5 Branding Secrets For Businesses That Generates 140% Revenue

5 Branding Secrets For Businesses That Generates 140% Revenue

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Last week it was my friend’s daughter’s birthday and I was invited. It was a great party where we celebrated and enjoyed a lot. There were other friends too and I met my school friend after a long time. Maybe 10-15 years I guess.

He is working as a corporate lawyer in a firm which deals and builds brand strategies while 2 brands merge together. It was fascinating to hear this. We had a little chat where we discussed how brands look at each other, what strategies they need and implement to see the growth.

He also said that after the merger, his clients have seen a growth of 140% in revenue. I was curious to know what actually the company did? Were they well known? In Which sector they were dealing in?

It was a party which turned into a good business discussion.

I wanted to know everything and gain knowledge as much as I could. I wanted to know all the business secrets that helped them generate 140% more revenue.

He didn’t disclose everything like client name and all as he was bound by the policies of the company. I respected him for that because he was loyal towards the company policies and their clients.

But he did tell me that everything was happening because of Branding. There were other aspects too but everything revolved around that. Branding for business was the key to generating more sales revenue.

After that I also talked to my friend and discussed what happened. He was having the same case where the revenue increased to 300% in just 3 months because of branding. It was an e-commerce company who was selling Hair Oils in Australia.

I always like to talk about things and how people make so much money. Once you talk to them and know how to ask the right questions, they will tell you the secrets to growing. Big brands take time to build that’s for sure but you have to be consistent and improve yourself.

Everything we know about every product that exists in this world, we use is because of branding. I got my lessons from my past experience and from my clients. Branding connects the company to the customers and vice versa. For some, it doesn’t matter and some take it very seriously.

Those who take branding and building a brand very seriously are the ones who succeed. Branding is a must for every startup, MNCs and for the government too. Even if two brands are going for merger then also, it’s very important.

Let me share the Top 5 branding secrets which will help you generate more revenue and increase your sales. These branding secrets not only helped me but my clients too. And now these will definitely help you.

Top 5 Branding Secrets For Business that will help you generate 140% more revenue

A business who wants to win in every situation needs branding to be done correctly. It’s more important than any other thing. Your brand is the entire identity of your business that will give you a personality. That’s why we have brand archetypes which help us build a personality that distinguishes us from others.

If you are facing a problem in your company, you need to consult a branding expert. He/She will guide you at every stage.

Branding has always been an important part of business which cannot be ignored. When the competition is rising, we need it now more than ever before. That’s why here are 5 branding secrets which will help you achieve growth in terms of trust, sales, finances, etc.

1. United

Branding Secret No.1

Branding links everything from your name, logo design, website, visual Identity, employees etc. You name it and it will be a part of branding. Like I was giving an example of two companies getter merged into 1 so the questions which arises are:

How will consumers react to it? What operations will be performed to keep track of everything? What will be the look and feel? Are they going to have 1 logo and different identities? Visual Identity will be? What communication strategies will they implement? What PR strategies do they have to keep in mind?

Whatever they do, they have to be United as one. For example, the biggest merger that we all have seen is of Vodafone and Idea, India’s leading telecom service provider.

Vodafone and Idea Merger
Credit – Vi

They changed everything and the new identity appeals to be much stronger. My friends’ clients were branded and after that, they got new opportunities for the merger. Branding helped them gain the trust of the other company and look more confident.

Even the name is “Vi” which is read and pronounced as “We”.

2. Asset

Branding Secret No.2

A brand is an asset. You can’t take any decisions like this only without having proper strategies. What you present to the public is a huge chunk of your business. With everything online, consumers get exposed to new brands every day. So you have to stay ahead of them.

I was talking about an e-commerce company that sells Hair Oils in Australia and realised they were missing many things. They were not branded. Offline sales were good because of the personal connections but online they were struggling.

The moment they changed:

– their packaging,

– gave a new identity to the brand, 

– a message which built more trust,

– worked on the UX/UI of the website

– worked on market materials

– videos

– every aspect of the company

They saw significant change and their sales boomed up to 300%. Branding made the difference between revenue/sales and debt/liquidation.

3. Sales

Branding Secret No.3

Speaking of sales, branding will create sales and revenue for your business. Branding helped Cornetto generate sales and Mr. Carter Wong helped the company to do this miracle.

Credit – Carter Wong

The design was rolled out across 320 SKUs worldwide, resulting in Cornetto becoming one of the top three global ice cream brands in 2016-17, with global sales of over $1.5 Billion (Forbes 2016).

“Strong brands generate interest, attract new customers, and strengthen a business’s overall marketing strategy. Building and protecting a powerful brand are the key factors that determine how much profitability your business can realize.” – Clutch

Branding is an investment and a successful organisation knows its brand is a valuable asset. Cornetto, Vodafone, Idea, Google, even we at Mount Woods have invested a lot in branding that is why we are here. This is one of the important branding secrets which no one will tell you.

Branding provides market visibility and exceptional reputations to build customer loyalty. Thus generating more sales.

4. Deliverance

Branding Secret No. 4

One of the major concerns while my friends’ clients were having was on delivering promises. They were known for quality, what they said it actually meant. Before the merger, both the BOD members discussed each other’s vision and what the company is all about. This was done because they didn’t want to feel disconnected either with themselves or with their customers.

If this is not done, everyone will be confused and grow distant. If a brand is not willing to make promises you can’t keep, don’t state it on your brand. A brand should state what you do and actually provide it, more people will recognise your business.

5. Protection

Branding Secret No.5

If you want to protect yourself from competitors then invest in branding. Branding helps you stay away from copycats. For example, Adidas, Nike, and other popular shoe brands are branded that’s why no one can copy them. Others can carry the same or similar products but they won’t be able to take your style.

Credit – Google Images

There is also one example: When Steve Jobs got to know that other third party shops tried opening and copying the parts of the iPhone, he developed special nuts which can be opened from authorised screw drivers only.

This way competitors were not able to take the originality away. Branding helps you have a controlled environment. A customer will get only what they have asked for, not a duplicate product. A lot of research, time, and money is heavily invested to give customers a comfortable feeling. All this is done to build loyalty with customers and vise-versa.

These are 5 branding secrets for your business to generate more revenue. For every business branding is important, it is the first step towards success. If you hire a marketing team for your product or service they will generate sales but if it is not branded, no one will buy it. If it is not appealing to the buyers, no lead will be generated.

So, think about it and start working on your branding. We are there for you and ready to start working on your project, resolve all the problems you are facing. Contact us and let our expert team help you.

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