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About the project

Roghandaaz brings to you dishes passed on by our generations as a ‘Culinary Legacy’ with influence from Urdu speaking lands. Our fare is rich, primarily ‘Meat Laden’ with flavors from East India, North West Frontier Province and North India to be particular. Roghandaaz is the Urdu term for a ‘Frying Pan’. A tool we believe that can dish out the simplest yet absolutely mouth watering fare, quintessential to Muslim Households.

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The Challenge

Food for someone is not about just eating, it’s about having an experience which will take you to a new world. A world where your taste buds and whole senses will blow your mouth and give you memories that you will never forget. Aliya Nada who is the Founder of Roghandaaz knew this world for a long time as she was a food blogger. We have already worked together before on her blog https://www.lobsterpastalady.com/ so the expectations were high.

Roghandaaz is the urdu term for “frying pan” and it was going to be a food delivery kitchen serving only Non-Vegetarian cuisines with limited menu items who specialised in Mughlai/Awadhi Cuisines. Their cuisines were influenced from urdu speaking lands.

It was going to be tough as this was totally new for us and the research work will be time consuming.

Another challenge was the time and competition. They wanted to start as soon as possible and their competitor was behrouz biryani who were already having a very good market. So the challenge was to shift those food enthusiasts to Roghandaaz where everything has to be very very good. From Logo design to the overall look and feel, it has to be the best.


Roghandaaz was inspired from Mughlai/Awadhi cuisines so we looked around those regions from where the food, cuisines originated. Mainly the food belonged to the medieval Indo-Persion culture which was rich in spices and had special aroma.


So keeping in mind the legacy it carried we started looking how food was served, what was the cooking style and it was served to royal people of that time. Aliya Nada wanted to bring those recipes and flavors back which were being passed on to them by generations. They told us The women in the earlier generation were practically trained under professional ‘Khansamas’ before they got married.


People always look for a unique experience which not only has a different taste but has aesthetics too. So we started with a Logo Mark which gives a Royal Feeling, empathy, connection made with food to get the long lasting experience, we started with the typeface first which not only represents the brand in a unique way but makes it stand out from its competitors and gives the essence of a luxury brand.

Once the typeface was achieved, a hand made icon was designed which not only resembles the royalty but the legacy it carried with generations.

Overall Logo Design gives the perception of a heart welcoming and warm response to its customers.

Color Palette

In our discovery session they stressed on working with Black, Brown and Golden colors. It was totally justified to use these colors as the primary ones because the concept behind the brand was to serve those who are looking to get the culinary experience in the food and aim for a higher luxury brand.




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