How To Build A Brand? Top 10 Tips That Most Experts Follow

How To Build A Brand? Top 10 Tips That Most Experts Follow

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There are many thoughts which come into my mind when I talk about rising above and build a brand which is so good that everyone knows about it. What product or service are we providing? They know we are the best of the best. Our employees know and can proudly say we are working in the Number 1 creative agency. Build an environment which is friendly, professional and helps everyone at every stage of their life.

From building a startup from scratch to Build A Brand which is loved by everyone.

FAQs To Build A Brand

Here are few FAQs on How to build a brand:

Q1 How To Create A Brand Which Stands Out From Others?

Creating a brand which is unique in every aspect is very important as it helps to build a reputation in market. Many businesses realise this later on when it’s too late. This delay in realisation can cost a lot as their competitors go ahead of them.

So we should understand how important is to create a brand which stands out from others.

Q2 How To Build A Brand Strategy Which Takes Us Light Years Ahead?

The growth which I always wanted to see is achievable in a short period of time. Well this was my thinking in early days. Frankly speaking I didn’t really knew there is a word called “Brand Strategy“. But when Mount Woods Studio started giving Branding services, I got to know about Brand Strategy and how important it is for every brand. Brand Strategy is one of the ultimate strategy which businesses of any size can implement.

Q3 How To Establish A Brand Which Is Connecting With People?

We implement many strategies, marketing tactics, invest lot of money in advertising so that we can connect with customers heart and mind. Here Communication Strategy comes to play a vital role. Best part is it can be implement at any stage. Communication strategy is a long term investment which helps a company to build a brand.

Q4 What Does It Take To Build A Brand That Competes With Most Successful Brands?

Knowing your competitors is a must. A healthy competition brings the best out of you. A healthy competition means you learn new skills in order to be the best version of yourself. Also, knowing your competitors, what product or services they are providing can help you improve your brand. This will help businesses build stronger brands.

Q5 What Ways Should I Adopt To Build A Brand Which Touches Billions Of Lives?

Well, this one is tricky part and time taking. Just like an athlete cannot win a game by practising for just one day, a brand does not becomes successful like that only. It’s a journey from day 1 where we implement various ways to connect with people through our product or services. As the time passes we learn new skills, adapt new strategies to build the strong so that we can touch billions of lives.

Q6 Which Plans Should I Implement To Make Mount Woods Studio A Brand Which Creates Legacy Even If I Die?

Just like Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Ratan Tata, and so many great leaders have created a brand image.

If I talk about the creative Industry, Canva Founders Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams from Australia, Adobe Founders John Warnock and Charles Geschke, these people have done so much for the creative industry. Many more are there, building great products and improving designers lives.

Q7 How To Deliver Correct Message To Our Audience?

One wrong message can spoil the whole image of brand so it’s very important to deliver correct message to our audience. There are multiple ways company founders can implement. It can include:

a) Understanding Your Audience Needs

b) Craft the message for that specific audience

c) Choose the medium to deliver it, like Radio, TV, Blogs, Magazines etc.

d) Always be creative and find new way to connect with them

These are the few FAQs which I found during my research.

I also asked a few questions to my seniors who were experts and in return they asked me one question.

I was like what is this going on, I’m here to get answers but in return they are asking me questions.

But that’s their experience and they wanted to dig in my mind more. They listen to all those things which I said very patiently and in just one question wrapped up everything.

That questions was:

Why Do You Want To Build A Brand?

For a moment I was quiet and there was a moment of silence. After talking so much in front of them, telling everything I was left with this WHY BUILD A BRAND? 

I have already made a transition from an IT company to a Branding and Consultancy Agency, so with all the thoughts and experience my answer was:

To Create A Culture Of Excellence

They were happy to hear the answer from my side. Their suggestion was: “you are good but in order to become the best, your knowledge, the way you understand things should be improved.”

If I do this I’ll be improving lives through design and start gaining the confidence to achieve every milestone required to build a brand.

