Getting To Know About Mr. Nitin Kulkarni | Chairperson NIFT, Mumbai | Ep. 09 Part 1

Originally posted 2020-12-03 17:36:22.

If you really want to see what a creative person can do in his life and live all the adventures to its full extreme, then Mr. Nitin Kulkarni is the perfect example.

One of the most humble person that we have interviewed whose knowledge about art and design is so vast that we can spend days talking about it.

About Mr. Nitin Kulkarni:

Currently Mr. Nitin Kulkarni is the Chairperson of Department of Design Space at Nation Institute of Fashion Technology(NIFT), Mumbai.

In his career he has:

1. Wrote for 3 prestigious newspapers, and exhibition catalogues, chapters in books:

• Design Diary consisted of 22 articles focusing on culture of design. The sub-topics have been design cognition, design education and awareness of design.
• IPR Manual chapter ‘Importance of Branding and IPR’
• “Chitra Shatak” A Column on Introduction to Modern Art, consisting 42 articles in leading Marathi Newspaper Maharashtra Times between 1999-2000

2. Architecture Professor

3. Artist and Poet at a very good level.

His story is incredible that you must listen, and take every drop of knowledge from this interview. Get to know Mr. Nitin Kulkarni ‘s journey from excelling in College to becoming the Chairperson Of National Institute Of Technology(NIFT) , Mumbai.

So Stay tuned on Mount Woods Studio Podcast.

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