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About the project

Eporto is the leading USA portal for finding Better and Improved Educational Institutions. By connecting students all over the world to the best institutes. Eporto is the best portal to find world class institutions across USA where you can find the best opportunities for your career.

Services Offered

Logo Design
Visual Identity Design
Brand Messaging
Tagline Exploration
Website Design and Development

The Challenge

Finding colleges, universities is not an easy task and is a much more concerned area as the whole career is dependent on this one particular decision. Also, it takes a lot of time to find the best college for you or your children.

When Eporto came in with the concept where they wanted to start a e-portal where colleges/universities will be listed with in depth detail about the curriculum, alumni, courses, fees structure etc.

They were looking for a logo design which connects students together, a tagline which gives clear idea about what they want to do and a website with clean design.


The Name eporto is derived by combining 2 words “e” meaning the Education and porto which means “portal”.

Also, the name seemed more of a portugese origin.

During our discovery, we got to know they were only targeting US colleges and Universities, providing the necessary information. So it was more of an information portal and later on they will shift to a more complex system where students can register, take exams to improve their skills and get qualified for the desired colleges or a filter method can be used to find the best school/college/university.


After getting the brief, we were clear about the business, what they wanted to achieve and the pin-points mentioned by them. So starting with the logo design first was the first task and then we wanted to proceed with other important goals of the project within the given timeline.


We started by working on an icon which resembles to look like students and wanted to achieve something which connects them at one place.

Eporto was going to be a place where students, alumni and colleges were getting combined so the Logo Mark should resemble the same feeling where everyone is connected with each other, sharing comprehensive information, faith, trust and reliability.


Logo Design


Color Palette

We took the words Faith, trust, knowledge, reliability and started working on the moodboard which helped us to derive the colors for Eporto.




Visual Identity Design