Solve Problems Using Design Thinking – Shrutin Shetty | Ep. 01/02

All my life I’ve only known about people and how I can solve problems for them is what I aimed for. Whether it is related to design, business, or life, I’m there for them to help.

I always wanted to do the right thing no matter how much time it takes. In doing so I met amazing people in my life till now. Today I’m so happy to start the second season of the Mount Woods Studio Podcast.

Mount Woods Studio Podcast

My journey has brought me here where I am about to introduce a gem from the design industry. This amazing person has a very rich experience of 15 years in the design field. He is the author of Design The Future.

I’m thankful to Shrutin Shetty, Design Thinking Expert, Director of Crystal Planet Labs, for being my guest and sharing his knowledge, enlightening me with the concept of design thinking and how we can solve problems using it.

In our podcast session, I asked him various questions like:

Q. What is Design Thinking?

Q. Design Thinking Process?

Q. What problems does design thinking solves in the corporate world?

Q. At what stage can we implement Design thinking in our system?

Q. What value does it bring to founders, organisation, and to the Industry?

Q. Are there any design challenges that you see in everyday life?

We spent amazing time, shared many examples like things which made our life simpler and also talked about great products which we never notice but are the results of designers.

And much more…

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