Google’s Keyword Analysis Tool: Do’s and Don’ts While Using It

Google’s Keyword Analysis Tool: Do’s and Don’ts While Using It

Originally posted 2020-11-07 10:56:45.

Keywords analysis tool is a particular tool that helps you to determine the in-depth knowledge of the keywords that are being used before starting PPC ads campaigns. These tools provide complete history and future predictability of the keywords. Whether it’s being used by your competitors or whether it’s best for your campaigns or not.

Keyword Analysis Tools are the life saviour for those who want to get help in research keywords for their website or while running their PPC ads campaign. It’s so useful that you can beat your competitors easily. We have tried almost every keyword analysis tool and today we are going to give you a brief introduction to the tools we have gone through.

Top 5 Keyword Analysis Tool:

Well there are a lot of keyword analysis tools out there and most of them perform exceptionally well and according to me before getting to final results, consulting from multiple resources is the best way to boost your ads productivity. 

So here are Top 5 Keyword Analysis Tools that you can consider for your PPC ad campaigns to boost your rankings on google or to generate leads. I have tried them all while designing PPC ad campaigns for Mount Woods Studio and you should also give them a shot. 

Here it goes:

1. Ahref’s Keywords Analysis Tool

Ahref’s Keyword Analysis tool is a paid and my personal favourite. The results are clean and easy to understand without unnecessary columns that will make results confusing.

Link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking and site audits are its functionalities. This is one of the best tools ever made and gives an advantage to those who are using it. It has some very good features that no other tool is having which makes it the best of the best.

Last month Ahrefs launched their webmaster tool for free which has awesome features which you should definitely check out.

2. Moz Keywords Analysis Tool

Moz a common SEO tool that I guess might be known to you all. This keywords analysis tool comes in both paid and free versions with some limitations in free one. I sometimes use it for keyword research and knowing the Domain Authority and Page authority of the site.

3. Ubersuggest Keywords Analysis Tool

Ubersuggest” the name is enough for many marketers because it’s the tool offered by one of the well known marketers Neil Patel. It’s also a paid and free kind of tool which shows the keywords similar to that of Google Keywords Planner. It was free till last year but then they decided to go with a paid version so that the quality can be maintained properly. Also, they added some extra features to it.

4. SEMRush

SEMRush is another tool which provides a little high value to the keywords sometimes but all in all it’s helpful because it’s got a little less limitations in the free version than that of the tools discussed above.

5. Google Keywords Planner

Last but the talk of the hour Google’s very own keywords planner is a free to use keywords analysis tool that provides you with all the keywords Ideas and brief details about these keywords. When I was introduced to Google Keyword Planner I was stunned because of the features it has.

I’ll be discussing it in the details further down.

Google Keyword Planner: Why I Choose it over other Keyword Analysis Tools

We have been using Google Keyword planner for discovering the keywords for our every campaign and don’t think that I don’t consider other tools too. I double check every keyword analysis tool for the details so that I can design well suited campaigns for Mount Woods. But we are targeting the google SERP, so I prefer Google keywords planner a lot and I suggest you all start with this tool because to use others you need to clear your basics and then move forward. And Google’s Keywords Planner is the most basic and easy to use keyword analysis tool.

Google keywords Planner tool has got everything that you need to run a successful campaign and the reason why I’m saying this is because of its unique features. Google Keywords analysis tool will let you design a demo PPC text ads campaign that will have all the details about the budget, audience you’ll be targeting, returns from the budget and the keywords that you’ve selected. You can then adjust your budget accordingly and see the results.

The main thing that I personally use the Google Keywords Analysis tool for is to transfer the keywords while Starting PPC ad campaigns that’s based on the same structure that I built in this tool.

I also build full fledged campaigns in it and if the results are promising I make them as my regular campaign that I run for Mount Woods Studio. It offers me stability and saves a lot of time.

It’s Keyword Bidding Structure, keyword performance analysis checker, competitive analysis for a single page or for a whole website gives an extra cutting edge advantage

Now that we know the basic functionality, let’s discuss Google’s Keywords Analysis tool’s do’s and don’ts because everything’s got some positive and some negative aspects as we all know.

Also, I have noticed that after using multiple tools, I made the decision to stick with it and now I’m discovering new tools to share with you guys. Once I will test them and get the results I’ll share with you.

Let’s Discuss about Do’s and Don’ts Of Google Keyword Planner Analysis Tool


1) Always use the Google Keywords Analysis tool before designing any PPC display ads or PPC text ads campaign to get better insight in every keyword.

2) Choose your keywords wisely and use the tool for the budget and reach of every keyword.

3) Google Keywords analysis tool also gives you related keywords, look at everyone carefully, study them and if necessary add them too. You can also add negative keywords later on once the research has been completed.

4) Always check the historical graph that is shown in front of the keywords for checking the history of the keywords, how and when its performance increases because it might vary in Google Search Network.


1) Don’t pick every keyword suggested by keywords analysis tools because some of them might be out of your niche and will bring problems to you in future. 

2) Google Keywords analysis tool will be set on global search by default to change the search location to get the results of your targeted area.

3) It’ll always suggest to keep more budget to get more traffic and leads but remember always use your personal budget that you’ve set and make your campaigns around it.

See analysis is the base of every operation that we perform.

We analyze then summarize and devise the plan accordingly.

Huge companies spend millions of dollars worth of money and manpower only on analysis because they know that it’s more important than any other resource.

That’s why I’m stressing more on this topic because in marketing if you’ve mastered analysis then you’ve achieved the key to design enormous PPC campaigns that will lead you to success. 

So read it carefully and try it personally.

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