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About the project

Pryxlly is an online dating app which will be launched in Melbourne, Australia. It offers perfect matches to Straight, LBGTQ and Blind people. They aim to target couples who are looking for a serious relationship rather than hookups, one time dating experience etc.

It’s a B2B and B2C app which makes it more unique and one of its own kind dating apps when compared to other dating apps out there.

Services Offered

Brand Name
Logo Design
Brand Strategy
Communication Strategy
App Design
Visual Identity

The Challenge

It’s a bit wild, weird but wonderful app which wins people’s heart.

This is what we heard from the clients when they approached the Mount Woods Studio to build their dating app. Entrepreneurs are always weird but in a good sense. They saw a problem that in today’s world people are not so serious about relationships and the number of divorces being filed is increasing day by day. Well, Pryxlly is not a matrimonial app but they see expanding itself into this segment too.

Also, there is much stress as girls are not finding men who would stay with them forever or lack commitment to relationships and vice-versa.

When we talk about the LBGTQ community, there aren’t so many successful apps which can guarantee they will find the perfect match for them. Either they have to hide their identity or just keep looking for alternatives.

Even boys make fake ID’s on dating apps just for fun and misuse the platform. So this was going to be a bit of a challenge to sort things out, make filters which will give the accurate results to everyone.


According to Australian.com.au

Google searches for the term ‘divorce’ surged to their highest point in 12 months at the end of June, surpassing the usual spike after Christmas and new year.

Couples on Queensland’s Gold Coast and the Central Coast in NSW are most unhappy, followed by those in Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

This was shocking for us and in our discovery session, clients helped us understand the current scenario in relationships. What features they don’t want and the whole app should give a positive vibe, attractive yet simple, clean looking app.

One thing we really liked about them was that they gave a list of things which they didn’t want. Having even 10% clarity is much better than having no clue at all. Pink color, heart shaped logo was on their top list which they didn’t want to see at all.

During our discovery, we came out pretty awesome details which made it stand out from others and everyone agreed to it. This helped in building a brand strategy along with the communication strategy.


We broke the strategy into 4 parts which helped Pryxlly to position itself better in the Australian market and make an impact which our clients were looking for.

Strategy for Pryxlly:

Design Strategy
Messaging Strategy
User Experience Strategy
Marketing Strategy

These let to make a positive impact with a strong focus on sustainable and responsible processes.


After getting the details, their likes and dislikes we started working on the logo design, followed by illustrations and then app design.

For the Logo design, we came up with 2 Rings which tied the couples forever. The logo acts as a ceremony ring which shares the bond of togetherness, trust and endless love. This is what Pryxlly aimed for their community. No matter what gender, age, religion, region you belong to, Pryxlly is always there. It positions Pryxlly to become strong with a logo mark that has a deep meaning behind it and anyone can see the hope, loyalty and commitment they are offering for lifetime.

Once the logo design was made, we moved further to design the app, Iconography, Illustrations to give that extra touch which gives a warm welcoming feeling to users. The whole app is simple, clean and intuitive which can be scaled to a number of possibilities with time as the company grows.

Also, we also came up with an Idea to use “ Braille “ so that blind people can also use the business cards, feel the logo and whole Business Collaterals were designed accordingly. For the app, a virtual assistant was built.

Your life partner is just one voice command away. The whole app can be used by using your voice commands only.

Logo Construction

Pryxlly Logo Construction
Prxylly App Logo Construction Concept

Logo Design

Pryxlly Logo

Colors And Typography

Pryxlly color and typography

Logo Icon Mark

Pryxlly App Icons

Visual Identity Design

App Screen Sketches



User App Screens

Prxylly App Screen 1
Prxylly App Screen 5
Prxylly App Screen 2
Prxylly App Screen 3
Prxylly App Screen 4
Prxylly App Screen 6
Prxylly App Store Screen
Prxylly Landing Page