Learn How To Increase PPC Ads Productivity By Using Google Ads Call To Action

Learn How To Increase PPC Ads Productivity By Using Google Ads Call To Action

Originally posted 2020-11-23 17:19:05.

We are always connected in this world with each other with social media or other communication mediums like mail etc. Imagine yourself in a world where there is no internet and you’ve to rely on your people skills to do business and other stuff. It’s a nightmare I guess for most of the people. But most of our family members have lived life without the internet and mobile phones.

See communication is important right, without proper communication we are just people who are living only.

Marketing is also dependent on communication because to promote your product you need to understand about your audience and get through to them.

Communication is the only way to  be a successful marketer. You must learn the art of being one with the people and understand their feelings. What a person wants to see or feel is what marketers target and then promote the product according to it.

Now you all must be wondering that, I’m always saying such stuff but does it work in reality?

Well of course it does, take an example of any successful digital marketer like Neil Patel, or former MOZ CEO Rand Fishkin. Both of them are good with the people, they try to meet the needs of their audience and if they visit their website, read a few of their articles, you’ll see they try to put their words from the audience’s point of view.

They try to relate to their audience so that they can create more engaging and interesting articles to read and learn from.

Now Google Ads Call To Action is one such feature that Google provides to their users which is the best way to boost interaction with the audience over the Google search network.

Let’s discuss Google Ads Call To Action in detail and please try not to skip any part of it cause it’ll definitely help you with your PPC text ads productivity.

What Is Google Ads Call To Action And How It Helps In PPC Campaign?

Google Ads Call To Action as the name suggests is the feature that allows you to add some interesting features that helps in increasing your engagement with the audience. Now you’ll say how this is related to communication. Well hold your horses I’m gonna tell you, that’s what I’m here for. 

See under google ads call to action there are various features and one of these features is to add a gallery that will appear just below your ads which will appear when your ads appear on Google Search Network. It’s here you can communicate with your audience by showcasing some of your design or you can add other media like video etc.

See communication in marketing doesn’t mean you have to visit someone and talk or you’ve to directly message them, no that’s completely wrong thinking.

In marketing communication is done through display of work that can be related to the user.

Tip:- Apart from all these call to action you can add certain website pages as well. 

For example:

There are certain ads that have certain texts in the bottom like “24/7 support”, “Portfolio”, “Pricing”. “Services ” etc. These are web pages that a user can directly visit from your PPC text ads to get more insight into your work or what services you provide. And I recommend you use the google ads call to action extension for better PPC text ads creation.

The reason why it’s so important is because it helps in establishing a medium for the audience where they feel a bond of trust between you and them. Because you’re legit and are good at what you do, in services you are providing. So you’ll definitely put your work to show that’s what your audience thinks as well.

If you ask me I’ll always say that If you’re good at something and want to promote it, brag about it in social media.

The reason why I suggest this is because it’ll help you get highlighted in google search network or on various social media channels which will help you get noticed among the people and curiosity will bring these people back to you.

And here at Mount Woods Studio we create some state of the art designs and that’s why we use these extensions to put out our designers work into the world of large opportunities.

So if you’re good at it then show it to the whole world. Don’t be afraid of what people might think if it’s not that good, take it as a positive critique and do better next time. 

This will help you with interaction with the audience and you’ll then create designs that are in accordance with the people you’re targeting. That’s why google ads call to action is important because it boosts the customer engagement within your ads and then within the website.

So today what you gonna do is add some of the Call to Actions within your ppc ads campaign and observe the amount of traffic flow in the next few days and once you’re done you have to share your experiences with me by commenting down below or you can send me the screenshots with the description of what and how you did it.

If you are stuck, don’t be a stranger and always write to me no matter how small your problem is. You can just write to me on Mount Wood Studio’s social media profiles and I promise I’ll personally look at all your problems and get back to you ASAP no matter what.

Come lets build Mount Wood Studio Design Academy that will break the barriers of learning and will help every person in their design and marketing problems. Let’s make this world a better place for better together.

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