Getting Started With Google Ads For Design Business

Getting Started With Google Ads For Design Business

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Remembering the times when we were kids learning new things would excite us. We used to gather resources ourselves and then went to our teachers to help us learn something new each day in our schools. We would spend hours in class discussing the topics.

But now to learn something new while working it seems like rocket science right, it feels like we’ve been given a hard task that requires precision? 

Well not exactly, I’ll be here to guide you through every step and make sure that you’ll be learning everything properly and utilizing it within your design business to reap the benefits of PPC campaigns which is also known as Google Ads.

As I’m discussing this topic with you I can recall how intimidating it can be when it comes to creating the first Google ads for design business. Especially for design folk like you, there must be a lot going on through your mind. As for me when I was creating my first Google ad and started designing PPC campaign for Mount Woods Studio, the only thing that I was worried about was the budget and performance.

As a Computer Science Engineering Student, I’ve been mainly focusing on excelling and getting results since first year. 

In case of budget I’m never worried about spending my own money but at that time I was scared that this was Mount Woods Studio’s money, a company’s money that is used to clear the companies expenses and provide salaries to various hard working citizens.

But you don’t have to worry about all this because I’m here to guide you in creating your first personalized Google ads and how to utilize your budget to get results. I’ll be guiding you through every step.

Let’s get started with creating first Successful Google Ads Campaign for your Design Business and get to know the step by step process.

But first of all register yourself with Google Ads account with your regular gmail or business account in order to create your PPC Campaign. The setup only takes a few minutes and if you want a complete guide then I’ve written about how to set up your first Google Ads account separately just for designers who are new to marketing, you can read it here.

Now coming back to the point, we’ll be defining each step in detail so that you can learn everything about the process and avoid mistakes that I’ve made.

Step By Step Guide to create Google Ads Campaign For Design Business

Step 1. Login to your google ads account and as you’re in you’ve submitted your email and created your ads account, the Google ads will automatically redirect to the new campaign. Now under this campaign you’ll be asked to select a goal for your campaign.

Now the goal here is why you want to display your ads online.

Google Ads provides three main goals for your business:

1. Get More Calls
2. Get more Website Sales or Sign-Ups
3. Get more Visits to your Physical location

Get More Calls

This type of goal is what we aim at Mount Woods Studio our most of the ad campaigns revolve around this goal.

Let me tell you one thing

Google’s got it’s own algorithm that helps your ads target the audience looking for your services. I would recommend this type of goal to the designers especially because it’ll give you an opportunity to interact with your clients more.

Get more Website Sales or Sign-Ups

This goal is mainly for shopping sites and news sites who want to get more engagement on their website if you’ve a place where you want users to stack on and buy your services that you’re willing to offer online. Then you can have this type of goal for your ads campaign.

Get more Visits to your Physical Location

Under this goal the main aim that ads target on is how to lead more customers to the targeted physical store.

For example:

Nike creates such ads for products that they don’t sell online. Their ads show the nearest stores where your selected item is available for purchase.

Step 2. After you’ve set your goal, you’ll be asked to put up your Business name and your business website to Google Ads.

Now be careful, one thing I tell all the newcomers about naming business is:

name it simple not fancy or lengthy, it is not gonna work. Stick to your business name and be genuine.

Step 3. After entering your business name and website Google Ads will direct you to the audience panel, where you’ll be asked for the location and the area where you’ll be targeting your audience. You’ll be given a radius option where you can target the area around your target location.

For example:

If you live in Australia, Sydney you will target people nearby or whole Sydney. And the same thing goes if you are in California, USA. So this is your targeted audience and location while setting google ads for your design business

Tip: Always target the region after you’re sure that the region will definitely bring you clients. Don’t target each and every area in your locality. Make sure to exclude areas where there is no hope for potential customers.

Step 4. Now after your audience, the most important step comes for you, setting up the keyword that you’ll be targeting. This is important because keywords will trigger your ads and then Google ads will recommend it to the customers.

Google ads will show you recommendations based on your business name but always do your keywords research properly and that’s what I’m always saying keywords are the only thing that can boost your business in Google Ads. So put up keywords in your niche and then let’s move on to the next step.

