Mount Woods Studio Internship Program

Mount Woods Studio Internship Program

Originally posted 2020-12-26 11:41:15.

Yes, Mount Woods Studio Internship Program

Mountains are calling but not for adventure but for design inspiration and learning.

We all need a break, a break from everything where there is no one to disturb, no work to do, no emails, no client calls. Only escape from the city life and work.

Design Inspiration From Mountains

This happens when we haven’t gone out for a while in months or you are too busy with work and stuck. No ideas pop out of your mind and you start feeling frustrated.

This is the call to go out and leave everything for a while and I must tell you this is very necessary. Designers, Artists and people who belong to the creative industry are known to be the most creative people. They always need inspiration to carry out awesome work.

For how long they are going to search everything on the internet, check other’s work. At some point they need to brainstorm their own ideas and in this hectic schedule of city life they will need a break.

So what better can be a plan to go out in Mountains.

How Mount Woods Studio Internship Can Help Designers?

Be Creative

In 2019, we at Mount Woods Studio started an internship in the Month of June. This was the first time we started planning Mount Woods Studio Internship in our main headquarters.

While we were getting many calls there was one call which I still remember.

A girl called me from Mumbai who was working in ICICI Bank and said I am stuck here. I need someone to help me.

I wanted to do know about the internship program at Mount Woods Studio. We were running campaigns on various platforms and she saw our ad on our LinkedIn Page

I was shocked.

I was shocked because Mumbai is the hub of chances and city of dreams. We can grow a lot in terms of personality, financially and in so many other things.

I wanted to know the reason for making a shift.

She told “It’s been quite a while living here at Mumbai and she has left the Job. The city life was too hectic, spending hours in traffic, noise and ultimately she was feeling frustrated. She was searching for an internship where she can learn new things and her creative person wanted to come out.

She tried at multiple places where all companies were situated in Mountains. I was able to connect with her as I was in Pune myself.

I loved the city and I’ve got to enjoy best things and enjoyed many moments over there. But I always missed my hometown and the Mountains. That cannot be taken away from me. That’s also the reason we changed our name to Mount Woods Studio.

So when we got shifted here at Solan, the gap filled and I was feeling relaxed.

Yes there were situations which challenged us like how we set up everything and how we will start.

That’s a different story which I will tell some other time.

So while talking to her I realised that how important it is to take a break and free your mind.

Who Can Opt for Internship?

Well, this internship can be opted by anyone. We have multiple courses at Mount Woods Studio which you can choose from. We do consultation first, so that we can have more clarity, get to know you first, why you want to do it, etc.

Also, If you are also planning to take a break from city life and looking for a place to hangout and take inspiration, I would recommend you to choose a company situated in the Mountains.

It’s necessary to change the location as you get to know lot of things and learn a lot from it.

Mountains are magical, cold breeze, clouds moving, birds chirping, lush green forest, heart welcoming people and at night looking at clear sky where stars are so clearly visible that you will feel energetic.

Who doesn’t want to live in a place like this and study? Hmm

Trust me I have done this myself and it feels so good. Camp fire, hot cup of tea after dinner, friends and fresh air.

I have moved to multiple places for my studies, for job and last was Pune. Each city was great. There is no doubt but over there people said we need to be close to nature but cannot go because we are busy.

Can we do something about this? So I always had a thought about this and when got a chance I started Mount Woods Studio Internship Program. Here anyone can come and start learning. There are some conditions which you have to follow. These conditions are necessary so that we can maintain the quality.

Those who will be selected they will be joining Mount Woods Studio Design Academy

Life At Mount Woods Studio

Every year we take a long break where the whole team goes out, we inform all our clients that we are going out and no work will be done from our end.

In the beginning, they felt weird but now they are used to it so they never complain because after coming back we are filled with stories which they enjoy.

Life is much better in mountains. This is when I realised after making a complete shift.

Well this is my story and the reasons why I started Mount Woods Studio Internship Program.

There is nothing better than living a peaceful life that too surrounded by creative, hard working people.

I would like to know your escape story and what was the situation when you felt like You Are Stuck and wanted a break.

Which place did you visit and how was the experience? What Inspired you and what were the results after taking a break?

Like when I visit a new place and come back, I was filled with Ideas and the same happened with my team. The output was so good that we performed very well.

I think the same would have happened with you. If you are still thinking that you should take a break or not, then you should take without giving a second thought and contact us. We’ll guide you properly.

Do let me know about your experience by commenting down below and don’t forget to connect with me on LinkedIn. I would love to hear your escape stories for design inspiration.

Mount Woods Studio Podcast

You know we have our Mount Woods Studio Podcast channel too so if we like your story we can invite you to our channel and share with our listeners.

After all we are building a design community where all can share their experiences, teach each other and grow together.

You can support us in our mission to build a community where all the designers can stay connected with each other and help each other.

Hope to see you all join and if you have any doubts, please let us know and we’ll try to clear them.

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