Inhale. Exhale.

Join the crew in Mount Woods as we enjoy a week loaded with craziness and live the dreams through animation, listen and see to unheard stories from creatives of all types and inspiration everywhere.

We’ve hidden treasures with us which is filled with mythical adventure and want to cater to all those who want to have an amazing premium content experience and are always eager to watch something new. So explore and be the first to find the treasure of Animation.


We are Bringing Animation To Your World.

Mount Woods has brought the creative world to you so that our crazy community can watch unheard stories, create memories and share with there friends and much more.So settle in with us in this journey where you can enjoy incredible stories through animation with your loved one’s. We want you to be huge part of Mount Woods.


Expresso Spotlight

Expresso Spotlight is a platform where stories, work related to camera, VFx, Cartoons, Edited Video(s), Short Documentaries, anything creative will be published. We will help you to grow at your targeted audience. After all we are family right! And thats what family do!!!



We are the voice and vision of the growing animated industry where each and every sector is covered with the mission to focus on deep understanding and facts that can change the world through our crafted spectacular visual experiences created in any space.

Come celebrate the revival. Thanks to the amazing love from Our Clients, We are here. Mount Woods Animation Studio has stepped up to lead an initiative to support our community so we can continue our adventures together.

This is a revival of Mount Woods, a revival of us. It’s not just about an event, it’s about our crazy community. It’s about the friendships, stories, memories, and growth that happens in between the first night and the last.

Wow. Yup.
It’s happening!

If you want to admire someone in life, admire yourself!!! Because you are the beautiful creation that nature has ever created
--Ankit Dhadwal, Pankaj Tilara --

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Awesome Discussions

Each night your dream and creatives will be discussed, we’ll gather together for inspiring talks with fellow creatives. No slides. No agendas. So settle in with your new friends and listen to nightly chats with industry leaders who share incredibly personal stories of their careers, struggles, and triumphs.