How To Create The Best Landing Page For PPC Campaigns?

How To Create The Best Landing Page For PPC Campaigns?

Originally posted 2021-01-28 11:57:35.

A landing page for PPC campaigns isn’t only used for conversion tracking but also to keep your audience peeled to it for a certain amount of time. We need to make sure that it’s not only attractive but simple and easy to navigate. 

What I’ve seen in my marketing journey is that people tend to mix-up things. They put too many things on the landing page that makes it messy. And let me tell you this by experience that within a landing page you need only selected and a few amount of stuff to make it user friendly.

Always Remember – “Less is more”

Golden advice is that put only the best of the best work within the landing pages for PPC ads that’ll make a long lasting impression on your visitors.

Once I saw a landing page it was almost like a full fledged website and the authority of that page was so poor that it was taken down later on. That landing page contained all the information about the companies services even the micro niches they target side by side were included in that page.

And honestly the work that they showcased was amazing. But they filled their page with so much content that it was like I don’t want to go down further to explore that landing page. 

Now there are a lot of landing page for PPC campaigns out there that are meant to provide you with the experience of lifetime. But the main thing that people ask me is that do they need to pay for a landing page for PPC campaigns. 

Are these pages worth the money they are spending? 

And what I tell them is to always be choosy with a landing page. Yes, some of the landing pages out there are quite costly. But if you do your research properly you might find a great landing page for PPC campaigns at free of cost or at a very low price, maybe who knows but it’s possible though.

It’s better to do your research before buying any landing page. You might get a good deal.

Let me tell you another way on

How To Analyze A Paid Landing Page For PPC Campaigns?

Do one thing: just request a demo on any landing page site like Instapage before buying if you really want a paid landing page. In the demo you’ll get a basic idea of what kind of landing page it might be, what are the features it has, you need to code yourself or any web page builder is needed. 

Before buying any page here at Mount Woods Studio, we make sure that the landing pages for PPC Ads are up for the work. Demo is the best way to look for the things you need in a landing page.

Also, to get a demo of what you need, you just have to submit your email and if you don’t find the landing page compelling then just unsubscribe to them simply. 

See if you’re getting an insight for free, get it because it’ll open doors to various opportunities for you and your work. Keep exploring things and I’ve got another trick up my sleeve that’ll help you design and optimize a new landing page that’s got premium features with your own choice. I call this type of landing page: hybrid page. 

The reason these are hybrid is because they have got the functionality of the paid landing page and compatibility of the coded page. Yeah I know it’s a little too much at starting but once you’ve realized the importance, you’ll see yourself how hybrid pages can change the course of your PPC text ads

First of all you’re free to customize them your way, also you’ll be getting the look and feel of a premium landing page as well. See in the hybrid page you copy the codes of a landing page and then mould them according to your needs. 

Yeah it’s not exactly what many people wish for but in my experience you need to learn how to make changes within your landing page. You can say it’s the basic thing that helps you in grasping the knowledge of the full potential of your landing page. 

But according to me you guys just either try a landing page that is premium or made by another coder for you. And remember that you don’t need to spend too much on the landing page.

Never push your budget too much on the landing page and choose a landing page that stands out. In the end what’s different is noticeable. 

Also, maintain a good amount of Keywords within your landing page so that it can boost your PPC campaigns unlike your website.


Design PPC text ads with a premium landing page or if you’ve so much experience in designing a landing page yourself you can do that too. Also, look for a free landing page on the internet as well. After you’ve chosen your landing page make it suitable for a new campaign and share it with us all.

You can put a screenshot of a landing page down in the comment section or your can upload it on any social media platforms using our tags #mountwoods or #mountwoodstudio. Or you can simply tag Mount Woods Studio in your post. If you haven’t followed us until now then go ahead and follow us on the social media platforms to see what we are up to.

Also, if you’re hesitant then directly message us and I’ll look and review your landing page personally. If you don’t get anything related to the landing page then you can tell me. Send me your interest and I’ll help you choose the best landing page for your PPC campaigns. I promise that you’ll get what you need and what you wish for.

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