Role Of Ux Researcher In Design Field Explained | Shantanu Ghosh | Ep. 10 | Part – 1

Originally posted 2020-12-26 17:27:15.

Do you know when a design is well researched it impacts the whole economy. Yes you read it correctly, the design field can have an impact on the economy. There are different people who specialize in the research field and often called as Ux Researchers.

To get more clarity on What Ux Researcher does, Role Of Ux Researcher in Design Field, how they impact on people’s lives, and much more, we invited Mr. Shantanu Ghosh.

Shantanu Ghosh is an engineer who developed major interests in the design field and research is his main forte. Talking about his career he is working in Vendisys, a company based in San Francisco. Previously he worked in Byju, Lollipop Studio and also as a freelancer for sometime.

His 5 years of experience and knowledge is something which attracted us to invite him on our podcast to know what Ux Researcher field is all about. It was an amazing experience and you should also go on this journey with us. To know more about him, listen and listen to the latest episode of Mount Woods Studio Podcast.

We would love to hear your views on the role of Ux Researcher in design field and if you are one, then do let us know your working experience in the comment section below.

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