Till now we have been tackling the change coming with the technology and enjoying things so far. You might be in the same boat and must have thought some similar questions in your mind. 

With the experience that I’ve got I can help you with How to build a brand but your “Why to build a brand” should be totally your answer.

So no matter if you are a start-up building a brand from scratch, don’t know anything or gaining the knowledge about how to establish a brand name, identity etc. 

I’ll be helping you with everything I got.

Even if you are already a successful brand but facing issues in your MNC, just contact us, we are there for you.

Top 10 Tips From Market Experts On How To Build A Brand

Just Follow these Top 10 Tips From Market Experts On How To Build A Brand and see 99% growth like I have seen.

1. Increasing Your Knowledge

2. Understanding What Brand Means

3. What Your Brand Stands For? What Is the Purpose of Your Brand?

4. Identify Your Audience

5. Building A Unique Brand Identity

6. Brand Story Matters

7. Differentiate Your Brand

8. Build Your Brand

9. Market Your Brand

10. Be Consistent and Grow With Your Brand

Let me explain these step-by-step:

1. Increasing Your Knowledge

Just try yourself to put your shoes on the protagonist who is a brand expert and Ask yourself seriously “What would I do”? Then think about What Would They Really do If the situation was really in front of your eyes?

Try to think about the scenarios which will require to build a brand and think like an expert who has to make decisions. Be the decision maker who has done this so many times but still each and every time a new brand or already established brand comes in to seek help.

What Will You Do?

Once you start thinking like this, your whole perceptive will start changing. You will come up with best solutions, best case scenarios and divide everything into stages.

You will only think of the best things for your brand and start collecting the knowledge on how to succeed, different steps to build a brand, what is the real brand building process etc.

Knowledge is everything

It opens so many doors for a problem and changes the whole scenario. The way we think, we speak and the way we behave, knowledge changes everything. All actions lead us to success and maturity comes in which helps in taking better decisions.

2. Understanding What Brand Means

It’s really important to understand What Brand Means, then only you can proceed further. This is possible when you dive deep into the subject and study hard. Asking yourself questions where different perspectives can give you different cases leaving you with wonderful results.

For instance, the definition of Branding can vary from person to person and they can relate to different things. Similarly the meaning of Brand for some can be a logo design, the way you market, a website and so on. 

But in reality the definition of Brand is:

A Brand is a Result which ends up in customers’ heads and heart. It’s a reputation built over trust and a promise that company makes to people which is true.

So you should know the brand building’s meaning and it’s process so that you can start executing things step by step.

Also, remember “You Need To Do More” to build a brand so that people will talk about it even if you are not there.

3. What Your Brand Stands For? What Is the Purpose of Your Brand?

In this case, Identify the “Why” First which means:

Why Are You In Business?

the golden circle simon sinek

If your answer is to earn profit, then you must think again. You will earn profits in many ways but in this scenario what we are talking about is What Problem are you solving?  

Suppose you are running a sales company who is providing leads to other companies, then you are solving their lead generation problem.

Similarly if you are a doctor and treating patients related to their particular diseases, you are making them healthy and fit.

Once you dig deep the purpose of your brand, you can make it a mission statement.

Remember my answer when I was asked Why Do You Want To Build A Brand?

My answer was “To create a culture of Excellence”.

With this I was saying that Mount Woods Studio stands for Quality, Performance, Professionalism, High Standards, and Commitment towards the society and our customers.

This is the true purpose of Mount Woods Studio. We are a branding agency solving design problems for CEOs and organisations helping them grow to become a unique brand identity. Profits will be gained from our services but we are here

To expand our customer base globally and touch billions of lives

Let me give you another example on how you can find your “WHY” which will help you grow a lot:

Panasonic in its early days were considered to be cheap products but one day its founder Mr. Kōnosuke Matsushita said: Panasonic will be one of the most reliable products of Japan that people will always remember.

Not just any product, it will be known world-wide. From that day, he started working on his Mission and now we all know what Panasonic is.

Panasonic’s brand slogan “A Better Life, A Better World” which tells everything about the company in just one statement, its purpose, and philosophy.

