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About the project

FoodApes is an online and mobile service provider of drivers for restaurant deliveries. We act as a bridge between local restaurants and the customers, creating a better experience for both.

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App design

The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges that we love to face is competing with yourself and to see what we can do to make yourself better. This time we knew we were about to compete in a very big market of Boston, MA, USA.

It’s a huge market for food and especially when Uber, Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates etc. are already having their established footprints from a long time.

So how Foodapes was going to compete with them in terms of branding, technology, app and most important is to gain the trust of users who are already loyal to the above mentioned platforms.

There is only one way to do it, i.e. to try it yourself.

We already were in the phase of completing the branding part for Foodapes and soon the app design phase was to get started.


Doing competitive research is very important as you get to know about their brand’s voice and tone, user behavior, data and analysis is collected to understand more. Research when done with a proper hypothesis gives better results and a sustainable approach to build a design platform which is subtle, easy to understand and is scalable in the long run.

Foodapes vs US Competitors: Food Delivery Marketshare

Data Collected from different food delivery platforms of 2019 which shows food delivery market shares and U.S consumers spending on these platforms.


Now comes the part where it was our UX researchers work to analyse the data and start constructing it into viable form and communicate with UI designers to create designs. Mount Woods Studio focused on intuitive usability and aesthetics to create trust which gave great usability to inspire confidence in users to keep engaging with the app.

During our research, we checked the average time spent was 30 minutes on uber eats. So to build a design, we have to think a lot about the user experience and its functionality.

Mount Woods Studio’s team started with the sketches, then wireframes and prototypes to give more clarity for foodapes app design.

Foodapes App Sketches 01
Foodapes App Sketches 02


We really wanted to keep the app as simple as possible so that it's usable. Being new to the food delivery platform, for foodapes app design UI our primary focus was to make sure within a few steps users can place order and checkout.

One thing we wanted to introduce was the emotions. For that using the human illustration whenever the user completes the order, a happy human face screen pop-ups which gives a pleasant experience of ordering food online.

We didn’t want to go with the old traditional style of using emoji for this.

User App Screens