How To Generate Leads And Earn $100K In 2023

How To Generate Leads And Earn $100K In 2023

Originally posted 2023-06-24 22:10:16.

In this blog post, I’ll share some Secrets Ways To Generate Leads that I’ve learned along my journey. 2020 has been a rough year where many agencies got shut down, all the businesses got affected and there were no hopes but not for all. Few businesses were smashing the market even in these bad times. Like Project Management Softwares, Zoom Meeting, Education Sector, Health and Cooking sector are few of them which boomed a lot. They will continue this in 2023 too.

Let me tell you one thing:

The day I started my career as a Digital Marketing Strategist, I was knowing that I have to learn everything about the business, the way it behaves in the market, and most importantly learn the techniques to generate leads.

Along the way, many things happened where I got to know so many good people who shared such great insights with me that I was shocked to see how good they are. Also, there were some people who were just SHOW OFF and didn’t know anything.

I can Bet you must have met both types in your life.

Personally, I like to stay away from the 2nd type as it’s a waste of time.

In past, I have made my mistakes but I don’t want you to do the same. I believe in sharing the knowledge I’ve gained so far.

All I’ll say is:

Invest In yourself, improve your skill set and it will pay for rest of your life

So let’s get started and get to know the secret behind lead generations and Top 10 Sources from where you can generate leads for your business in 2023.

Also, how you can earn $100K in revenue no matter which city, state, or country you belong to. If you belong to the design industry, real estate, or any industry, this is the best way to generate leads.

Well, this article is not something where someone says How to Get 10,000 Views On Youtube or How To Get Rich and Make Money Online In A Fast Way. After reading you will just laugh at why I read this post and wasted my time. I have done this so I know that feeling.

10,000 Views Youtube meme

If you keep on doing the same mistake, then you will definitely earn $100k after 2000 years later.


So let’s get started by knowing What is Lead generation?

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a company’s process to identify potential clients and convert them to their business by either providing certain products or services. It is the most important part of any business because this is the first process that will help your business in the long run.

Lead generation helps you attract customers who were unable to get converted before as well. You just have to follow the process correctly and look at what mistakes you made, avoid them and improve. 

Lead generation is carried out with the help of various channels providing you and your business with a lot of opportunities to target the customer base that you want. Lead generation is the basic thing that many of the big organisations spend a large amount of money on so that they can set up a huge client base.

Example Of Lead Generation:

So consider this when you open Facebook, you see Amazon ads of the products that you’ve been looking at early. We all get that right and this is one of the ways lead generation works. 

You might have seen when you were searching for something on Amazon, the same product is shown on Facebook or Instagram too.

In these ads on Facebook about these products, you’ll be offered some discount or an offer which will help you get converted to buy that product, and ultimately you’ll become a lead for them.

This is one of the ways that lead generation works. There are a lot of Social media channels out there and there are also many ways to generate leads and today we’ll be discussing the ways that will help you generate leads in the year 2023 and for the upcoming years too.

Why Is Lead Generation So Important? How To Generate Leads For Your Business in 2023

Why Lead Generation Is Important

For every business owner, lead generation is the most important task to do and 80% of the people struggle with it. It’s a problem that needs to be solved.

Our founder Mr. Ankit Dhadwal has struggled a lot in this and even I struggled to do this. But the best part of working at Mount Woods Studio is we learn together. So whatever knowledge I was getting I was sharing with him, and what he learned, he was sharing with me.

Literally generating leads is the pain is the A$$

We have tried multiple things. Whatever we saw we tried that, whatever our friends told, we tried that.


So to give more clarity, generating leads for your business whether it is small or at a very large scale, is very important for you to survive. It’s like food to your business, which helps you up and running.

To pay your bills, salary, office expenses, unwanted expenditure, a gas that you burn for the car, even for the coffee you drink in the office needs money. So Lead Generation is the only and only way which can help you grow your business.

If you are thinking to scale your design business to 10X, better start learning how to generate leads.

So For That

Your Sales Funnel or pipeline should always be filled. According to Grant Cardone, Sales and Generating leads is the numbers game. You have to have the numbers to keep calling. But to get numbers and keep your pipeline filled, you should know the sources to generate leads.

Well for those who don’t know What Is Sales Funnel? Here is the definition for you:

What Is Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. The definition also refers to the process through which a company finds, qualifies, and sells its products to buyers.

