How Design is different from Art? | Vaibhav Tomar | Ep. 03

Originally posted 2020-09-15 21:47:52.

The biggest myth to be unraveled in our new podcast session with Vaibhav Tomar, who is having an experience of 8 years in Art Industry. He is also H.O.D at G.N.F.C School Mussoorie.

Vaibhav Tomar

In our discussion, we deep dive into the misconceptions that people are having i.e. design and art are the same thing which is not. He cleared the definition of an artist and why it needs to be cleared in everyone’s mind.

Vaibhav in his conversation told us why specialisation matters specially if you are in the artist field along with his clarification on difference between Art and Design.

He also gave tips on how to get clients and grow your market if you are in the creative field.

One of the interesting thing that Vaibhav told us when we asked him about his perception about old or bad designs, how he feels seeing them was with time we all change, learn new things in life and our career so, its natural that we will will try to make it better and better.

Specially being an artist, to create an amazing art your mood should be fresh.

While having our conversation, he was so kind and humble to clear all our doubts and it was a very nice experience talking to him.

For more from Viabhav, tune in to the full episode

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