So your “Why” is what consumers will look for and it will be the most important piece of information. Your purpose will define your brand, set the standards for everything which will revolve around you, team and customers.

4. Identify Your Audience

This is where most people struggle with. They really don’t know their audience thus resulting in serving everyone. Well there is no harm in this but it’s more like you will end up losing lots of time, energy and money.

Just think like this:

You started a business and now who will buy your product/service? 

This is very important to understand while you are gaining knowledge on how to build a brand.

If you have opened a creative agency and specified that you work only for a sports brand. This means sports companies and people related to it will be your targeted audience.

Still if you struggle and need help in Identifying your audience let me tell you

How To Identify Your Targeted Audience

Identifying your audience is the first step towards building a brand strategy and then brand identity according to that.

a) Start By Location

b) Demographics and psychographics(user case scenarios where they spend, live, hobbies etc.)

c) Competitor Analysis

d) Consumer Problem/Pain points that your brands will solve

This way you will save a lot of time and energy in serving the right kind of customers and solving their problems. Your business is not for everyone on this planet:

“Don’t just try to make it appeal for every single person”

Think like big brands like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike, Gucci, Apple, Rolex, Qatar Airways, etc. These serve and attract specific consumers.

Remember building a brand is a time taking process and branding will help you in every stage. It will guide you on how to deliver correct message to your audience.

So it’s very crucial to identify your customers even if they are small but highly relevant. You will build a great foundation.

5. Building A Unique Brand Identity

Creating Brand’s Voice and Tone is very important which sets you apart from everyone who is providing the same thing.

The Services Mount Woods Studio is providing can be found in Melbourne or Sydney, Australia by some other creative branding agency, so what’s unique about us? Why will MNCs come to us?

The answer is we have done proper research, spent months on building our brand identity which not only is unique online but offline too. We made sure that no one is like us even if they are providing the same services.

So the same thing is with you. Develop a brand voice and tone that speaks to your audience and competitors. You can use different ways to build a unique brand identity and set yourself apart.

Let us understand

What Is Brand Identity? How To Build A Brand Identity?

The Brand Identity is viewed as a strategic business tool and an asset that seized every opportunity to build awareness, increase recognition, communicate uniqueness, and quality and express a competitive difference.

Adherence to Brand Identity uniform standards and the relentless pursuit of quality are business priorities.

Understand this and start with building your Brand Identity.

You want to be professional? What kind of Culture do you want to incorporate? What is your brand voice? When someone enters your office what kind of feeling they should get or even while talking to your associates?

These are few questions which leave a huge impact.

We did a complete branding project for Esporto-X which was a creative agency just like us and it was really challenging as they belong to the same field. So you can imagine how tough things can be.

So make sure all your brand’s copy should have a consistent voice across all of your channels.

From your logo to website design, social media, ads, how your employees look and behave. Your brand’s voice must resonate with your target audience.

To clear more things let’s take an example of Qatar Airways.

How Qatar Airways Built Their Brand With The Help Of Branding?

From the moment you book your flight ticket you are their prestigious customer. They have trained their staff to give you a memorable experience. So when you will reach the airport you will start noticing how they have done their branding.

From signs to hoardings, tickets to checkout points, while you see the airplane and enter inside, staff dress and the way they will treat you, etc.

They make sure you will remember everything and next time choose them not any other airways.

All this is done because they have understood how to build a brand and a unique brand identity where its voice and tone is speaking for.

So think like giants and take actions accordingly.

Also, do remember “Less Is More”

6. Brand Story Matters

People really want to know about you and your brand story. How it started, what was the purpose behind starting or building your brand. What struggles you faced, and what were the challenges, how you overcome those and moved on. 

Brand Story Matters

All these become your Brand Story which people want to know. This really helps as they connect directly with you and even get inspiration from.

I do really enjoy reading about founders from different industries. I learn from them and try to think myself in their position. It fascinates me a lot because I haven’t reached that point where they are.

I think you might think someday like this. Who knows, anything can happen.