I’ll explain about Sales Funnel in detail in the near future, but here is a short infographic for you so that you can get to know the process of the sales funnel:

Sales Funnel Infographic

Well, this article is purely to help you guys generate leads for your business and earn revenue. It can be $10K a month or $100K in 6 months or in a year or more than that.

Totally depends on how you take the approach, invest your time and money.

I know many of the designers have struggled a lot in this pandemic, even though we did not in this pandemic but when we started. We all have seen that struggle but I am for you, helping you because I’m writing this article so that you don’t struggle to generate leads in 2023 or even after 5 years.

I’m putting my days and nights of knowledge here just to help you grow. My knowledge about PPC is helping many designer friends and even from other industries. And It’s all available at Mount Woods Studio Blog absolutely FREE of Cost.

This is all because I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL and be on that LIST OF 20% PEOPLE who are generating revenue and helping others.

If you need personalised and specific blog posts sent directly to your mail, subscribe to our newsletter. Within no time, all the updates will be directly sent to you. 

See it’s that easy.

But you have to make a choice:

You want to be in the List of 80% Who are still struggling or in the List of that 20% who are running their business successfully.

You are clever enough to make your decisions. If you are serious then I’ll be expecting you to read the full article here because what’s coming next can make you come closer to generating tons of leads for your business.

How To Make $100K a Year Online in 2023 Through Lead Generation? | Case Study

How To Make $100K A Year

Well, I have tried almost everything that Online gurus said, but let me be very frank with you. They only tell 30% of the story, the rest 70% you have to figure out yourself. 

Yes, they explained a few things which I didn’t know and I’m thankful to them. In the end, I realised finding new sources of knowledge is the only Key to generate leads for our business.

One thing that helped us is our portfolio got better as we learned which helped us build trust with customers. 

I also read that from Behance, Dribbble you will get work, No-Offence but it didn’t work for us. Appreciation likes and comments increased but 2020 is coming to an end, we have got no clients from there. Maybe in the future, we’ll get clients from there too. We’ll share that too with you don’t worry.

You can follow us on Behance and Dribbble, tell us if we are missing something. If everything is fine, then let’s connect and be friends with each other.

So if you are experiencing the same, not getting work from Behance or Dribbble, this article is for you.

Note: This is purely our case, it may vary from designer to designer, agencies, etc. 

So today I’m going to reveal the biggest secret that worked for Mount Woods Studio to scale and generate revenue. The same has been tried by our friend and where he generated $100K within 1 Year. 

Also, I would recommend you to start learning about sales negotiations, How to Master Cold Calling and Cold Emails, talking about the budget with clients, etc.

You can use this pricing strategy for your design business while dealing with clients.

What are Different Tactics and Strategies To Generate Leads?

Here are a few of the case studies that our fellow business friends use to generate sales leads and earn a revenue of more than $100K.

Case Study 1:

So in this case study, they spread out the traffic on various channels creating a detailed funnel.

And to be clear here we’ll be taking the example of the 1 year old cleaning company where they went from $0 – $80,000 / month in a year with only online advertising.

So the organisation started by making an online booking system and then started by creating Paid Facebook ads. When they were booking continuously and had a good step they also shifted to Google Ads as well.

But they were occupied by a worrying thought that if anyone of this channel goes away they have no other way to get clients. This is the only platform that was bringing them leads. So what they do next was a great step in expanding their business.

1. They saved all the emails from the bookings and started sending follow-up emails so that they can hold their customers if anything happens to other lead generation channels. They were using MailChimp’s marketing tools to carry this marketing strategy.

2. Another great way that they devised to get the emails of the various people was through giveaways and offering them coupons in return for submitting their email addresses. So they’re generating a huge amount of leads along with setting a great customer base as well.

Note: We have used Convertkit for our email marketing campaigns. We were more comfortable with it. It’s the easiest way to launch your next creative project!

Sign Up Now and you’ll unlock 1,000 subscribers for free.

So from the above case study, it’s clear that you need to step up to various marketing channels so that if one gives up on you, then you have another channel ready to serve you.

They were spending about $25.000 / month on the ads with an ROI of 280-320%. So with this rate when they spend $100 they would make around $280-320 and the ratio of ads was about 60% to 40%.

