In Conversation With Simon Morris | Musubi Brand Agency | Australia | Ep. 04

Originally posted 2020-09-19 17:42:52.

How you can combine two different cultures into one? How you can help clients without even designing anything? How to work with clients remotely? What is Branding? What CEO’s should be doing to survive in this pandemic? How to Work ethically? Why organisations should think beyond layoffs?

In our Conversation, Simon Morris, Co-Founder & CEO of Musubi Brand Agency, Australia advises design agencies on how to work with clients, his strategies implemented to million dollar companies to solve problems and make huge impact to the world & much more.

About Musubi

Musubi is a strategic brand agency and through a lens of Japanese design principles we create and design brands, workplace culture, workspaces and social environments.

They challenge status quo, always question, to find answers to major challenges. They solve multifaceted problems and are having offices in Tokyo and Melbourne, Australia.

1. A brief introduction about yourself?

2. Please take us to your design journey till now. Why Do You Choose Branding over any other field?

3. Musubi is a great name. How did you come up with it?

4. You said you are a strategic driven Branding company where Japanese culture is involved. How do you do that?

5. And how do Australian clients see it? Are they open towards it or what kind of perspective they hold when any foreign designs come in?

6. Why do you think Brand Strategy is important and how it leads to a build a successful Brand

7. A lot of clients are looking for help pivoting to reposition in this Covid-19 and take advantage of opportunities, Where can we gain as design agencies gain competitive advantage?

8. Design Agencies often struggle a lot with sales and burn very quickly, what advice would you give being a CEO to them on how to Improve sales ?

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