Managing Time and Taking Decisions | Er. Naman Vaidya Ex – Bose Employee | Ep. 05

Originally posted 2020-09-24 16:08:23.

How to take a decision and manage your time? What is the importance of Mentors in your life and career? How to cope up with frustrations? What is friendship? Why it’s good to be selfish sometimes? What it’s like to shift to different places and starting a new life again?

Do you ask yourself these questions and looking for an Answer?
Well we know what people are going through and especially when there is so much to do in life and we are confused about many things.

To answer all these we called Er. Naman Vaidya on Mount Woods Studio Podcast, who is very close friend of our Founder & CEO, Er. Ankit Dhadwal.

Er. Naman Vaidya

Er. Naman Vaidya is Electronic Hardware Engineer currently working at Rightbot which is an Autonomous Robot Building Company.

Previously he worked at Bose Corporations, Boston, MA,USA, Cisco, Lennox International and Deltron.

His Schooling is From St. Luke’s Sen. Sec. School, Solan, Himachal Pradesh and went to Manipal University, Karnataka for Graduation which had Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft as their Alumni.

During his 2nd year of College when he was just 20 years old, he and his team collaborated with ISRO to setup Research Center at Manipal University where they took help from NASA to build a Nano Satellite. For this particular project they also received funding of 1.50 Crores.

Not only this but he went China 2 times to represent his work and thesis.

After achieving all these he didn’t stopped but the hunger to learn and explore more took him to Texas A&M USA where he did his masters.

His time management skills and the way he takes his decisions are so unique that he landed to such good places where many people dream of.

So we wanted to know how he is managing time and taking decisions in life, that whatever he doing, success is only achieved.

During our conversation, he advised designers that why you should start focusing on LinkedIn and How linkedIn helps in building your career. If you are a freelancer then you should Generalise or Specialise? Don’t fall to someone who asks to work with you for free even if he says you will explore many things.

He has started working in a startup so he is a perfect person to ask the difference between working in a MNC and Startup, Benefits of working at large Corporate World? Why 12th Grade Marks shouldn’t bother you? But still, Why do you need to score well?

Well there’s lot of things we talked about and to reveal all these, you have to listen to full episode of Mount Woods Studio Podcast.

Do let us know in the comment sections below your questions about managing time and taking decisions, we’ll try to resolve them. Also, let us know about this episode, you thoughts, what you feel etc.

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