Where 60% of ads were of Facebook/Instagram and 40% of that of Google Ads.

Now let’s take a look at the Facebook Ads distribution for this company.

In Facebook ads, they were targeting the 40% cold audience that is the people that never knew them before. After this, videos about their company, who they are, and what they do were shown to the audience. That 50% of the people who watched were now the targeted audience for the company.

After getting this audience they ran 3 more ads, targeting these people.

Then they would spend 60% of the ads on retargeting the 50% of people who watched the video on Facebook of their company and then scale it with website visits, initial checkouts, etc.

On Google, they spent 30% on Google’s display ads with High-quality images with offers that are great and can’t be refused. 70% of the spending was on Google Ads keywords and location targeting.

Now from this, we can conclude that we need CPA(cost per acquisition) when we are offering a fixed price.

Now if you have a lot of products or services then you gotta look at the ROI(Return Of Investment). Because in ROI you can get $300 for another $100 and in CPA we can have both at only $50 and nothing more.

Case Study 2:

Well, this one’s a little different and it’s kind of an investment where a company invested in organisation 1 year ago where the revenue increased from $150K per month to $1.3 million per month.

They did this by following key features:

1. YouTube and Twitter Influencers

They invested about $200,000 dollars in these channels to use these influencers as a way to market their product. This investment paid off and they got a return of $850,000 / month which you can see is highly profitable.

2. Facebook and Google Ads

As we’ve seen in the above case study these ads can provide worth if you use proper marketing strategy. In this case, they invested a sum of $100K and which in turn provided them a huge sum of $230,000 dollars worth of revenue.

3. Affiliate Marketing

It’s already left a mark on various marketers out there and is not unknown to anyone. So they used affiliate marketing to increase the final ROI by more than 350%.

Now we know from this case study it’s clear that working with various big influencers always pays off big time if you can spend a huge amount of money.

Secondly, we need to test various streams of marketing in order to get the best out of each of them.

And lastly, development along with the partners will always benefit you in the long run.

Top 10 Sources From Where You Can Generate Leads For Your Business

Top 10 Sources To Generate Leads

Making $100K or more can be a lot easier than you think, you just have to break it down and be consistent. Don’t leave social media, it’s free and you should learn how to utilize social media to your benefit. Just a little experience, and you are good to go. So let’s get started with

Top 10 Sources From where you can generate leads for your business:

1. Reddit

There are many bloggers/website owners who generate 70,000 Visitors a month from Reddit only. But How?

We asked the same question to ourselves.

Frankly speaking, Reddit is one of the best platforms so far which gives promising results. The only thing is WE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO USE REDDIT.

In the beginning, even for me and Ankit Sir, Reddit was not our thing as we didn’t know how to use Reddit properly.

For example:

If you will search on Youtube How to Increase karma on Reddit you will get tons of videos. We looked for most of them and found one video where a guy tells us to join the cat community, just add simple comments like cute, fluffy, etc. to increase our karma. Let others give an upvote to you etc. etc. and within some time Karma will get increased.

We did that too!

Yes, we did that too in the beginning.

It took us a lot of time to figure out about karma, subreddits, engagements, how to add value to the community that we join and grow ourselves.

There were a lot of hidden techniques which were there but once we got to know them, we started growing slowly.

I’ll give you a few tips on How to grow on Reddit to get visitors, drive traffic to your website:

a) Join Sub Reddit In Your Own Niche

As we belong to the creative community and design is the main category so you can join any of the following which has a bigger number and has the most frequent posts on that subreddit. You can join micro niche subreddits too but I would suggest you pick a bigger number. 

I have joined SubReddits related to PPC and share my knowledge by posting and commenting on topics related to it. Ankit Sir has joined multiple SubReddits Like Startups, Anime, Design, Sales, etc. As he has knowledge from various Industries he shares his views and adds value to them.

b) Be Genuine

Just give what you know. It’s as simple as this. Reddit is very serious about banning people who try to spam, misuse the community.

Ask relevant questions either to get knowledge from others or what you know and share that with others. Once you will start doing this, people will upvote your posts, follow you which will give you a boost. Like I commented on a post where I shared my knowledge about PPC and got 10 Points. 10 Points is actually not bad.

