

These are perfect examples of lengthy ones.

Well, if you do have an answer, let me know in the comment section below.

So, coming back to brand archetypes, I’m going to share the reasons why we cannot have two brand archetypes at the same time.

A brand Cannot Have two Brand Archetypes | Top 3 Reasons:

Brand archetypes are like user personas which helps them categorise. The customers build a mindset for a brand and with time they trust them. It’s just like you have made a new friend and with time you trust them, depend on them and share everything with them.

Multiple Personality Disorder

1. Brands Cannot Have Multiple Personality Disorder

How would you feel your friend has two personalities? He is different in front of you and from back, he/she is different.

Not good at all

There are many experts who have studied brand personas and they believe if a brand has multiple personalities, it can result in too much complexity. Things should be simple.

Many marketers believe that a brand is very complex but big brands in the world have proven them wrong. With the help of branding, the most successful brands are conveying their message very clearly. It can be seen in their design, advertisements, employees behaviour etc. With years of experience and by knowing the importance of branding, they have set them apart from others.

Effectiveness of branding can be measured in terms of ROI. Here’s the Guide To Measure Effectiveness Of Branding which will be really helpful to you.

There is no room for “multiple personalities” there should be one personality and that should be very clear.
A brand can be a lover, an expert, a ruler, but it cannot be all.  It can be all three, but known for just one. In a company, you can provide UI/UX, website development, Digital Marketing, etc. but you’ll be known for only 1 as your specialisation. To be more clear: Google provides products from A to Z but still it is known as a search engine from the day it started.

2. Avoiding Brand Personality Disorder

It’s very important to avoid brand personality disorder. In corporate branding, it takes time to develop a brand persona: from day one to several years. Everything you do, you’ll come closer to building a stronger brand.

There are various strategies which you can implement to avoid brand personality disorder which include discovery sessions, competitive analysis, audience analysis, strategic direction, etc.

3. Narrowing The Niche To Own The Persona

We have done this earlier and now continue to follow this. When we started with Netflux Technologies we were providing 9 services which included Graphic Designing, Website Design, and Development, Animation, App Development, Digital Marketing, software development, ERP solution, etc. Anyone who came to us with their requirements, we were doing it but things were missing. We were not known for one thing which separated us from our competitors.

We were missing our specialisation.

After doing a lot of research, talking to our fellow friends, seniors, we decided to continue on the path of Branding. Now Mount Woods Studio is Known For Branding where we solve problems for successful CEOs and organisations with the power of design.

If you don’t know Why, How and What of the company, you’ll be just like other ones. So, it’s very important for you to identify your true inner self, the core of the company, and what your values are.

If you want to have clarity with your brand or facing any issues with brand archetypes, building a brand, book an appointment with us. We’ll definitely help you no matter what your location is.

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