Secret Ways To Master Google Search Network.

Secret Ways To Master Google Search Network.

Originally posted 2020-09-07 17:52:45.

We are at the point where everything is readily available to us at our fingertips and Google has become the king of the search network. It’s providing so much information at such a fast rate that it’s fascinating. It’s a pool of vast knowledge that has opened a door for a large number of opportunities. So many people search Google everyday that it’s generating millions and billions of queries in seconds only.

Even when you were reading these lines, google has already provided solutions for peoples query.

See, we have searched for Branding Agency and within 64 seconds, we got About 16,34,00,00,000 results and this may increase day by day as the number of blogs, websites are being launched every second in the world.

Along with these queries many of companies are taking advantage of this fact and are marketing their products and services at top level. Many companies know exactly the potential that Google holds for everyone. So that’s why they are spending so much on ads and ppc campaigns that their revenue is increasing daily at a great rate. 

In order to master the Google Search Network you must first understand

HOW Google Search Network Works?

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be generating leads or visitors to your website frequently. So let’s first discuss Google’s search network then I’ll tell you ways on how to master the search network.

What is Google Search Network?

A search network is that where we put our queries and find solutions to them. There are many search networks but we all know one for sure and that’s Google. A Google search network provides various resources other than solving queries. It provides you with opportunities to expand the business in various ways.

Google being the search engine king takes the interest of their users very seriously. After recent updates Google has made this clear that it’ll always prioritize proper content over any other things. 

As you might have heard in some cases that a lot of sites got kicked from the search network. That’s due to it’s algorithm, it properly scans the whole content and then shows it to their users. Because relevant content is always necessary to rank in google search networks.

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See as a user you want the content to be available to you at the first page or at the first 5 links of google search pages. So in that case you need to properly write the content and be 100% genuine in what you do. And remember this one thing that Google doesn’t tolerate plagiarism at any cost and you might never be able to get that website of yours back again. So remember only relevant and original content will be appreciated by Google. Same thing is with other search engines too.

Always Remember this:

Content Is The King and Marketing Is the Queen

Now that you know what and how Google’s search network works let us get back to the ways in which you can master it.

Ways To Master Google Search Network

See first of all, know your Keywords because it’s the first ranking factor within a search network of not only Google but also of other search networks as well. 

Keywords will help you get ranked on google’s first page and your ads will be displayed to the users on the basis of your relevance.

Why do you think most of the websites are able to beat the competition? 

Companies study the competition and outbids their competitors websites on particular Keywords that are popular among the users and have high search value.

Now go back to the top and look we have told you about “branding agency“, it’s a keyword that competitors might be looking for to rank on it as it has high search value.

Next thing that you gotta keep in mind is to always be sure how you’re using your budget and in what ways you’re spending it. See budget is important from ranking point of view as well. If you’ve a proper budget dedicated to it then you’ll be able to beat the competition. But remember always choose the budget that’s in your favor and you’re not pushing your limits as well.

Be very simple and unique in what you do. That’s what you need to do to stand out. 

You can refer to our guide on

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From personal experience I must say that you need to follow this one because it’s not good to make it complicated. A user wants ease and if you’re simple at what you do you’ll be preferred by many of the users out there. Your PPC campaign has to reflect simplicity. The reason I’m saying this is because simple things look elegant and are opted by many. So be sure you follow this one. 

Testing is always a great part of an organization’s structure.

Testing is that phase in which you find out flaws and mend the product according to your needs. Just like testing in app development there is a thing known as Ad testing. The testing in this phase means that you look for the best ad and rotate the best running ad. And according to me running multiple PPC ads helps you in discovering the best ad that will help you get the best output.

Like for our friend who owns a branding agency, he got revenue of 10 million dollars where he found high paying leads within no time.

So be sure to do a proper A & B testing in your ads and then create the best PPC Ad for your design business that’ll help you in the long run.

In the end all I’m gonna say is that what you do reflects your personality. Be very good at what you do and always try to do better every day at what you do.

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