You can do this for branding, animation, VFX, hand lettering, or any field to which you belong.

c) Be Consistent

Well, we gave up Reddit for sometime because we were not getting results. But when we did some research, got to know how we can use Reddit properly, we started using it more often. Slowly and steadily our account grew and now we are consistent with it.

No matter which platform you choose, you have to be consistent with that. It’s the only key that will help you grow.

We have given links to our website, Mount Woods Studio Youtube Channel, etc. because we were adding value and were consistent. This gave us an opportunity to explore, engage and learn more.

We started seeing more visitors coming to our website and a few of them got converted to leads.

This is our scenario, you might have different results. The only way is to try yourself. Don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below what you got and if you have any better way, do share with us.

2. LinkedIn


Enough of motivational stories on your feed. Let’s get serious about LinkedIn lead generation for your business. You might be thinking how I can find people to whom I can pitch my business and sell.

Some of you might have purchased a premium plan on LinkedIn in order to see growth but in return got nothing. Have you asked Why this is happening to me? 

Well, the answer is you have not tried everything till now which will generate leads for your business and grow to the exponential level which you desired.

For LinkedIn, it’s a combination of things. Don’t go by the inspirational posts that you see in your feed. You better start changing your network. But here few people are very clever as they use emotional things to collect emails, connect with people from different cities, states and countries. 

Those who use LinkedIn properly can generate a ton of meetings. Like cold calling or email, it’s another channel but you have to know how to use it correctly. 

There are various tools out there that automate things for you but trying yourself is a much better learning experience. Don’t be lazy, don’t screw up by promoting yourself too much, you use a genuine and personal touch to add value.

Just try this and see how things are going to generate leads for your business using LinkedIn:

a) Have a good profile

Takes a couple of hours to create but people treat it like a resume. It’s a landing page for your business, not a resume. 

I really like short, crisp information which tells exactly who you are, what you do and how you do. Treat this as a sales pitch from where you can generate leads. This will result in increasing your reputation, and more requests from professional people which you can convert into leads. Do this same for your own profile and your business page on LinkedIn.

Let me give you an example:

For Mount Woods Studio LinkedIn Page:

Mount Woods Studio is a global branding and consultancy agency solving design problems for successful CEOs and organisations to help them grow.

Mount Woods Studio LinkedIn Page

For My Own Profile:

Google Adwords Certified | PPC Expert | Digital Marketing Executive @ Mount Woods Studio

Aatish Jaret LinkedIn

Also, I would recommend you go through

10 Creative LinkedIn Summary Examples & How to Write Your Own from Hubspot.

It’s worth checking and also you should know how to describe yourself in 120 characters. Even while you tweet, there is a character count.

b) Post regularly about your niche/industry/space

You need to give away your knowledge. It feels weird but makes your expertise known. Mix in personal and business anecdotes, limit self-promotion. This is essentially content marketing. You establish that you’re credible and an expert. People trust you. Post consistently, engage with other people’s posts.

Look what Gary Vee, Chris Do, Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Blair Enns, Pablo Stanley, Aaron James Draplin(DDC) is doing – They all share their knowledge and give away everything they have just to help you.

Look at their LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. any platform you see them they are always sharing and teaching others how to grow.

Even we have given a tribute to them in our post:

God Is A Designer

This is because we have learned so much from them that we felt we should do something for them too.

c) Try To Understand LinkedIn Algorithm

Understanding the LinkedIn algorithm is important too, LinkedIn has published what they care about the most so you get more traction.

Give extra value away for free; checklists, guides, etc. Again, content marketing but at a higher level that’s designed for LinkedIn.

People are too busy talking about the homeless person they interviewed with no college degree that didn’t shake their hand and they hired them anyway who turned into the CEO after a week. That can build an audience but you need the right kind of audience. 

You don’t need followers for the sake of the following. You want an engaged following of your posts. 100 of your LinkedIn connections who trust you are better than 1000 randoms. Hell, 25 engaged connections are better than 1000 randoms.

Add people to your connections. Keep at it.

People will message you for help and when you send outbound messages asking for the time they’ll be more so much more receptive. You have to know how to write the messages and what the plays are. Not every message needs a CTA(Call To Action). Sometimes you message them to give them something and not ask for their time. 

97% of messages are automated, templated, all about the sender, garbage is what you’re competing with.

