How AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools Are Best For SEO When Avoiding Plagiarism?

How AI-Based Paraphrasing Tools Are Best For SEO When Avoiding Plagiarism?

Originally posted 2021-08-23 16:44:41.

There is no doubt that content is an increasingly important factor in many fields today, and it directly impacts many of them. While content writers have an array of goals, they must write and deliver many articles every day. 

There are many written assignments for students, and they need to submit unique, plagiarism-free texts for all projects. A blogger intends to provide users and subscribers with valuable content when he writes.

That is why business owners most often hire content writers to promote and show off their products or services most effectively. So, it is difficult for writers to write unique and original content every time.

Plagiarism Consequences

The fact is that under all the specified circumstances, it would be highly challenging to copy material from the Web or from other sources (such as journals, research papers, and newspapers) to compile and use some additional information when composing a specific research paper.

Using material that is not your own can get you into serious trouble as a writer. As well as facing severe consequences of plagiarism, their consumers would also suffer, and Search engines would also exclude them from results. So, for better SEO, to avoid plagiarism, every writer must compose a piece of original text each time.

What Is The Solution To Avoid Plagiarism?


AI-based Paraphrasing tools are considered the best approach and solution to this problem.The whole point of content writing is rewriting and paraphrasing, which allows the information to be altered and generated into an entirely different article. Note, it is very important to check plagiarism after paraphrasing your content from online paraphrasing tools.

You can accomplish this with several tools that employ artificial intelligence (AI) and can guarantee 100% accuracy and independence by producing original articles without being accused of plagiarism.

Here is a list of the best AI-based paraphrasing tools used to avoid plagiarism:

1. is the best AI-based free paraphrasing tool that anyone can use. Teachers, students, bloggers, and freelancers can use it to avoid plagiarism in the content because it works on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. It Makes unique, original, and plagiarism-free content.

So, you can use modern algorithms to paraphrase web content, academic papers, articles, or blogs with increasing efficiency. Students can use this to make their assignments unique and plagiarism-free. With this tool, consistency is achieved while preserving natural diction and tone.

It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. You just copy content from a site and paste it into a text box. After some time, you will get final results that will be unique, fresh, and plagiarism-free.


The following are some of the most important features of

a) AI-based paraphrasing tool: is an AI-best paraphrasing tool that has been created using artificial intelligence, making it quite different from other paraphrasing tools. This tool works the same way as a human writer while writing a piece of content, and therefore it can break down your content into more manageable chunks for you to stay with the main theme of your content.

In advanced mode, the software offers fully automated AI-based paraphrasing features. With this mode, the tool can convert about 500 words at once. is working so fast and accurately. Therefore, it is the best choice to make your content unique. This paraphrase tool is perfect for writers since it is much faster and more precise than other paraphrase tools available.

b) Paraphrase simply

You can create readable, uniquely formed accessible text that offers a simple solution to avoid plagiarism by using it. It is possible to comprehend the paraphrased content just as well as the original text.

c) Create an original content

You can express existing ideas and concepts in a new way by paraphrasing your article and giving it more originality and diversity. Better sentences are produced with this free paraphrasing tool, which is free of plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Additional Features

– It will provide users with the ability to upload files from the system.

– Uses artificial intelligence to avoid plagiarism and create unique content.

– The tool also supports multiple languages. There are multiple versions of the tool, such as Fluency, Standard and Creative

– You can copy and paste the paraphrased text in real-time.

– It is free, safe, and secure for SEO purposes and to avoid plagiarism.

2. Prepostseo is another best AI-based paraphrasing tool that is completely free and easy to use for everyone. The process to avoid plagiarism through the Pre post-SEO paraphrasing tool is too easy. You can efficiently make your text unique by using the tool.  The tool can assist you with rewriting the original text in the best way possible without changing its natural flow.

Whenever it paraphrases the content, it replaces words with alternative words to deliver unique content that is pure and plagiarism-free. Anybody can use Prepostseo, regardless of whether they are students, webmasters, professionals, or freelancers. So, all professional content writers should know this paraphrasing Tool.

