PPC AdWords Optimization: How Text Ads Affects Your Campaign

PPC AdWords Optimization: How Text Ads Affects Your Campaign

Originally posted 2020-09-19 12:57:11.

I have been teaching you a lot about PPC Adwords and how PPC Campaign for designers can help in boosting sales, generate leads and you can earn millions of dollars in revenue. Today I will be discussing about PPC Text Ads Affects on your PPC Adwords campaign and how it can be optimized.

Sometimes I sit and wonder what the world will be like without writers. I mean writers are under-appreciated for their work and depicted as people who have nothing else to do in their life. Many people ask me what does it take to write a content?

You might be thinking why we are having discussion about content writers today? Well, because

Content Is King

My journey as a Digital Marketing strategist started with writing content on Search Engine Optimisation, how to write a perfect article which is informative, engaging, curious and identify keywords which will rank on google at the same time.

At Mount Woods Studio, we always follow the fundamentals of every particular field and no matter how highly qualified you are, your basics are always tested so that you can become an expert. So I have pretty much written on various topics of SEO which got published on various platforms and Medium is one of them.

This helped me a lot while setting the PPC campaigns and I can understand how content writers play an important role.

Most of the people that I’ve interacted with tell me that it’s so much easier for you to just have to sit somewhere and start writing by modifying some of the stuff of the previous writers. There isn’t much creativity involved but I always feel sorry for such people.

Why Designers Should Know This?

Just like design field, writing is a creative thing and involves a deep research and a lot of time devotion. You can’t just pull up someone else’s stuff and make it yours. I know as a content writer how problematic it can be to write new articles.

There is a point in every writer’s life where he/she hits a block and needs some inspiration to write something extraordinary. Just like you designer folks, writers also have the power in their hand to change the world through their powerful writing.

But now why am I discussing all this with you?

Well i’m telling you all this because today we are going to discuss PPC AdWords Optimization: How Text Ads Affects Your Campaign

Before moving forward let me tell you it’s a bonus article for you design folks as it will help you a lot in optimising and designing your Google AdWords PPC Campaign.

You need to read this article very carefully and pay attention to every detail that I’ll be putting within this article.

So be sure to read it completely and don’t skip any part just to see the good stuff because it’s packed all over with good stuff just for you.

Let’s begin with this shall we.

How Does An PPC Text Ads Affects The Performance Of Your PPC Campaign?

PPC Ad campaigns are mostly dependent on texts and are known as Text ads. There are Display ads within Google Adwords but text is the key to rank all those ad types.

Quick Tip: Always use text ads for your business first because display ads require a lot of budget and precision to do so.

Writing an ad is similar to creating an art and there are various kinds of things that a writing can affect in your PPC ads.

Take an example of keywords without a proper text they won’t be used to form a proper description that is displayed to the user and is used by google to check whether you’re eligible for ranking on google’s SERP pages.

The reason why google asks for description within ads is because google considers content is the king and only focuses on showing the relevant content for their users.

Look at the example below where I have searched for “best brand strategy agency in Australia” and I got valid results. The first 5 links are of branding agencies or brand strategist who knows the importance of PPC campaigns that’s why they are going for it.

That’s why I always say that content is too damn important for ranking and to get results as well.

If they can write better content and run PPC ads, why don’t you?

The content that we write here at Mount Woods Studio, our writers including me are mainly focusing on teaching people new things and how to make this world a better place for everyone. Our writing helps a lot of people revolutionize their brand. Our writers make sure you get the productive information which will enhance your knowledge in scaling your business.

Now let’s discuss this over an example. And this time around I’ll take an example of your very own design field.

Now the scenario is that you’ve created a design that you want to share with your audience and before doing that you’ve to name it.

How you name it depends completely upon you but text helps you convey your message or feelings about the design with your users. By using text you are expressing your design. What it does, how you found the idea and what difficulties you’ve faced while creating the design.

Basically what text does is that it helps in sharing your experiences with others.

Like the image above say “HUSTLE” it’s a simple text but everyone can relate to it, the hard work you are putting and trying so many things to succeed.

Like this I’ve also worked hard and I’m here sharing my marketing experience with you all.

If I don’t do so properly and just put out random words here would you be willing to read or interact? Of Course not, who’s gonna read such articles where there’s only texts and no interaction or engagement whatsoever.

So I try to make learning fun and easy to understand for you designers so that you can showcase your design with the exponential management and powerful text description.

So the same thing happens when you design your first ad text campaign, you have to be creative and what your target is, should be clear enough.

Focus On PPC Text Ads

If you are focusing on generating leads through ppc text ads campaign, your titles should clearly say “What Services/Offers you are providing”

Let’s say you are a branding agency and started with a PPC campaign where you are targeting people who need branding identity deals or services.

What will be the Heading 1, Heading 2 and so on? Why will people click on your PPC Campaign Ad?

Let me help you in this. You can Add Your PPC Ad Campaign Title like this:

“Best Branding Agency Near Me”

“Best Branding Agency In California”

“Full-Service Branding Agency | Experts In Growth Hacking”

“Your Company Name | Research, Strategy, Design”

Let me break down this for you to give more clarity

Choose “Your Service” + “Location” + “Specialization”

These are the things which you have to keep in mind and for that practise is needed. You can also refer to the above image where I have searched “best branding agency in Australia” and see what they are doing.

So, here comes my role and if you want personalised teaching about how to create amazing texts just for your PPC ads or want to learn how to make the description of your PPC text ads campaign more appealing, then you can hit me up on Mount Woods Studio’s website or you can directly message me on my various social media profiles.

I’ll be more than happy to help you with your problem and will be obliged to help guide you through every step.

I promise if you stick with me till the end and go through every step carefully and thoroughly you’ll become a great marketer along with being an amazing Designer as well.

Also, don’t be shy to share your views or doubts in the comment section below, because it feels good to hear from you people and also if I’ve forgot something to mention in this article also let me know because a good criticism is always appreciated.

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