All the basic things we need to know before starting PPC

All the basic things we need to know before starting PPC

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As a designer or branding agency you are doing everything what it takes to showcase your work to the world. You are regularly posting on social media, engaging with other design community on instagram, actively showing your work on Behance, Dribbble and people are loving your work but still not generating any leads for your business.

Asked many friends and still you are getting the same answer to keep doing what you are doing.

Is that even helping to you and your business?

Your Competitors are earning $10 Million or more and you are still scratching your head how they get these type of clients who has such huge budget?

And here you are struggling even to get calls.

Your Answer to all this is Google Adwords PPC(Pay Per Click)

Today is going to be an interesting day for you because in this article I’m going to share with you some of my personal tips and tricks that a designer such as “YOU” need to do in order to understand the true meaning of PPC or Pay Per Click and create some amazing PPC campaigns for your business.

Let’s first discuss the role of PPC in day to day life to get clear of the fact that it’s easy to get leads from it. Yes it is easier to get traffic from PPC campaigns than from SEO but still you’ve gotta work for it as well.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a useful marketing tool that is used by almost every person or a big organisation to gain profits in a short period of time. Small and mid-size businesses gain benefits from PPC by running successful campaigns. Being a designer you must be thinking how can you do it as it’s not a cup of coffee, but hold on I’m here to help you with it.

I’ll be telling you certain things that you need to study and follow accordingly before running a successful PPC campaign like we did in our company Mount Woods Studio and start specializing in it whether you’re a marketing expert or a professional designer.

So, according to me there are 5 basic things that you need to keep in mind before getting further into the PPC world. Let’s dive into it, shall we.

5 Things You Should Know To Before Starting Successful PPC Campaign

Succesful PPC Campaign

In starting you will feel what is going on but just remember the day when you started designing. Were you comfortable?


But once you got used to it, learned the basic fundamentals of design you became better day by day. So this is same but this time you have to grow your design business and generate leads, revenue and achieve great heights.

We learned everything about google adwords and increased our business up to 700%.

So If we can do it, Why Not You?

So let’s get started

1. ROI (Return Of Investment)

Yes Money is included everywhere and in this case too.

Everyone wants returns for their investment and PPC is a kind of investment where you put your hard earned money and expect great returns from it. But if I tell you that in most parts the returns from PPC depends on your hands. Isn’t that interesting. Well I say this because while you are creating your campaigns, if you’ve done proper research and targeted proper keywords you’ll beat the competition and drive those sales.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do proper keyword research or don’t know What are keywords, we have covered a different topic for that too.

Now, take an example of a famous organisation such as Dropbox. They invested in hard times when they were low on funds and were neck deep in problems but their marketing strategy provided them a huge push making them a billion dollar company within a short time. If they would have shut their company down we wouldn’t be able to use the cloud storage today. It was their choice they devised a proper strategy that supported their business and increased their ROI within no time.

Even we started with Normal SEO techniques but then realized we need to shift to PPC to generate more leads and reach our targeted audience. So after sometime we all agreed, made a strategy and continued with PPC.

Organic and Paid reach is the ultimate weapon for any industry.

2. Realistic Expectations

The marketing field is always ambitious but expecting too much on the first day can be devastating and problematic for you. You’ll often hear that if you want to generate leads fast, PPC is the best way to do it. And I also believe that it’s true. SEO can take a lot of time to generate leads or see results. But there is still a potential process even with PPC.

While doing paid search in PPC, it requires a lot of time to adjust it in order to be effective. Automatic bidding strategies and the associated algorithms are considered good but to get the whole out of your money spent you need previous data that shows your progress as well. The reason why previous data is important is because the system has to learn and adjust.

You can’t work by just gut feelings and then derive a lot of traffic or sales. You have to try and adjust and then implement according to it and once you have data, you can make all optimization according to your need to improve the efficiency of your money well spent.

Hey hold on, if you are getting confused in automatic bidding strategies and the associated algorithms, we have covered that too. Actually we have covered everything related to google adwords PPC campaigns, so you don’t need to worry at all. But still if you find any problem, you can comment down below.

3. Engagement

We Marketers are human beings. We do make mistakes. But more than you know, sometimes a PPC strategy fails and most of the time it’s due to a lack of communication between us marketers/agency and the client. And let me tell you this one important thing a good agency will shower you with a lot of questions about your business and product.

We do this so that we can make smarter marketing decisions for you. Even if your marketing agency knows your reach within the industry well but each business has its own perks including unique values, exceptional challenges, and profits.

A great agency or a marketer may sometimes look like a wizard showering your business with leads but in reality we all are just responding to the data provided. If customers provide accurate data and information ultimately our PPC will benefit them.

I have seen few agencies benefited from PPC campaigns and generated a huge traffic on website with increased revenue of 900%.

The same goes the other way. If you’re transparent with your client and works for their benefit then you’ll become reliable to them. Don’t let your customers get away with providing you with limited information, ask them every single detail that you require and shower them with the results.

You should be getting a consistent report, at Mount Woods Studio we do our monthly performance report and work on the performance of our PPC ads. Once the information is gathered, we make our decisions and move forward with new strategies

Even if you are a freelance designer or have a small team, you still can collect data and make your next move.

4. Budget

Doesn’t it feel like now we’re back into the money talk again? Well what can I do PPC is ultimately dependent on budget as a whole.

Why do you think it’s called Paid search? So yeah, budget is also an important thing that you need to look out for while starting with PPC. A word of advice don’t just start off by spending tons of money on the campaigns from the starting.

I say never you need to work your way up the ladder by speeding less and gaining more experience. If you start spending from the starting you’ll exhaust all your money on it and might not get anything from it.

Here at Mount Woods studio we started by raising the budget a little by little on every PPC campaign in order to get a number of leads which got increased in each PPC Campaigns. So first learn then increase.

The reason why we did that is because in order to understand the bidding strategies you need to bait the google algorithm by slightly putting little amount of money into your account and let those strategies adjust to your budget and then raise it so that it can do more and spend less on the same time.

5. Work on Yourself

Ultimately PPC campaigns will definitely help you get those leads but it’s not gonna do it itself you need to work on yourself first.

According to our Founder and CEO Er. Ankit Dhadwal Sir,

If you work on yourself first you can learn any field or any tool you want”.

So don’t just get too dependent on tools because these tools are created by a human also, so improve yourself. PPC campaigns learn for your history as you progress and if you’re learning and growing so as your ad campaigns.

As I am saying here at Mount Woods Studio we believe in a historic marketing approach where we use previous results to create our approach in the future.

In the end all I’m gonna say is that all this is my personal experience that I’ve grasped in my marketing journey and I hope that with this you’ll be benefited and learn something new in life.

I know you’re a designer and it might be hard for you to get all this in first go, so if you want me to help you with your questions and create campaigns for you, then hit me up on my social media profiles and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

If you’ve any other questions regarding the topic don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to follow us on our social media handles and take this conversation there as well. Come let’s learn something new every day at Mount Woods Studio Design Academy together and progress together.

Let’s build a design community together where we can grow together, learn and share our experiences. Please support Mount Woods Studio in our mission to build this community.


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