Growing Importance Of Design

Growing Importance Of Design

Originally posted 2020-08-26 16:04:42.

I personally think that design is a designer’s way of coping up with the things that are bothering and heating for him/her. And according to me that’s the main reason to know the importance of design in today’s world. Design has always helped me think out of the box and help me find fascinating solutions to my problems.

There are many questions that needs to be answered in the designing field and people spend their life in search of their questions. Also, the evolution of design changes people’s perception that it is very important to understand the fundamentals principles and its growing need.

So let’s discuss

Why Design Is Important?

With the evolution of design people found something that they can help them mould things according to their requirement.

People are no longer reliable on the designs that are created by designers. All the designs are well according to their wishes. The designers do UX(related to more research part) to find an Ideal design suitable for a user and users can help designer’s in tapping into new depths of their creativity.

So the first reason why design is important is to establish a mutual understanding with common platforms.

The second most common thing is that design helps in making businesses grow towards extreme heights and reach the targeted and needy customers.

As we understood the growing importance of design, we implemented in our business to help other people grow.

Design is important in the business because it helps any business in establishing its unique identity out there and be known for what they do. Well you may ask that not always does a good design help in reaching potential clients.

Most of the time it does and for a fact

a design will remain good or bad but what makes it unique is the approach, thinking process and a compelling story.

This is way much important to understand and through design or branding a business can achieve greater heights in their fields.

7 Ways Design Can Help Transform Your Business

You take any problem scenario in this world and design will be the one solution which can help you transform your business. It will help you in many ways whether you run a small business or a multinational business. There will be many designers, branding agency which will help you at every step. So let’s see how design can help you transform your business:


Connectivity is another major part that design helps in and shows why design is important. There are different people from different backgrounds and different tastes but what design does is that it helps in establishing a common place for everyone where they can share their ideas and create something extraordinary for themselves and to others.

Design helps break all the barriers

Design helps break all the barriers and we all are aware of the fact that design has got no language. It’s a way of conveying a designer’s message to the world and with their clients. For clients design is a medium to showcase how they feel about particular products or design mediums.

Something becomes wanted when it’s value is found or provided.

And how design is important in adding value?

Well, consider this if an iPhone doesn’t have an Apple’s logo on it will you consider it valuable? No obviously not because of the design branding of the Apple Inc. So the same way design helps in adding more value to various products and services out there.

Design helps in overcoming any competition

Design helps in overcoming any competition whatsoever in the market if your design is compelling and stands out from the rest then there’s no competition left for you.

Why do you think big firms hire designers and pay them hefty sums for their designs and devote a lot of money into R&D?

Because of the design we market and represent ourselves, and reflect our standards to the world. Once we have established that relation with our customers we ultimately eliminate any chance of competition within the market.

Everyone wants a unique identity to stand out from others and it is possible only through design. It helps small businesses and large businesses convey their vision, message and mission to their customers.

Design helps is increasing ease of access.

We live in a world where we want ways by which we can do greater things and less time and design helps is increasing ease of access.

With design you can create prototypes of real life models and then perform various tests giving them the ease of not disassembling again and again. So the design with its flexibility helps in easing the designer’s designing process and users get the well designed and proper product at the end with exceptional design.

For example:

Have you ever thought how road signs work so perfectly? This is because there is a team of designers who designs them keeping in mind where design will be suitable and helpful. A different team who has made a prototype of building, streets and highways, worked day and night to understand each and everything to get the perfect results.

Design not only defines but also provides an idea

Design not only defines but also provides an idea of how things work so it helps in determining the process of how to properly work with a finished product.

Why do you think design came into being in the first place?

So without proper design, the proper functioning of any product is impossible. There are very small things which we never think about.

Let’s take an example again:

While using toothpaste, have you ever thought why the shape is like this what you see today? This is because there are Product designers, packaging designers who think of every possible outcome to make the product function properly and give ease of use to it.

Design helps in establishing professionalism

Design helps in establishing professionalism as well. To make this more clear let’s take an example of LinkedIn you all must be aware of it’s logo it signifies approachability, excellence and grace which gives an idea what goes on their website.

So that’s what I’m trying to say that design can say a lot of things about your field and a proper design helps in establishing professionalism of your brand. As we all know that a properly designed professional logo helps in establishing a great first impression.

See design is important in every case that you see, in every means that you hear and without design, things can mess up a lot.

Design plays a crucial role in making clients feel in control

We are at an age where everyone wants to be in control and want things done according to their will. Design plays a crucial role in making clients feel in control because a good designer designs things according to the client’s needs.

Design gives the full feel of highly customization to the customer and offers flexibility to designers in return as well. In doing so makes both the parties equally satisfied.

A designer keeps only one thing in mind while designing something that it’s understandable by the audience he/she’s designing it for and a proper design helps in establishing it. With great design, the user establishes a connection and makes the final product understandable.

Why would we make a product understandable, you must be wondering

Well then I’ll clear your doubt. Firstly we make something understandable because it helps in establishing a connection between us and the person we are designing for and if he/she understands the product he will definitely understand how and what it took for a designer to design their product and will view it with more depth and eagerness.

So these are few of the aspects that are the reasons why Design is important and growing rapidly. The reasons above are like a little fish in a massive pond because there are numerous ways through which design helps in solving problems.

In the end all i’m gonna say is that design provides you numerous ways to put your views through your creativity and helps establish a connection between you and the rest of the world which will last long and makes a unique identity through your design.

Anyone can become a designer but in order to become a good designer you have to keep patience, be a good listener, communicate with your design.

What do you think about the growing importance of design?

I would love to hear from you and connect with you. Let’s build a design community together and learn the art of doing business, chat with each other and share each other’s thoughts to become better. You can always connect with me on social media or join our Mount Woods Studio Design Academy for this. Also, we are on Behance, Dribbble and Pinterest so we can connect over there too and follow each other.

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