Use of Pre-post SEO

You just simply copy text and paste it into a text box and then click on the button ‘Paraphrase.’ And after a few seconds, you will get plagiarism-free content. While using Prepostseo, It can paraphrase a wide variety of documents (text, PDF, or Word doc), as well as upload any document. Furthermore, the tool ensures that your content is protected without affecting keyword structure as you copy it from the site.


Additional Features

a) Avoid plagiarism

Prepostseo tool Offers multiple paraphrasing options to avoid plagiarism in content. 

There are four paraphrasing options it offers:

– Simple

– Advanced

– Fluency

– Creative

Rephrasing short and simple sentences with the tool works great as the tool doesn’t change the grammar or sentence structure. It is possible to edit the content before it is complete in Advance mode by changing the words and phrases.

The BETA version of this tool is the most surprising since it is based on artificial intelligence algorithms. To improve your content uniqueness and make it plagiarism-free, this changes the order of the phrases.

b) Supports Eight Languages

You can use this tool to paraphrase in different languages as it supports eight different ones, including English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish.

c) Provides SEO-friendly Content

This tool, within plagiarism-free content, also provides SEO-friendly content that is easy to read. So, you can paraphrase content and receive SEO-friendly results.

d) No cost to use

This tool is free, which makes it the best. You can compose bulk articles by using it, and you won’t need a login or subscription. Word counts are unlimited with the tool but are limited to 5000 words in advanced mode.

3. is another Paraphrasing tool designed through artificial intelligence. In addition to being efficient and fast, the tool offers free writing assistance. By using advanced artificial intelligence, this tool makes content plagiarism-free without any cost. 

You just simply copy your content and then paste it into the text box and click the button on “Paraphrase Now” After a few seconds, you will find plagiarism-free content.


Additional Features

a) Remove errors

A tool for paraphrasing is available in in addition to checking for plagiarism and grammar errors. You can use it for free, and it requires no registration to perform simple tasks like spelling checks.

b) Save time and effort

Paraphrasing manually takes both time and effort of writers. This paraphrasing tool will save time and effort both at the same time without any cost. So, in short, it works as an auto writer.

c) Use AI technology

Check originality and uniqueness of rewritten articles beforehand by using plagiarism checkers and grammar checkers. The tool works with advanced AI technology and servers to process large volumes of content at once.

Additionally, it is equipped with an extensive list of synonyms, a grammar and spelling checker, and the ability to check for all errors while writing content.

4. Quillbot

Quillbot is a rewriting or paraphrasing tool that rephrases and rewrites original content accurately and provides the best results for avoiding plagiarism and making it plagiarism-free. It is one of the best paraphrasing tools which you can rely on. The AI technology behind this tool makes it fast and precise.

The second advantage of this app is that it is 100% free. Beginners can start right away since there’s no need to register. However, there are also premium editions available.


Additional Features

This tool has a number of added features that make it more precise and valuable for everyone.

a) Paraphrasing modes

Depending on their needs, writers can select a model. Free of charge, this online paraphraser offers basic and fluency modes. Users can also choose creative, formal, creative+, shorten and expand, and other professional modes for different writing purposes.

b) Remove plagiarism

It is an automatic paraphrasing or rephrasing tool that will rephrase the content and make it unique by removing all types of plagiarism. It is an automatic tool that provides you with a text summary. The tool will condense your material with key synonyms and points into bulletin lists. It also supports writing abstracts, paragraphs, main phrases, and quotes, etc.

c) Extensions are available

By adding an extension to Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, the tool is available.

d) Free word count

Free plan for beginners allows paraphrasing up to 700 characters at a time.

Bottom line

You can now create original content without wasting your time and effort. For accurate, readable, and plagiarized-free content, the above tools can meet the highest standards. So, in this way AI-based paraphrasing is best for SEO when avoiding plagiarism.  The features we discussed here would help you decide which tool is right for you. There might be other Paraphrasing Tools available but I think these are trusted ones. You should give it a try and then see the results.

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