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About the project

Naturals is a mid-range soap line that is made from 100% organic homemade vegetable and flower oil. It gives the essence of freshness and purity. Their soaps are enriched with lavender, jojoba, olive, rosemary, aloe vera, and mint leaves Oil. All of their soaps are highly fragranced with the perfume of each of our stunning collections.

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The Challenge

We completed the Brand naming and Logo Design which has been explained earlier. It was a fun project but one thing was still not done i.e. Packaging.

When a company is going to enter into the market, it is very important for that product to have a shelf presence. As Naturals Soap is 100% organic homemade soap, it was even tougher for us to give it a unique style which everyone will love.


Client wanted a decent packaging not going traditionally what we used to see on the internet. Reasons:

It was going commercial and would be competing with other brands on shelf.
If we used the old traditional style of packaging it would not separate them from others.


We wanted to give them a different fresh look as per their requirement but at the same time, we wanted customers to know what soap is made from. For that we used ingredient images, colors to signify which soap they are using.


After getting the brief, what we have discovered and the data collected through competitive analysis we were ready to design the packaging for Naturals Soap. We wanted to combine the commercial aspects as well as being authentic with what Home Made Soaps carry with them.

Mount Woods Studio Helped Naturals team in designing the Soap Packaging giving them the shelf presence which they were seeking for.

Natural Soap Packaging Sketches

Stamps And Labels

Natural Soap Packaging Elements

Color Palette

Natural Soap Packaging Color Templates


Natural Soap Packaging Tickets

Soaps Differentiated by Colors

Natural Soap Packaging Logo Variations

Soap Packaging

Logo Intro

We also made a Logo Intro for them and used the same colors which were there in packaging. The overall presence gives a sense of freshness and colors movement depicts sunrays.