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Mount Woods has always been the leader when it comes to finding new ways to keep readers engaged. We want to resonate with our audience’s demands for more interactive digital media and audio. That’s why we constantly look for new ways for brands to participate in these endeavours.

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Mount Woods provides brands direct access to the most creative business leaders, decisions makers, and influencers who are responsible for driving positive change and innovation.

We will take you inside the stories of successful businesses and dig deeper into the brand strategies they implemented to succeed, how they work, what to implement, etc.

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We work globally with best-in-class brands focused on awareness, perception, customer loyalty and strategic go-to-market initiatives. That's why we focus a lot on quality not quantity.
We win hearts by “empathy” - an intimate connection with the feelings of our audience.

A good story can start anywhere, including with any tips, but if you want to provide a meaningful tip to us, you should share specific information — and not general speculation. At Mount Woods, we cover creative skills and brand strategy, as well as business and marketing. If you have specific information you’d like to share with Mount Woods, you can follow the methods below:

Advertising on Mount Woods May Not Contain

01. Content that could be viewed as racist, discriminatory or tone-deaf towards race, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
02. Fraudulent or inaccurate information
03. Services or products that may cause damage, violence, harm or injury
04. Adult content
Note: Mount Woods reserves the right to decline advertisements inconsistent with these Advertising Standards and/or in our own discretion.


01. Content that is relevant to our audience i.e. Creative skills like design, branding, animation, UX/UI, typography, and color theory
02. Content related to brand strategy, business and marketing which included lead generation, content creation, email marketing, social media, etc.
03. We love case studies and white papers. So if you do have a valuable information to be shared which will add value to others, please do share.
Note: Please check that article which are already covered, you don't send them again. We look for fresh content and like to avoid redundancy.

Pitch Deck

01. Please write a short pitch for a proposed article, along with a brief description of your background (with links to any published samples).
02. Keep It Short, Simple & Professional - 150-200 words should be plenty! If you can’t get your point across in 200 words, then there’s no reason to believe the long-form article will be any more of an attention grabber.
03. Podcast Collaboration - if you want to collaborate with us please send your proposal, guidelines, etc. and before proceeding further we'll schedule 15 mins meeting to understand your process
Note: We don't want to waste your time and ours too, so please be professional and make sure you reach for valid requirements only.


01. Pricing is depending on the requirements like for banners, links, affiliate etc. If you are looking for free stuff, we are not the perfect place for you.
02. If you have a specific budget, please clear this in advance while pitching.
Note: Once the article is published, it will not be edited or deleted. If you want any changes it will cost you extra.

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