For Doing Keyword Research for PPC Campaign, I would recommend these 5 Tools which will make it easier to get started with google ads for your design business:

a) – This is one of the best tool out there that Rand Fishkin (Co-Founder of SEOMoz) loves using it.

b) – Neil Patel invented this and it saves a lot of time. Highly recommend trying this

c) Google Keywords Planner – A very good tool that we use at Mount Woods Studio

d) Adplexity – Want to know exactly about your competitors, what they are doing, what type of PPC campaign they are running? This is what you need

e) Ahrefs – One of the most popular keyword research tool out there because the kind of data it provides and features it has.

Now the question arises, Which one is best?

Well we’ll recommend you to go with google keyword planner as its free and right now you are setting up google ads for your design business, it better not to complicate things but once you have learned setting up google ads or ppc campaigns, you can try your hands on Ahrefs or any other tool.

Let’s move towards our Step 5 of setting up Google Ads Campaign for your Design Business

Step 5. Now here comes the tricky part, this is the part where newcomers fail to comply and mess up. This is the step where you write your ads that will display to the customer. The reason why most newcomers mess up here is because they write tons of stuff in description and leave it to that. But what they don’t know is that description can save you from a lot of ranking trouble.

Google Ads provide you an opportunity to put keywords in your description that helps you rank high on SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages) and if you’ve done your proper research you can even beat your competitors with it.

Tip: Always use a short yet attractive description that will help users understand your business. Don’t compromise your description for keywords and avoid keyword stuffing in PPC Campaigns. Keep it simple.

Wordstream Explained 5 Mistakes People make in Google Ad Copy where they have discussed about keyword Stuffing.

I Bet you don’t want to mess up things so avoid using Keyword Stuffing while creating PPC Campaigns for your business

Step 6. After setting your ads properly you’ll be asked for extensions based on your goal like it’ll ask for a phone on which you can receive phone calls, choose your extensions that are suitable for you and then click on the next.

Step 7. Now after you’ve set up your ads & extensions it all comes down to budget. The Google ads will provide you some demographics about the budget that they will be offering. But let me tell you, always choose your budget manually and don’t let Google Ads decide anything for you, because they’ll end up using everything you have got.
You might end up spending more on the ads that are not performing well. So start by a low budget and then as you get results, increase your budget accordingly.

Note:- Here we are taking Australian currency you can take any currency as your default based on your location or preferences towards targeted audience.

Step 8. Now after that you’ll be asked to review your ads. Check your campaign and ad carefully make changes if you want and when done, make payment, and viola your PPC ads campaign are now running.

Congratulations you’ve successfully created your first Google Ads Campaign for your design business.

It doesn’t matter you are running a design business or branding agency like us, Google Ads will give you positive results. If you are a small agency or a big design agency having a turnover in Millions Of Dollars, Google Ads helps you achieve leads for your business.

Now you must be wondering, if you said it’s hard work and you just added a business name, website, keywords, etc. and it’s done. Right?

Wrong it’s for the first timer to know the basics of Google Ads Campaign and I want you to explore it yourself.

See I’m here to guide, you make mistakes then you’ll learn.

According to famous poet, writer, educator and activist Nikki Giovanni

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.”

That’s why, mistakes are important. You’ll learn from them in the future like I did and sometimes it’s OK to make mistakes to learn something new.

This was the step by step guide to create the first successful google ads campaign through PPC or you can say beginner’s guide to create google PPC ads campaign for design business.

Create your first PPC ads campaign and share your experience with me and after I’ve seen your results I’ll share with you another detailed article on all the extensions and features of Google Ads. 

See I can write another article just after this and be done with it but that’s not my goal. I want you to learn basics first and then progress further into deep learning.

And in case you’re stuck somewhere be sure to personally ping us on my social media. I’ll gladly help you out, interact with you and provide you some tips that we use here at Mount Woods Studio while creating campaigns and ads.

You can also catch me on Mount Woods Studio’s website or by emailing your problem, if you got a project to work on, do contact us.

Also, don’t forget to share your experiences in the comment section below and if you want, you can take this conversation to social media by following Mount Woods Studio there and discuss it with our community to see the answers you will get.

Help us build a design community so strong that it’ll affect many people in the year to come and create something that this world will remember.

Oh and one thing more we’ve got some good news for you. We have our very own Design Podcast too.

Check Mount Woods Studio Podcast and listen to all the latest episodes of all our sessions and also if you want to get featured on one of these podcasts do let us know. We’ll be more than happy to include you design folks, Marketers on one of our podcasts and have a little chit chat with you.


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