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About the project

FoodApes is an online and mobile service provider of drivers for restaurant deliveries. We act as a bridge between local restaurants and the customers, creating a better experience for both.

Services Offered

Brand Name
Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
App design

The Challenge

We love building brands that stand out from the market and this time it was huge for us. We were dealing with a startup who aims to be a connecting link for food lovers, restaurant owners, and efficient drivers, on the streets of Boston, MA, USA. They wanted to expand to more cities and states in the coming 5 years and we were given the task of naming the brand followed by the logo design and app UI/UX.

Boston is a lovely place with great opportunities and people are heart welcoming to new things especially when it is connected with food.

To give a brand name is the toughest challenge that we faced.


Discovery sessions are life savers, it helps us get to know about clients, their business, what they think and want to do. It also helps us in building a brand strategy which is the roadmap of any company to proceed further. The 8 hours of discovery session can pull out so many things which makes complex things simpler.

To strengthen the core of the company we came up with a name ‘Foodapes’ which symbolises:

Strength, Evolution, Intelligence, and Aggression

As they were targeting drivers for restaurant deliveries, we created a strong brand name along with the brand mark that clearly differentiates Foodapes in a crowded market of Boston.


Before proceeding further with the brand Identity and app designs, we did comprehensive research on their competitors, analyzed the market, business and user objectives. Foodapes team provided us insights which helped Mount Woods Studio’s team to design an app for them.


After getting the insights, we began with the user-flow diagrams, sketches and wireframes. We wanted to keep the app design subtle and simple so that users feel the ease of using the app and get used to it. In a few simple steps, they can search the food, order and make the payment through various options. Bookmark options were also given so that their favorite food or restaurant is available at one click only.

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Visual Identity