So be genuine, smart, and write personalised messages.

3. PPC ( Pay Per Click)

pay per click

From the above case studies, it’s very clear that Ads bring a lot of leads to your business and people spend a lot of revenue on them.

PPC marketing stands for Paid Per Click marketing i.e you pay only when a user clicks on your ads. So this is the best way to target your audience and get amazing returns just like the companies in the above case studies.

PPC marketing can grow your business in 2023 at a very high speed, you just have to work on your budget and choose a good digital marketing company that specialises in this. 

No matter if you are into B2B Business or B2C Business who is working locally or want to get International clients from the USA, Australia, India,  PPC is the best way to get clients from any region.

See PPC marketing will always grow but in the current scenario, most of the work has become either online or work from home. Companies that we never thought are going to become huge successes have grown exponentially in this scenario.

Advertisement will help you reach the potential customers who are in need of your services and that too you’ll only pay for your customers only providing you with the huge opportunity to scale your business.

I’ve written detailed articles on our Blog on How you could get started with PPC if you are a beginner. It’s a step-by-step process that will help you master the techniques of PPC.

The articles carry every basic detail that you need to know before starting PPC, so go there, start fresh and scale your business in 2023 with the help of PPC marketing.

With PPC you can generate High Quality Leads for your business easily.

4. Organic SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

Organic SEO

Now organic traffic is the most basic type of technique that is preferred by most of the people out there. Firstly it’s free and secondly, once you’ve devised the technique of getting that organic traffic you’ll receive a huge amount of leads on your website or a blog.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because you’ll be getting the pure traffic for you only. By pure I mean the people that are coming to the website, searching your website or your product online. They are here not because of any advertisement but they specifically searched for your products and services.

There is no way around in the organic traffic they’ll keep on coming back as long as you are fulfilling their needs. We are ranking on Google’s first page and came to Bing’s suggestion feed for some of our keywords.

Just search:

“what is key points in design thinking, Top 10 Roles Of Design Strategist, Who is SEO Strategist” and see yourself.

The next question which arises is:

How Will You Attract Organic Traffic and Rank On Google or Bing’s First Page?

Well below I’ll be listing some tips that will definitely help you in getting that pure traffic to your website and rank number 1 on Google or Bing’s First Page:

a) Keywords

Keywords are the basics of both paid and organic traffic. Keywords are basically queries which a user searches on search engines.

Like “Design Thinking Process” or “Branding Agency Near Me” or “Top 5 branding agencies in Australia” or anything.

While doing Organic SEO, you’ve to choose your keywords wisely. These keywords will help you rank on any other search engine for that particular query a user is searching. You’ve to look at keywords density as you don’t wanna put too much in there and you’ll get penalized for that as well. So choose your keywords, put them in your website or blog post and see the results.

b) Page Load Speed

The thing that we all overlook is page load speed and google prioritise it over all other things. As Google wants a seamless experience for their customers you need to make your website designed according to it as well.

This is also a ranking criterion and if you’ve ideal page speed with proper keywords then you’ll rank high on Google for sure and you’ll be generating tons of visitors and generating a lot of leads. No one wants to wait when they open a website. Your page should open within 5 seconds. So look what you can do to improve your site’s speed.

c) Landing Pages

Landing pages play a great role when it comes to lead generation. Whether you are running a PPC campaign or creating a sales funnel, they play a major role. A landing page helps you filter those visitors who become a buyer. Rest you can redirect them to anywhere else on your website, to the Facebook group, etc.

d) Consistency

Now, this is another major part that you need to look out for as people often start a website but after some time they forget about it completely. They say I’ve done everything and still can’t get enough traffic or any traffic to my website. See people want regular updates if they are coming to your website. They like to visit your site or they want to opt for your products and services. So keep on providing them these things at regular intervals.

e) Link Building

Last but not least is link building. It’s also a great source to boost traffic to your website and increase your authority amongst the various online sites that do the same stuff as you do. So in link building, there are guest posting opportunities, backlink building, web 2.0 links, profile links, etc. These links will definitely provide a push to your website and recognition of your products as well. So be sure to perform these link building techniques to generate a lot of leads by ranking your website or blog on SERP.

