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Naturals is a mid-range soap line that is made from 100% organic homemade vegetable and flower oil. It gives the essence of freshness and purity. Their soaps are enriched with lavender, jojoba, olive, rosemary, aloe vera, and mint leaves Oil. All of their soaps are highly fragranced with the perfume of each of our stunning collections.

Services Offered

Brand Naming
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design

The Challenge

As Mount Woods Studio is growing its footprints, the kind of projects we are getting is crazy, enjoyable and we have to do lots of brainstorming. Research, competitive analyses and building a brand strategy which will lead to build a brands success is what we aim for right now.

Being a mid-range soap, where they were planning to market themselves in spa, resorts, hotels, stores etc. we need to be very careful with each and every step that we take.

One of the biggest challenges and time consuming tasks that we faced was doing the market analysis. It’s a 100% organic soap and consumers haven’t heard much about a brand which is well known in India except KHADI.

If we talk about the soap market: Lux, Cinthol, Dove, Santoor, Lifebuoy, Pears, Dettol, Patanjali are some of the well known brands that people heard.

So it was a very tough challenge for us as branding is not only about designing, it’s more than that. We have to gain the trust of customers and see how the company will move ahead to build a reputation, loyalty and live long years.


This time we approached a different method that we used to. We used the Morphological Box & Scamper Model, The John Whitmore Model and The-Gap-In-The-Market Model to take the decisions so that we can get to know we are moving in the right direction.

These models also helped us understand the requirements and start working. Giving a name itself is the biggest challenge we always face as living up to the expectations of someone is the most difficult thing to do. Clients helped us give insights about the industry and about their choices, how they make soaps, what ingredients they use etc.

After that Mount Woods Studio’s branding team started working on the logo design project, its colors, brand tone etc.
We also brought Akansha Tomar with us on our team who is an amazing graphic designer and she helped us a lot in pulling out things very well.


Once the strategy was made, we did the market and competitive analyses of other brands so that we can get to know about their shelf presence, why customers choose one particular brand over other brands.

So with Naturals, we have to keep in mind the aesthetics, exquisite, looks fresh, pure and attracts customers eyes.

All this was to be achieved for the logo and packaging itself.


After sketching and working over many designs, we came up with a beautiful Word Mark logo. Word Mark logo is the logo where the name becomes the instant identification of the brand. As Naturals is going to be the first of its kind brand, we wanted people to remember it. The name was very simple to pronounce and easily graspable. By name itself, the brand voice was clear that the soap is made from natural ingredients only.

So with Naturals, we have to keep in mind the aesthetics, exquisite, looks fresh, pure and attracts customers eyes.

Naturals Soap Logo Sketches
Naturals Soap Black Logo
Naturals Soap White Logo

Mood Board

Naturals Soap Mood Board
Naturals Soap Mood Board-2

Logo Mark Construction

Naturals Soap Logo Guidelines

Color Palette

We choose black and white as the primary color for the logo.

Black Symbolises - Power, elegance, sophistication, status

White Symbolises - Purity, innocence, goodness, heaven, safety

Naturals Soap Color Palette

Color Pairings

Naturals Soap Color Pairings

Logo Stamp

Naturals Soap Logo Stamp

Social Media

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Business Card

Naturals Soap Visiting Card
Naturals Soap Visiting Card Deck


Naturals Soap Hoarding