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Mount Woods Studio | Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Why Being a Startup Mount Woods Studio is involving itself into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) when big companies are already doing it?

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.”

-- Paul Shane Spear --

Well IT’S OUR WORLD and IT’S OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE. Our small actions can make a huge difference so we are on a mission where we will try to do our best as much as we can. It is also said that One PC/Laptop emits radiation and its the company's responsibility to make its office environment greener and cleaner. So we are doing the same. We’ll be indulging ourselves in various activities, aware people about the responsibilities, educate needy people, make our surroundings cleaner and greener. So We Ankit Dhadwal and Pankaj Tilara as the founding members of the company take this pledge to bring a change and help as much as we can.

From 2020, If anyone opts for our services, We'll plant one seed/saplings with his/her name written on flower pot. This will always stay with us and we'll take proper care of it like we care for our customers.

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