Also If you want us to write briefly about these techniques you can tell me in the comment section below and I’ll do that for you.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Remember our Case Study 2 above, where the company invested a huge amount of money on Influencers to sell their product and generated a huge revenue from it. Influencer Marketing is very powerful and you should know which influencer can give you better results. I’ve seen many businesses burning money because they have chosen the wrong influencer who was not able to get proper engagement due to which no leads came in.

No leads = No Sales

No Sales = No Money

There was a case I saw that a user had 2 Million followers but was unable to sell 35 T-Shirts. So make your decision wisely. Followers can be bought so it’s better to do some proper research, go with a genuine influencer who has proven results. Pay them and get the results.

6. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Yes, Email Marketing. It’s not dead and can generate tons of leads which you can turn into repetitive buying customers. You just need to know How.

There are people who are earning $20,000 per month and a few grew their business to 10X just by sending emails. What exactly are they doing?

Well, they collect emails through different resources, send them offers and interested people buy their product or services. There is a process for this and I’m going to explain to you how to proceed with it.

Let’s suppose you have done proper keyword research, you start ranking for a few keywords, visitors are coming in and a good amount of traffic is flowing. Now, all you have to do is use Pop-Up Forms, ask to join the newsletter, and in return provide something for free. It can be anything, PDF, coupon code, Ebook, Study material anything which ads value. Once you do this you will get their email ID. 

Just remember one thing:

The Internet is not a physical place where people know you personally so you have to make your first impression by making users more comfortable. Building trust takes time, they don’t know you properly, you don’t know them properly so how will they buy something from you?

That’s why building trust is very important.

Remember I told you to be genuine. It works here too. Use Soap Opera Email Sequence for this.

What Is Soap Opera Email Sequence?

A Soap Opera Sequence is typically a series of 5 emails that are sent out over the course of 5 days to an email subscriber initially upon subscribing. It tells an emotional story similar to a tv soap opera but for emails with the purpose of warming up a lead to eventually sell a product.

It is used to create drama, build suspense and anticipation, and ultimately, to entice recipients to take action.

Soap Opera Email Sequence

Here’s typically what the 5 day email sequence looks like:

Day #1: Sets The Stage

Day #2: High Drama, Backstory, Wall

Day #3: Epiphany, The One Thing

Day #4: Hidden Benefits

Day #5: Urgency Call To Action (CTA)

Just make sure you are using those email service providers who are having a good IP reputation. Otherwise, your emails will be sent to the spam or junk folder. That’s why we are using the Convert kit as its IP reputation is higher as compared to others.

7. Podcast


This helps you increase your reach.

There are also over 34 million episodes as of October 2020 where Apple confirmed there were over 550,000 podcasts at WWDC 2018 in early June. As Spotify is coming into the current scenario the numbers are growing significantly.

podcast statistics 2020

* 75% of the US population is familiar with the term “podcasting” – up from 70% in 2019 (Infinite Dial 2020)

* 30% of the Australian population has listened to a podcast

* 25% listened to a podcast in the last month

* 17% listened to a podcast in the last week

So if you are thinking How podcasts can help in Lead Generation then look at the numbers above.

You don’t need a fancy setup to start with but you have to come out

Taking the initiative to come out and speak what you know is itself a great challenge but once you do it, the results are flourishing. Podcasts are a great way to connect with people and communicate.

3 Tips On How You Can Generate Leads Through Podcast

Well these tips have helped many design agencies and industries too. These are very simple and very effective. So you should definitely try these 3 Tips for your business:

Tip 1. Leveraging call-to-actions.

CTAs are going to be the most important element of your podcast when it comes to generating leads. You must have heard many people who ask to follow their podcast in the beginning or at the end. That’s called a Call-To-Action. You just have to ask users to follow you and if your content is good, they will definitely going to follow you.

Tip 2. Invite customers onto your show.

This is great for relationship-building – and not just with the customers that come on but with the industry leaders in your niche too. Like when we started Mount Woods Studio Podcast, we were clear that people from the design community will be joining us and sharing their knowledge with others. It’s our initiative to bring people’s voices and what we know, we share it with others.

If you are from the design industry who has scaled their design agency to 10X or 100X and want to share how you did this so that other people can also benefit from your knowledge, please be our guest.

