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Mount Clad is an online and offline shopping center where we are bringing you the fabric that breathes. Explore the purity of Himalayan Fabrics that breathes alongside with you

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Brand Naming
Communication Strategy
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
E-Commerce Website

The Challenge

Designing anything for an e-Commerce company is always challenging and that too when it’s being run by our Founder and CEO’s Mom. MountClad is an initiative from our side to the mountains from where everything started, and have grown to this level. MountClad was an offline business and taking that business to online was the need of an hour. Also, people need to know Himalayan clothes, the culture and yes they can be trendy, fashionable and durable. Here 80% of the work is done by hand to maintain the quality. Most of the working team is women. It’s another initiative to work for women empowerment.

With so many good causes, the challenge itself becomes interesting.


MountClad is a clothing brand from himachal which only operates during a seasonal time and specializes in winter clothes like Sweaters, Jackets, Mufflers, Hoodies etc. Himachali people always carry the simplicity with them, Mount Woods Studio team wanted to keep that simplicity in the brand too.


Mount Clad Moodboard


To carry the simplicity further and going with the minimal design but not too minimal is what mount woods studio design team aimed for. Keeping a brand name has become the most fun part of the process. As it was going to be an inhouse brand and our founder already mentioned us to keep “Mount” as the initial name we only needed the second word which is short, sweet and easy to remember.

Mr. Ankit Dhadwal enjoys this process a lot and involved himself fully on this project. With the research team, we started looking for a brand name which resembles the SERENITY of mountains, the blissfulness it offers, and a name which is directly connected with us.

After a few days, Mr. Ankit Dhadwal came up with a perfect name and a logo design too. So we got:

"Mount Clad"

Clad meaning cloth and Mount is the short of Mountains.

For the website, we came up with Easy to use navigation, User friendly UI, and within a few steps the user can view the item, purchase and checkout.


Less is always more.
Minimalism is defined as the concept of minimizing distractions from what's truly valuable or essential.
Our approach to website design was to cut clutter and communicate the information clearly. We didn’t want users to miss the company’s main mission.
Minimalist design keeps us focused on what really matters.

Logo Design

Mount Clad Logo Construction

Color Palette

Mount Clad Color Palette


Mount Clad Typography

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Website Design

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