How To Improve Your Website’s Site Structure and Enhance SEO

How To Improve Your Website’s Site Structure and Enhance SEO

Originally posted 2020-11-17 14:07:46.

You are doing everything to improve your rankings on search engines are trying to get on the No.1 position but still not getting results.

Feeling frustrated as you might have spent couple of thousands of dollars on your campaign but still your keywords are not ranking. The SEO agency you hired has not lived up to your expectations and business is getting suffered.

wrong digital marketing agency

If this is happening, you should probably start looking for alternatives and change your SEO or Digital Marketing agency now.

There are many so called agencies out there which claims to be the best but they are not. I was reading one of my friends article written on his website’s blog that how he wasted his time and money when he hired the wrong digital marketing agency.

So with his personal experience he said when things started to go wrong, he started looking for alternatives and then found a very good Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney which ran website Audits on their website.

Website audits are very important as they give an idea where you are improving and where the problem is.

Once the problem is Identified, you can start fixing the problems.

Before proceeding further, lets analyse the budget an average Australian spends if he/she lives in Sydney on google PPC Ads.

According to

Average small businesses in Australia spends $5,000 to $15,000 per month to run their Google Ads campaign. And the average cost per click for is $7 to $30 per click.

I’m assuming that if you have already hired a Digital Marketing Agency before so you know What Is CPC? But those who don’t know here is the definition:

What Is CPC?

Cost per click(or CPC) is what you pay for every click on an ad campaign you run. That Ad campaign can be in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Youtube Ads etc.

According to

If you belong to the commercial law firm, you might be spending $16.50 per click.

average cpc spent

This may vary depending on the location where your business is, What Kind of Business you are having, What is your targeted audience etc.

So if you have not chosen the correct Digital marketing agency, $5000 is the least you will be burning every month where results are not even met.

So Be Careful !!!

Now getting back to the point where website Audit was done and now it was time to fix the problem.

After the audit was performed, they advised on many factors which were missing and website structure was not good which was creating problems in enhancing SEO. This resulted in poor rankings, even the landing page they built were not optimised properly for Google PPC Ads.

Landing page plays a very crucial role when you are running PPC Ads Campaigns. If not made correctly, don’t even think about getting results properly.

My friend is not a tech savvy or even belong to this field. But he was an experienced person who know how to get things done correctly even if the situation has gone wrong.

As we are also running our branding agency in Sydney, he came to us to re-brand his website. We immediately got involved to improve the website’s site structure. Our UX team members were assigned for this task to check and analyse what else can be improved.

Website Audit did really helped us and the other agency did a fabulous job from their end.

Once the data got collected, web designers and developers started to change the structure and re-brand the website. The results we got were amazing and from the SEO point of view, it got enhanced. Website architecture we made was very clean and easy to navigate which gave 190% boost to their website.

Our Aim was to build a SEO friendly site where user should stay at least for 3 to 5 mins. So, we added an awesome video to it which attracted users attention and got overview about the business. This resulted in 34% increase in revenue.

This is our advice to those who are struggling with their rankings, enhancing SEO from a long time but not getting proper results. Do run a website audit and check your website site structure.

Let me explain

What is Website’s Site Structure and How It Enhance SEO?

website structure

Establishing your website’s content into well formatted structure is called as Website’s Site Structure. When we talk about website, it consists of content on a variety of — related — topics, posts and pages, images, site schema etc. Site structure deals with how all these are grouped, linked and presented to the user.

You should structure your website well, so that users will find it more easy to use and Google can index your URLs better. Site Url’s also plays a major role in ranking your site on google to Number 1 position.

A website’s structure refers to how the web site is, i.e. how the individual pages or subpages are linked to one another.

As the website grows, it gets cluttered. We have to learn from the beginning only we have to maintain our site structure well so that it can Enhance SEO too.

If you don’t believe me, go to our re-branding case study, read every line properly so that you can know the reason why we changed full technology from code-ignitor framework to WordPress.

What was missing and what we did to improve every aspect of our website to give better user experience.

It is particularly important that crawlers can find all subpages quickly and simply when websites have an outsized number of subpages.

For this reason, a website’s homepage needs to have links to the most important subpages. Files like sitemap.xml and robots.txt also help the crawler do its job during this regard.

