How To Optimize PPC Ads Campaign By Using Google Keyword Analysis Tool

How To Optimize PPC Ads Campaign By Using Google Keyword Analysis Tool

Originally posted 2020-11-11 11:29:31.

There are various articles out there that cover the topic of how to Optimize PPC Ads Campaign. It’s a widely used tool that helps a lot of people in determining the productivity of their PPC text ads. The main thing that I’ve noticed is that people are somewhat shy or diligent of sharing their tips with everyone. I mean a lot of people do successful marketing out there and if we ask them how they do it, they answer it only takes hard work. 

And believe me hard work alone won’t cut it because there are certain key points that will help you in getting that extra benefit from your hard work. I’m not one of those marketers. I’ll tell you everything you need to know and everything that makes your marketing skills “top level”.

But you also need to promise me that you’ll try hard and do every task that is assigned to you all at the end of every article and complete it full enthusiasm. Let me tell you all this frankly all these tasks are for your benefits. It’s not gonna do any damage to me if you won’t do it but I’m a responsible person so I always stress on this that you complete all these to be a better marketer along with being a great designer.

So study all the Keyword Analysis Tool series of topics completely and you’ll do wonders in all your PPC campaigns. Because it’s this tool that’ll help you devise sample keywords that you can directly add to your account and use them later in your campaigns for better results. See Keywords Analysis Tool is designed by google and you’re targeting Google SERP with your ads. So mastering it will definitely prove worthy for you.

Now let’s discuss how Keyword Analysis Tool Optimize PPC Ads Campaign. 

First let me provide you a little overview of what you’ll be getting in this article before you dig in:

1. Competition Analysis
Keyword Analysis tool is what will help you get the keywords of your competitors and use them in your ads providing you with the opportunity to outbid them.

2. Target Keywords on Location Basis
These analysis tools will help you target the keywords that are location specific which will help build a strong foundation in your areas.

3. Discover New Keywords
There are always keywords that are treasures when it comes to cresting PPC text ads. Keywords analysis tool will provide you more keywords recommendation based on your ad content.

OK so we’re done with what we’ll be learning here let’s move on and start with a brief introduction of these topics below so that you can reap the benefits of these analysis tool in order to optimize PPC ads campaign that you’ll be creating in future.

If you’ve read our previous article on Keyword analysis tool carefully then you’ll remember that these tools will help you in finding the best keywords out there for your PPC text ads and if you haven’t read that article then read it straight away.

Moving on the Keyword analysis tool provides you with the opportunity to even discover keywords from a competitors sites as well and help you Optimize PPC Ads Campaign. Thus you can outbid your competitors if you target those keywords. See all the game here in targeting is to choose the best keywords for your campaigns that are selected either by competitor analysis or through your own discovery. 

The thing that no one will tell you and that affects your ads productivity is location. Yeah I know I’ve told you about Google Adwords Location targeting in another article but  the location that I’m talking here is of the keywords search.

Yes absolutely the location also plays a vital role in the keywords analysis. See a lot of people make this mistake the first time and use keywords that are for Google Search Network globally or in a particular country but according to me the area that you’re targeting no matter how small it is, it can either be a city or state but it should be prioritized. 

Let’s understand this with an example and make it more clear shall we.

Travelling salesman problem is an example of this location targeting. Now a salesman that is in a particular area to sell his goods will go from door to door in his locality first. He will not go to another city first because he knows the people of his city best. Some are his friends, relatives or known to him. He knows their likes and dislikes and thus will be benefited from it.

Similarly in keyword analysis tool you can search for keywords in your targeted location thus Optimize PPC Ads Campaign after that once you’ve a good client base you can expand your reach globally. Now you tell me one thing when you design any of your PPC text ads do you do competitor analysis?

If you do then great if you don’t then you need to do it immediately because you’re missing out on a great opportunity because most of your ad productivity depends on competitive analysis. And if you don’t know how to do competitive analysis using the Keyword Analysis Tool thus Optimize PPC Ads Campaign then you can tell me in the comment section below and I’ll write a topic for you solely on competitive analysis for PPC text ads.

Now the keyword analysis tool is amazing if you get creative with it not only does it Optimize PPC Ads Campaign but it helps you to discover the reach of keywords you’re targeting. It gives you the opportunity to get the results from a single page as well. If you put in a competitor’s website then it gives you an option of choosing keywords from the whole site or from that particular page. Giving you the opportunity to target only the designing page of a particular website.

In the end all I’m gonna say is that in order to learn something properly you need to explore every inch of it and you don’t have to be scared of making mistakes because as I’ve told all of you earlier, make mistakes and then learn from them.

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