You can also include your brand story in a mission statement which will help you in each and every way. 

Like one of my friends is running a branding agency in Australia, they work on projects which will help build a sustainable community and change people’s lives. They enjoy working on this kind of project.

Similarly we also indulge ourselves in corporate social activities or CSR activities where for each sale we make, 1 sapling or tree will be planted. This is our way to help the world and make it greener.

This is a part of our brand story and we also include mistakes we made while keeping brand name which people should learn from.

This way we are helping others by not committing the similar mistakes we made. 

The tone of our brand story is heartwarming and meant to appeal to people.

The Culture of Excellence” exists at every corner.

7. Differentiate Your Brand

Burger King Vs McDonald

Now that you know how to build a brand identity online and offline, what brand means, the power of branding, set yourself apart.

Do a little more research and you will be good to go.

“The best brand stands for something: A Big Idea, A strategic position, A defined set of values, A voice that stands apart.”

They become more powerful with frequent use and when people understand what they stand for.

Build brand strategies which will make you compete in the market but remember don’t copy the exact same strategies which others are using.

If you do so, it will be very difficult for you as consumers are already loyal to existing brands.

If Burger King used the same Brand strategy as McDonald’s, they wouldn’t gain consumers the way it’s today. They set themselves apart, used different brand strategies and won consumers’ hearts.

So think outside the box.

8. Build Your Brand

Now you have understood everything to establish your brand and have a brand strategy, it’s time to test it. Let people get aware of your brand.

Start establishing your brand online as well as offline. Both are different worlds but connected with each other.

Having an online presence in this digital age is very important so start with a good logo design, build a website which tells everything about your brand, your offerings, services, mission and vision etc.

Use various channels to build awareness and market yourself. Make sure what you have learned above is implemented properly and everything is divided in a step-by-step process.

If you are going offline then newspapers, magazines, Hoardings, Banners, Signage are very good options. You can also keep an event to launch your brand and see the success after that.

9. Market Your Brand

Once your brand is out there in the market, it’s time to market and promote your brand. Just remember the demographics, location, etc. while promoting because the correct message should be received to your targeted audience.

If you are targeting local people then spending a lot of budget doesn’t make sense as the marketing strategy wouldn’t be the same. If you want to target whole Australia or USA or Canada, then the strategies will be different. We have case studies of different people who are generating leads and earning $100K a year. Go through them and learn from them. See how to market your brand  and strategies implemented by others to grow their business.

10. Be Consistent and Grow With Your Brand

Consistency is the key to build a successful brand. With time many things change, they way we think, technology, employees and so on. What doesn’t change is our vision to create a brand which is making better lives.

When I started, I did not know anything about running a business, how to talk to clients, being a software engineer I only knew coding. The only thing I knew was “People”. Understand them and try to solve their problems.

When entered into business new opportunities came in and along the way I learned so many things.

As I learned new things, I adapted those changes and strategies which worked in 2017 and will not work in 2021. Same thing will happen after 5 years and I’ll not be the same person as I’m today. So be ready to change but don’t forget the core values of yourself and why you started everything.

Companies do rebrand themselves from time to time in order to achieve their mission so it’s genuine to adapt changes.

Cornetto Rebranded themselves to achieve the sales they desired. Results: Cornetto becoming one of the top three global ice cream brands in 2016-17, with global sales over $1.5 Billion (Forbes 2016)

That’s one more powerful example of Branding.


How to build a brand is a process which you have to learn step by step. If you don’t know anything about branding that’s Ok because no one knows everything. We have to gain knowledge along the journey. If you are a startup don’t worry, big MNCs do struggle with various problems. 

Without Branding, it’s very difficult to stand in the market. You will be lost just like others in the crowd, so the decision is yours what you want to do. Either establish a brand which is different from others or keep doing things the normal way.

Hope these 10 tips will help you like they helped us. Also, if you are still facing problems, always remember Mount Woods Studio is always there to build a brand for you where reputation will be built along with customers’ trust. You just have to contact us and let our expert team help you.



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