How Google Adwords Location targeting affect your ads and ways to use it properly?

How Google Adwords Location targeting affect your ads and ways to use it properly?

Originally posted 2020-11-02 15:16:46.

Travelling to new places is amazing. You always learn something new and meet new people. Our Founder & CEO Mr. Ankit Dhadwal is also a travel enthusiast. Every Year he takes time off from his work and goes on a road trip to relieve all the stress, providing us inspiration that along with work you need to be one with nature as well. He always tells us that after work or on your days off enjoy, go somewhere , talk to new people, listen to their stories and make some of your own.

Just like travelling to new places is important for your soul, similarly Google Adwords location targeting are equally important before starting PPC ads campaigns. And you’ll be saying that’s rubbish you’re relating travelling with PPC how??

Well, listen carefully just like travelling while setting up location within your ad campaign you got to be careful in choosing the right place. Because if you choose the wrong place for your business you might end up spending a lot on that location and might not get the results you’ve hoped for. 

See location targeting are tricky and I’ve seen people use it wrongly and blame the google algorithm for bad results. But let me tell you my secret of using Google Adwords location targeting. So study this article carefully and you’ll be driving sales from the places that no one ever uses.

Google Adwords location targeting is provided so that you can target your business, it’s not to just target whole areas. If that would be the case, google would have used live location and only provided you business within your surroundings. If you ask me, Google Adwords location targeting is an opportunity that can be used to take the benefits of PPC Ads. By using this you can even expand your business globally.

Yes!!! Globally you can target any area but before going globally let’s get down our basics first shall we.

Google Ads Location Targeting Secret: What Works Best For Businesses

Now under the Google Ads Location targeting you get Two options either Include or Exclude a particular location within your ad campaign. Now what everyone does is that they choose a whole country without doing proper research. If you’re targeting India then let me tell you, you’ve to use location exclusion.

If you’re not using it you’ll be making a big mistake because some of the areas never bring any kind of business and you’ll be spending a lot of money and still you will not get anything. 

We made this mistake when we just transition to PPC ad campaigns for Mount Woods Studio and selected the whole India as targeted audience. Results? We burnt money. Yes we did receive calls but that was not at all relevant. So after running the campaign for 1 week, we stopped the campaign. It was a lesson to be learnt.

The reason is that there are still some places in India that in spite of digitization are cut off from the internet of things. I know it’s bad but what can I say it’s the truth. 

So getting back to Google AdWords location targeting from the economy, the point I’m putting here is that before adding whole India as your marketplace remember that there are a lot of competitors using the same techniques as you do. So use the location exclusion, it’s given for a reason.

Exclusion also gives you opportunity in order to have the benefits of PPC by removing the places where you don’t want to target your business like you know that area is a waste of time and will not bring you any customers then you got to type it’s name and boom you just saved yourself a ton of money. 

Now that we are clear on basics let me tell you my secret and then we’ll go on and look at an example. Ok.

See what I do in Google AdWords location targeting is that I research first for the potential areas where I’m certain about obtaining clients and enrolling projects from. Then I include all those locations in my campaign.

Now what I do in the exclusion is that I target all the areas that are not beneficial for getting clients from, it saves a ton of money and I avoid the places that are bad for business. Also if the areas are close or within the targeted location, don’t be afraid to add that in exclusion because only that area will be excluded.

Like if you’re targeting a state and there is a city within that state that you know won’t help you in your business, then if you exclude that location, then only that particular area will be excluded, not the whole state.

Let’s take an example to clear Google AdWords location targeting so that you can easily try it.

Now you all have seen that various big malls have a lottery for big company cars and you got to put your name, number, email and address into it.

This is a great example of location targeting. What these big companies are doing is that they are targeting big malls because there is a high chance of obtaining a potential customer and if they fail to attract you in these malls it’s not a loss for them as they have your location now.

If you’re within their targeted area they’ll continue to ping you asking if you still want the car as it’s on the offer. This is the greatest example of location targeting. 

Also the automobile companies target the areas where there is a need for automobiles but availability is less .This is called location targeting and they prefer to target these areas because it’ll definitely bring some revenue to them.

I’ll give you a glimpse of what we did after learning from our ppc campaign results. We set a new ppc campaign for Logo Design Services and excluded North eastern states, Jharkhand, Bihar, UP, Chennai and nearby areas because we didn’t want to target those areas.

We targeted Mumbai, Pune and left other regions of Maharashtra. As these are very good places to target and one of the leading Industry hubs of India where potential clients are.

In our last campaign, we burnt a lot of money and yes language was also a concern. When we received calls from Chennai, Kerala, the people were talking in their language and for us, it was not clear what they were saying. So you have to choose your language accordingly.

Now that you have seen what we did, what were the mistakes that we made while running ppc campaign for Mount Woods Studio, you got to try the google adwords location targeting in your next campaign. 

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