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Janardhan Medicos

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Janardhan Medicos is a family business being run in Pune, Maharashtra for 75+ years. They have 3 Medical stores across Pune and also deal as distributors across the region.

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Logo Design
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The Challenge

Janardhan Medicos is a family business and has been a leader in the pharmacy Industry, but in the 21st Century, where there are so many competitions in the market, Janardhan Medicos needed an upfront from all its competitors to stay ahead and beat everyone. For this they approached Mount Woods Studio to help reinvent the brand to appeal to a younger demographic.

When a legacy is being carried from 3 generations, we have to keep a lot of things in mind especially while rebranding as the impressions in its customers mind should be more impactful.


During our discovery, we got to know they are more towards customer-oriented satisfaction where each customer is treated equally and with more joy. Their doors are always open for everyone. They treat them as their family which is why they are so successful today.



During our discovery, they emphasized on how Amazon has a tagline “Apni Dukaan” specially for Indian customers which builds trust and a sense of Indian origin. So they were looking for something like that.

To keep the legacy going and give them a unique voice, brand tone, we gave them a new logo mark and Tagline which inspired new ways to engage consumers. Now Janardhan Medicos continues to redefine love and care which is carried from the past 75+ years dominating its competitors.


"Dawai K Sath Bharosa Bhi"

Logo Design Exploration


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