Website’s Site structure may be a vital aspect to enhance SEO strategy. The structure of your website shows Google which pages of your site are most important. This means you’ll influence which articles will rank highest within the search engines together with your website’s site structure.

So, better get it right! It’s also a very actionable part of your Website SEO strategy.

As you’re practicing by writing more and more blog posts, or add more product pages, your site will get cluttered. Never forget this, you need to organize it clearly and understandable, to make sure you, your visitor AND Google will be able to find what they’re looking for.

How Unorganized Things Can be a Mess?

My friend Stephen is a complete mess when it comes to cleaning his room or finding his belongings. Once something enters his room, you will never find it because he is not organised.

This continued for a while and one day he needed a very important document but due to unorganised room, he was not able to find it.

Same thing happens with your website if it is not organised.

Your Website’s Site structure should be user friendly, and in future it will grow a lot. So from the very beginning you should start organising everything.

If you do not structure your stuff neatly, your stories, your blog posts, your product pages will stray. Your visitors won’t be ready to find what they’re trying to find, and important for your SEO: Google also will stray.

5 reasons Why Site Structure Is vital For Google

There are 5 reasons why site structure is vital for Google and, therefore, for your chance of ranking within the search engines.

1. Site Structure may be a guide for Google to Enhance SEO

Site Structure Google Guide

If you want your content or website to be noticed by google, the only way is to have proper site structure. This will give Google clues about where to seek out the foremost essential content. Your site’s structure determines whether an enquiry engine can understand what your site is about and what you’re selling, what your services are, where you are located etc. etc.

Google crawls websites by following links, internal and external, through a bot called Googlebot or Google Crawlers or Google Spiders. And by following those links, Google determines the connection between the varied pages. The structure of your site may be a guide to Google and thus very crucial.

2. Not competing together with your content

When you have multiple blog posts on the same topic, it’s like you are competing with yourself. Like we have full list of topics on PPC, Design, Branding etc. it’s very important that our site structure is proper. This way we tell google that topics are same but the URL is different and covers different aspects.

3. Site structure is vital for UX

So an honest site structure will help your site to rank high in Google. But don’t forget, site structure is vital for the User Experience (UX) too. The structure of your website should be reflected within the navigation of your website. If this structure is obvious , your audience will easily find their way on your site. An honest UX will increase your chances for people to convert: buy your products; subscribe your newsletter or return for an additional visit. And Google likes sites that perform well too!

4. Importance For Usability

The structure of your website features a significant impact on the experience for your visitors (UX). If visitors can’t find the products and knowledge they’re trying to find , it’s not very likely they’ll become regular visitors or customers. In other words, you ought to help them navigate your site. an honest site structure will help with this.

Navigating should be easy. you would like to categorize and link your posts and products in order that they are easy to seek out . New visitors should be ready to instantly grasp what you’re writing about or selling.

5. Importance for SEO

A solid site structure vastly improves your chances of ranking in search engines. There are three main reasons for this:

a. It helps Google ‘understand’ your site

The way you structure your website will give Google vital clues about where to seek out the foremost valuable content on your site. It helps search engines understand what your site mainly is about or what you’re selling. An honest site structure also enables search engines to seek out and index content quickly. An honest structure should, therefore, cause a better ranking in Google.

b. It prevents you from competing with yourself

On your site, you would possibly have blog posts that are quite similar. If, for instance , you write tons about SEO, you’ll have multiple blog posts about site structure, each covering a special aspect. Consequently, Google won’t be ready to tell which of those pages is the most vital , so you’ll be competing together with your own content for a high ranking in Google. you ought to let Google know which page you think that is most vital . you would like an honest internal linking and taxonomy structure to try to do this, so all those pages can work for you, rather than against you.

c. It deals with changes on your website

The products you sell in your shop likely evolve over time. So does the content you’re writing. you almost certainly add new product lines as old stock sells out. otherwise you write new articles that make old ones redundant.


A website’s site structure is a result of precise thinking, organization and patience. It is an important aspect to enhance SEO and should be done before you even start creating your website.

This can also called as a part of website architecture.

However, if your website is live, but it is not giving the desired results, you can always rework on the design. This will improve its structural organization for SEO. So, do not hesitate or to invest your time and resources to create an SEO-friendly website.

Consider the above suggestions to improve site structure so that you can enhance SEO for your site and let us know how it worked for you.

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