Mount Woods Studio Podcast
Tip 3: Host podcasts on customer pain points. Focus episodes on specific customer (or potential customer) pain points

We all go through problems in life that need to be solved. Just like a lead generation which every business owner whether it is small, medium, or big MNC, it’s a problem that needs to be solved. There are multiple solutions, techniques that are used to solve the problem.

Similarly, you can see what problem customers are having and then talk about its solution. People will relate to you and connect with you immediately.

We have connected with the brilliant minds of the Design industry who shared very good insights and one of them has offered us collaboration with them. See how beneficial a podcast can be for lead generation. You just have to take the first step.

8. YouTube


I was watching Simon Sinek’s one video where he said:

People buy from you when they know you or heard about you

What this means is when customers have seen you somewhere or even heard about you the chances of making a deal is 70%, the rest 30% is on you how you treat them, what are your offerings, etc.

YouTube is a great way to showcase your business, how you work, what you do, and how you do. Having a business video gives a 34% boost to your sales that’s why businesses invest so much to make corporate videos

Customers are likely to purchase that product which they can see. For example: When I have to buy any product from amazon, I search on youtube first, see how it looks and then make my decision.

So if you are a logo designer, hand lettering artist, poster designer, motion graphic artist, then start making videos of your work. Also, try to show your process and approach.

Research says people will watch that video which has a process in it. Average watch time is much higher than a simple video. If viewers like they will share with their friends, colleagues, and so on.

9. Partnerships


Partnering with other agencies or different companies for work. Now that you have done so much, you are reaching new people with your videos, podcasts, Reddit, LinkedIn and on social media too, people know who you are.

This builds a reputation that you are an expert. This is how you position yourself as an expert in your field. When this starts to happen you can reach out to other agencies, ask them for referrals, work and even collaborate with them.

In some cases, big agencies reach out to you for work. We have done work as a third party for many companies and we were happy to learn their process and vice versa happened. 

It’s a great way to generate revenue. Even freelancers collaborate with agencies whenever there is a need. So there is no harm in asking for work. 

The worst thing that will happen is you will get a “NO” from them. What else can go wrong? Just be professional at this point. You don’t want to mess up things.

Tip: Don’t do any work for free and without a contract. This is a must and should be done every time you start working on any project.

10. Blog for Business

Blogs For Business

This isn’t a normal blog where you write multiple things or on different topics. It’s like being specific to what your services are.

Let me show you some examples:

Example 1:

Zoho Email Services

Zoho Email Service
Source: Zoho Blog

If you will go to their blog sections, you will notice all the blogs revolve around their email services and when you open any blog, they are teaching how to use them. This is a great way to generate traffic and market your product through blogs.

Example 2:

Shoelaces Express

This is one of the smartest techniques one can use to generate tons of traffic. If you will go to about Shoelaces then you will see they have sub-menu in which they have mentioned about

Shoelaces Length Guide

How To Buy Shoelaces

How To Tie Shoelaces

Importance of Shoelaces

Shoelaces Express
Source: Shoelaces Express

These are keywords which people search and they have made a guide which is helping people to gain knowledge about shoelaces. If you will go to youtube, people are trying all these tricks for tying shoelaces and then sharing with others. This created a buzz and helped them in getting customers and generating revenue.

So you use the same technique to grow your visitors and promote your product or services through blogs.

If you are a design/branding/creative agency use this technique and see how things go. Do let us know in the comment section below your results or any doubt you have.

So these were your Top 10 Sources From where you can generate leads for your business and boost sales.


Making $100K a year online can be a lot simpler than you think, you just have to break it down. Lead generation is that technique that helps you in making things possible. You just have to be creative and learn how to generate leads and convert them into sales.

With so many cities in the US, Australia, and globally, there are a lot more chances to make more money online.

Focus on yourself, improving your skillset, and master the technique to generate leads. Do live your dream life which you always wanted. If you face any problems, let us know in the comment section below. Making mistakes is a part of our life and if you saw any, do let us know that too.

Also, if you have any case studies of yours, please do share with us, we’ll add them here or in our next post. You can submit guest posts too, just make sure it adds value.

We are also helping people grow through our Mount Woods Studio Design Academy where we teach people all the skills required to grow their business, nurture their skills. To collaborate on projects, contact us and send your requirements.

Note: It’s been regularly updated and original date of publishing is 20, December 2020.


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