How Mount Woods Studio Got Its Name? What Services We Provide?

How Mount Woods Studio Got Its Name? What Services We Provide?

Originally posted 2020-09-14 17:43:30.

Mount Woods Studio | Connecting With Roots

My pride and my dream which I’m living today with open eyes. Thinking all day and night, how to grow this company to such a level where I can serve billions of people through the power of design and help successful CEOs build their large empire.

Many people ask me this thing how Mount Woods Studio got its name? What Services Mount Woods Studio is providing and where it is located? How you have built this company and what type of clients you work with.

Well, I have always dreamt of running my own business from my childhood and I always say this entrepreneurship was in my blood. When I was a child I sold coloured stones at 2 rupees, paintings at 5 rupees, games at 10 rupees per hour on rent and so on. At that time this was happiness and a way to get some extra pocket money.

I knew I would run my own business but after gaining some professional experience, life is all about roller coaster rides where there are many ups and down

That’s a different story which I will tell you later on…

Being an Computer Science Engineer, I wanted to do something in this field only so I started as IT company first and named it NETFLUX in 2016, which was mixed by keeping two name i.e. NET is derived from the internet and FLUX which are the charged particles, electrons and protons. Yes that kind of stuff.

This was the first time I got to realise how difficult it is to keep a firm name which will represent you and what you do. It took me 2 weeks to get this name.

It’s a tough, really very tough task but you enjoy the process a lot, while brainstorming every nerve of your brain starts thinking of possible outcomes to get that name and finally when you get it, the feeling can’t be described in words.

Also, being a newbie in this you just think of a name not other possibilities which I recommend everyone to see.

We learn a lot during this process and in this communication strategy as well as brand strategy plays a great role.

These are the 2 terms that we have understood and learned in our journey. There are only few agencies out there which provide these services and we are glad that we are one of those few who works for the top most quality.

So coming back to the story, when I kept the name I didn’t know that there was another company called NETFLIX, a platform which will take the world like a storm.

So whenever you keep a name, make sure you check everything. It should be unique, attractive, NOT TAKEN BY ANYONE ELSE, describes your characteristics and most importantly it describes YOU.

I was not knowing these at that time, no one was there to help. So I continued with NETFLUX and started my journey. For some time it was working well but deep inside I knew I had to change it one day.

Problems that I faced:

1. People always got confused and didn’t pronounce it correctly

2. Facing issues in search engine optimization.

3. Website Ranking was decreasing significantly

4. Not able to convey my message through branding to people which was very important.

My team members also told multiple time that we should rebrand ourselves and come with a name which connects everyone from we belong i.e. Mountains.

So I agreed and again started to search for a name but this time I had experience, my team who helped me in every step.

I was getting many suggestions from everyone but nothing sounded perfect. We even searched for satellite names, portugese names, even tried combining two three words together but nothing worked.

How To Keep A Brand Name

Here is a little guide from youtube which can help you in brainstorming and thinking process for keeping your brand’s name:

It’s from the TedEx and I still love this video. There are other people who explain how to keep brand name but this one is my favorite. It’s 3 years old and I hope i’ve came accross this video while keeping NETFLUX as the name but it’s ok.

You should watch this and learn how to keep a brand name correctly.

So, coming back to Mount Woods Studio Brand Name story, one day everyone was sitting, thinking we haven’t got anything till now losing all hope.

My friend was also there who was a 3D Rigger – Shubham Priya, he was watching one animated video and he shouted out loudly Woods can be used.

I said we can combine it with Mount i.e. Mount Woods

I immediately searched the name on the internet and I found Mount Woods is a bare, ridge-like mountain in Antarctica.

Domain was also available i.e. , no social media pages were there, it was simple to pronounce, clearly representing what we are, what we aim for and from where we belong. There was a new hope and a different energy where everyone was happy with this name.

Some nights are unforgettable and that was the night when Mount Woods Studio was born. From 2018, till date we have grown a lot.

So the whole rebranding process was started and results are in front of you.


Do you want me to cover how we got our Logo design and what was the process behind it? Let me know in the comment section below

So the next question that is very important to tell you guys and our client should know is

What Services Mount Woods Studio Provide?

Mount Woods Studio is a global Branding and Consultancy agency solving design problems for CEOs and organisations helping them grow to become a unique brand identity.

A creative studio that helps in building brand and grow through the power of design. Mount Woods Studio helps organisations shape businesses with our experience and strategies. Assist them to achieve their goals in the market which will build a reputation and trust with their customers.

We provide digital solutions globally which include Web Development, Ux/Ui, Graphic Designing, 2D Animation, Product Photography & Video Production.

You can check more about our services here:

Mount Woods Services

Where is Mount Woods Studio located?

We live in a very beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh called Solan where gods and goddesses reside, where mountains are covered with Snow Clad, where every morning you can hear the birds chirping and people are heart welcoming and need an opportunity to prove themselves.

mount woods snow
mount woods morning
mount woods location

This is also my hometown from where everything started and now I plan to grow my city and state as much as I can.

It’s a perfect environment to work and we have the best people around us. We will show you our office pics and team in our next article, till then enjoy the view.

We are on a mission to build Mount Woods Studio Design Academy, a learning community where we all share our experiences, learn from each other, gain the knowledge and grow together.

Also, if you want to get featured in our Mount Woods Studio podcast session, do let us know via email or on social media. Be our guest and be the voice for the design community, share your experiences with our listeners.

Mount Woods Studio Podcast

Let me know in the comment section below what do you think about our journey and what problems you faced while keeping brand name for your company. If you have any tips that can help others do share that too.


  1. Shubham Priya

    Hello Ankit sir,

    Thank you so much for lovely surprises and without any dot you and your company growing very well

    1. Thanks a lot Shubham for always being with us supporting us. Its always good to have people like you in our surroundings

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